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The NGO "Rakvere City Youngsters Rehearsal Stage" organizes the III Festival

    for the Independent Theatres "B?OFF" in Rakvere, a theatre city on the

    Northern Coast of Estonia, from 5 to 8 of July 2010.

    The Festival is an OFF-program for Baltoscandal (7.-10. July 2010) - an alternative theatre festival that was first organized in 1990. First planned, as its name implies, as a meeting place for Baltic and Scandinavian groups, it has long become a veritable international event with performers from all over the world. The festival also features a live music club and various theatre and dance workshops.

    The fluidium that is created in the small city with a great number of people making theatre and people interested in theatre coming together all over Europe is fascinating. Moreover - You have a chance to have a part in it. You will have a chance to show yourself to the professionals, make international contacts, take part in the workshops and see the performances at Baltoscandal.


    - To offer Independent Theatres a chance to show themselves to the

    international audience of people from the theatres and people

    interested in theatre.

    - To offer a meeting point for youth to learn from each other and share

    their passion for theatre.

    - To build up a network between Independent Theatres.

    Venues festival performances:

    - Outdoor stages suitable stage for You all over Rakvere (see detailed


    - Indoor stage black box

    We are looking for:

    - Independent theatre groups with members in age 18-30 years.

    - In performances the main emphasis should be on visual theatre: motion,

    dance, music and mime are most welcome. The internationality should be


    - As the Festival "B?OFF" will gather together Independent Theatre Groups

    all over Europe. The criteria to participate in the Festival should

    also be the passion to show yourself to the international audience of

    people from the theatres and people interested in theatre. We offer:

    - Free accommodation for up to 15 people in classrooms of the Rakvere’s

    Private School. We also guarantee every participant breakfast and lunch

    in the school cafeteria.

    - Free admissions to all events of the Festival “B?OFF”

    - Free admission to performances, workshops and concerts of Baltoscandal thPlease send your application by 20 of January 2010, to:

    NGO Rakvere City Youngsters Rehearsal Stage

    Kreutzwaldi 2,

    Rakvere 44 314




    Name, address, telephone, e-mail of group:

Name, address, telephone, e-mail of manager or contact:

Title of play:

Author of play:

Length of play (max 2h):

Number of participants:

    a) Actors:

    b) Technical staff:


    Time for putting up the set as well as the sound:

Time for dismantling the set:

Type and dimensions of stage:

Technical requirements:

Special desires or suggestions:

Date and time of arrival:

    Date and time of departure:

    Please enclose:

    - Detailed description of group (in English) - Detailed description of the play - Video of the play

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