By Ashley Sullivan,2014-06-03 23:49
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    Good afternoon:

     Honorable judgesdear teachers and close friendsIm very glad to stand here to share my speech with youToday Im going to talk about dreams

     Everyone has a dream

     Martin Luther King had a dream-and we can all recall his

    Civil Rights SpeechPhil Knight had a dream-and now the whole

    world knows his Nike SloganJust Do It!

     I also have a dreambut not only a simple one

     When I was in primary schoolmy dream was that I would be

    a doctor when I grew upIll be the first person who produces a new

    medicineThis kind of medicine can make teachers relax when they

    are busy correcting their students exercises and preparing their

    lessonsBecause one day when I woke up at midnightI found my fathera senior Chinese teacherwas still busy with his workI was deeply movedI wish my father could be healthy and relaxed every


     Now Im a senior Grade Two studentall my classmates and

    I are working hardwe all know the College Entrance Examination

    which will come in the year of 2005 is a big problem for usWe must study harder and harder in order to go to a good universitythen when we finish our schoolwe can find a good job in societyMy dream is also thatThough now Im not good at studyIll try my best

     I know fantasy is hard to come truebue dream can

     Ill work hard for my dreamsIll never give up

     Thank you!

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