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WBU Youth Committee ...

    World Blind Union

    Youth Committee

     Quadrennial Report

     (2004 2008)

Link Person: Enrique Perez, Spain

    Chair: Humera Aziz (Pakistan)

    Members: Stanislay Sokol, Alice Appiah

     Otto Pereda


    rd1. WBU YC meeting in Caracas, Nov 3 2006

    2. WBU YC Action Plan, Nov 2006

    3. Goal obtainment

    3.1. E-mailing lists

    3.2. Youth Training course Put in motion

    rd1. WBU YC meeting in Caracas, Nov 3 2006

    The first official meeting of WBU Youth committee

    rdwas held on November 3 2006 Caracas, Venezuela.

    Following Committee members were present: Humera Aziz (ABU), Alice Appiah (AFUB), Otto Pereda (ULAC), Stanislav Sokol (EBU). The main agenda of this meeting was establishment of youth Committee, election of chairperson, and elaboration of WBU YC Action Plan. Meeting was opened by Enrique Perez, Committees Link

    Officer to the WBU Board. Humera Aziz was elected for post of WBU YC Chairperson. After long discussion Committees Action Plan was approved according to the previous draft of Youth proposals and particular duties were assigned to the respective members.

2. WBU YC Action Plan, Nov 2006

    The Action Plan of the youth committee was divided into two main parts short term and long term strategy. Short term strategy for remaining term of office (2006 - 2008) consists of following items:

    ; Promotion of voluntary work among youth with VI

    ; Funding

    ; Communication

    ; Youth Forum before WBU General Assembly, August


Long term strategy:

    ; Promote organising of sport activities

    ; Youth participation

    ; Competition for singers with VI

    ; Cooperation with other commissions of the WBU

    In the suggested plans to work out during the remaining tenure following two goals were given priority:

    1. To establish strong communication within the

    committee and with the regional youth commissions

    developing one e-mailing list.

    2. The second important task was to evaluate the

    possibility to arrange a Youth Forum before the WBU

    General Assembly in August 2008 or possibly in 2012.

    The possibility was evaluated but as there was

    apprehension that we might not be able to arrange

    all the requirements to make the forum successful,

    therefore, it was left up to 2012 General Assembly of


3. Goal obtainment

     In this section the activities of WBU YC up to now and to draft reflection of Committees Action Plan are

    briefly summarized.

3.1. E-mailing lists

Action Plan relation: Communication

     In November 2006 Committee’s internal mailing list

    through Yahoo! groups was established and all active WBU YC members were involved. Afterwards several topics

    concerning our work and interests were discussed through this list.

     In March 2007 EBU Youth mail group was officially opened for youth with VI from all over the world. We wrote invitation letter and e-mails which were disseminated to the group and by the WBU Secretary General. This act was done in cooperation and with agreement of EBU Youth Working group which established this mail group in autumn 2005. In short time the number of mail group members rose remarkably, new listers mainly from Europe and Asia joint different discussions.

     Another intention in compliance to Action Plans

    communication matters was to develop appropriate material for the WBU website Youth section. But as the

    Toronto office is busy in the process of transferring the website from Spain to Toronto which might take next several months. As the priority right now is be to update what already have in all three languages. That’s why the

    idea of developing appropriate material and youth chat forum on the website in youth section might be possible in the future.

3.2. Youth Training course in motion

    Action Plan relation: Youth Forum before WBU General Assembly August 2008; Promotion of voluntary work among youth with VI; Funding; Youth participation; Working with other commissions of the WBU;

     The original idea was to organize youth forum or seminar for youth from all over the world in summer 2008. As YC could not arrange proper funding for such event, therefore, the format of activity was changed. The program was to use European Commission’s Youth in

    Action Programme as funding source in order to organize training course for youth with VI. But the FUNDING rule of this program was that participants will come from EU and EU neighbouring countries.

    Generally speaking EBU Youth in Action Program (under 3.1) could host EBU member organisations. This was to run the activity in training course format as it is the most effective way for achieving goals of WBU YC. Main themes of the project are: to establish new contacts among VI youth coming from EU and non EU countries, to present work of European / world youth structures and

    organisations, to discuss implementation process of the UN Convention, to present and discuss voluntary opportunities for youth with VI, to present funding opportunities of the Youth in Action Programme and investigate possible future cooperation - youth projects under this Programme. Moreover, to encourage young participants to be more active in promoting and protection of their rights, in participation and elaboration of different projects improving their interests and competences, in international and intercultural matters in order to rise their sense of solidarity, tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Training course would take place in Slovakia, Bratislava region, on 25th 29th June 2008. Number of

    participants including trainers, support staff and guides is 42.

    There was intention to incorporate WBU in this project as co-organizer. But because of the busy session of WBU with some other important activities of this year the idea was not successful because of some certain reasons: One was less amount of funds left for the activities of WBU YC which made it impossible such event: The fact that the final format of the activity (caused by different EU Youth in Action Program funding rules) is more of European than world level, the date for proposed youth seminar was clashing with children’s congress in June 2008. Due to

    these certain reasons the idea of Youth Training Course under the auspice of WBU could not come true.

     However, the failure attempts of making the seminar project possible in this term can be used as worth source of experiences for potential similar youth activity of the world level to be organized with involvement of WBU in next term. The current committee can at least pass such

    experiences to the coming WBU YC. We hope that next term Strategic plan of WBU will include idea of such event in order to motivate and encourage world youth with VI for enhanced activity. This way WBU might also be able to profit more from potential rich work and contribution of youth.

Submitted to WBU office

    Prepared by Humera Aziz (Chair of WBU Youth


    Date 20th April 2008

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