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study guide

    Study Guide for Health Psychology

health psychology


    What are the four factors Led to the Development of Health Psychology?

    The mind-body relationship

    Psychosomatic medicine

    Biopsychosocial model

    The Health Belief Model

    What are health behaviors?

    Healthy and unhealthy belief Theory of Planned Behavior

    Transtheoretical model of behavior change

    What are fear appeals?

    seven health practises

    Self-efficacy and health behaviors Aerobic exercise

    Teachable moment

    What are the benefits of exercise;

    Who is more likely to exercise? Healthy diet


    pear-shaped body and peach-shaped body Why is diet important?

    Yo-yo diet

    Set point theory of weight

    Eating disorders

    What are the characteristics of HCB? Why do people smoke?

    Pomerleau and Pomerleau’s theory

    Two windows of vulnerability: The ages of 12 and 21; In the late middle age

    What is stress?


    Fight and flight response

    Tend-and befriend

    Cognitive theory of stress

    Life event and daily hassle What is coping?

    Personality and coping

    Negative affectivity

    Pessimistic explanatory style



    Psychological control

Coping style

    A classification of coping strategies: problem-focused and emotion-focused

    Types of problem-focused coping

    Types of emotion-focused coping

    Type A behavior pattern

    Type B behavior pattern

    What is social support?

    Effects of social support

    How to manage stress?

    Psychological well-being and Social Support

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