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    1. Family name : Aydın

    2. First names : Bahri Şanver

    3. Date of birth / place : 15.01.1956 - Diyarbakır

    4. Nationality : Turkish

    5. Civil status : Single

    6. Education :

    Institution Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

    [ Date from - Date to ]

    Middle East Technical University B.S degree in Management

    Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences (Major in Marketing)

    [ 1975 1980 ]

    7. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)

    Language Reading Speaking Writing

    Turkish native native native

    English 1 1 1

8. Membership of professional bodies:

    METU Alumni Society, TURKAB (EU - Turkey Cooperation Association)

9. Other skills: (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.)

    ; All windows and internet applications (excellent)

    ; Dubbing actor since 1973 at TRT (Turkish Radio and Television)

10. Present position: IKADA Consulting Ltd. - Managing Partner

    11. Years within the firm: 7

12. Key qualifications: (Relevant to the project)

    Experienced (mostly on SMEs) in the sectors of, construction and machine, finance, household goods, automotive, telecommunications, textile and clothing, natural stones, tourism, food processing, oil and

    drink, drug and health

    SME Organizational Development and restructuring

    Management Consulting and Coaching; training the trainer

    Inter-Communication Systems Consultancy

    Strategic planning, business plan development, feasibility studies for start-up and ongoing businesses

    SWOT and Current Situation Analysis

    In-house training consultancy project planning and execution (coupled with consultancy in needs assessment, project planning and evaluation)

    SME Human Resources Management System development; recruitment, orientation, career planning,

    training and development, performance appraisals

    Marketing and Sales Management, Market research, marketing budgeting

    Trainer on the fields of Sales and Marketing Management, Effective Sales Techniques, Customer

    Relations and Satisfaction, Human Resources Management, Effective Communication and Presentation

    Skills, Basic Management Skills, Business planning, Drama Skills, Team Building and Development

    Has professional experience all over the Turkey; (worked and settled 80 provincies of Turkey especially

    South East, Black Sea and Central Anatolia)

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    Curriculum vitae

    13. Project experience: (related to the subject)

    Contracting Authortiy - Entity / Project / Position Date

    Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Industry And Trade 2003-2005

    Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB), Young Entrepreneur

    Development Programmes in the Universities of Atılım (Ankara), ODTU (Ankara), Erciyes (Kayseri), Anadolu (Eskişehir), Karaelmas (Zonguldak), Kocatepe (Afyon)

    Technical Coordinator, Business Planning Consultant and Trainer

    Azersun trade and distribution company - Azerbeijan 2004-2005

    International and domestic marketing studies (Project leader)

    Bosçelik Olive Oil Industry and Marketing Ltd. Aydın 2004-2005

    Organizational Restructuring and Strategic Planning Project (Management Coach)

    World Bank - Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Industry And Trade 2004

    Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB), Privatization Social

    Support Project, Consulting Services on Entrepreneurship, Kütahya, Afyon

    Technical Coordinator, Consultant and Trainer.

    Within these projects feasibility studies and business plans were developed for textile

    garment, machine / plastics / natural stones / furniture, ceramic products, agricultural

    products and nutrition, breeding and related products, service sectors)

    World Bank - Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Labour and Social Security, Privatization 2003-2004

    Social Support Project, Consulting Services on Redeployment, İzmir, Sinop, Aydın

    (Trainer and Consultant)

    Metdem Drug Ltd.,/ Doğadan Nutrition Industry Co. Inc., / Drogsan Drug Industry Co. 1996-2004

    Inc., / Kızılkaplan Factoring Co. Inc., / Yüksel Group of Companies, Yuksel Construction

    Co. Inc., / Biem Drug Industry Ltd. / One Em Medical Co. Inc., / Borusan Auto (BMW) Co. Inc., / Feka Automative Co. Inc., / Enternasyonel Tourism and Investment Co. Inc.,

    Aysu food Industry / Güral Porselen

    Restructuring and Organizational Development, Human Resources Performance Appraisal System Development Project, Customer Satisfaction Management

    Consultancy Project, Organizational evaluation and joint venture studies Consultancy

    Project (Project Coordinator and Consultant)

    Turkish Telecommunications Co. Inc., / Republic of Turkey Ziraat Bank / Veziroğlu 1995-2005

    Group of Companies / Datasel Information Systems Co. Inc / Koluman Motor Vehicles (Mercedes) Co. Inc / Uktaş, International Congress Facilities Co. Inc., / Kursan Packaging / Kütahya Porselen / İkra Logistics

    Training need assessment and In-house Training Project (Trainer)

    Market researches (domestic and international) for for more than 50 companies on 1990-2005

    macaroni, construction equipments, olive oil, carpet, tomato paste, marble sales and prepared feasibility studies for them

    London College of Management, Hacettepe University Centre of Financial Researches 19992003

    / Dialog Centre of Communication, Diction and Phonetics / Bilkent University

    Instructor (Sales and Marketing Management, Communication skills, Tourism Marketing)

    Worked at different SMEs as an intern in Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, Siirt, Urfa 1974-1980

14. Other relevant information (eg, Publications)

    ; Preparing training documents and developing case studies related to the

    consultancy / training projects (more than 50)

    ; Conducting seminars and conferences for different Universities and University

    Student Clubs.

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    15. Professional experience

    Date from - Location Company Position Description

    Date to

    01/1999 IKADA Consulting ; Developing managerial and marketing strategies as a consultant Ankara, Managing Partner cont. Ltd. ; Identification and development of domestic and international target

    markets, 10/1995 ICON- BDH Ankara, Managing Partner ; Planning and monitoring annual, midterm and long term budget and 09/1998 Consulting Co. Inc. budget projections,

    1994cnt Ankara, Turkish Radio TV Program Director ; Coordinating and conducting programs and contents as a group leader

    ; Identification and development of domestic and international target

    markets, Dokap Group of Antalya 3/1993 - Companies, Favori Sales and Marketing ; Procurement, training, steering and administration of sales and marketing 10/1995 Aqua Resort, Director force, / Steering, monitoring total marketing and sales activities Ankara, Naturland ; Planning and monitoring annual, midterm and long term budget and

    budget projections, cost management

    9/1990 ; Developing managerial and marketing strategies İstanbul, TABA Managing Partner 2/1993 ; Planning and monitoring annual, midterm and long term budgets

    ; Organizing all marketing and training activities all over Turkey and Europe Training and Promotion with his marketing force, / Organizing promotional activities in his region 8/1988 İstanbul, Çukurova Group Manager / Asst ; Organizing seminars either for customers and / or sales force 8/1990 Marketing Manager ; Market Research Analysis and defining all advertising policies

    ; Identification and development of domestic and international target

    markets, Organizing all sales activities all over Turkey with his sales force, 5/1984 Çukurova Export and Ankara, Branch Sales Manager ; Planning and monitoring annual, midterm and long term budget and 8/1988 Import budget projections,

    ; Sales of construction machinery and equipment,

    1/1981 Çukurova Export and Ankara, Branch Salesman ; Sales of construction machinery and equipment 5/1984 Import

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