4Ps in Toyota Corporation

By Beverly Johnson,2014-02-15 14:58
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4Ps in Toyota Corporation

4Ps in Toyota Corporation


    In Chinese market, Toyota provide mostly the mid level of their products to Chinese customers. So the price can be accepted by the people who would like to by a car which came from a big company with a acceptable price. Thats the reason that Toyota cars can be seen everywhere in

    Chinese road.

    To meet the Economic crisis, Toyota change their strategy to by reducing the price so that their cars have more competitive power among the Competitors.


    Toyota has invested companies and factories in china to meet the needs of Chinese customers. One side is Chinese market is large enough so the import can not afford the need, on the other side Chinese labors are cheaper and china has got almost all the raw material of making cars. So the cost may reduce a lot by placing the factories in china.

    Also, Toyota set their companies and factories in the right place like Shanghai and Guangzhou. These places have got the big ports and their transportations are the most developed so that the import or export saved much time and cost.


    Toyota’s product divided into several kinds of cars. To meet the ordinary customers, they provide such as Corolla, Camry. The cost may be accepted by most people who want to by Toyota. To meet the customers who want to buy the high cost car to show their high level of life quality, Toyota provide them Lexus which have got the high quality and society position.


    As car is one of the most expansive cost in Chinese family, so people in china choose their cars in a very careful way. Toyota realized it so that their promotions are very appealing. So they provide the free repair service after buying cars and present insurance for customers. Also Installment payment is allowed in Toyota. To drive your car for training and pay the money after you adapt the car is also the Characteristic of Toyota.

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