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    Approved* 1Minutes of the

    SU Faculty Senate Meeting

    23 September 2003

    HS 103

    Senators present: Curtin, Diriker, Hopson, Long, Marshall, McCallops, McDermott, McKezie,

    Muller, Mullins, O’Loughlin, Parker, Pereboom, Rotondo, Shannon, Rieck

    Senators absent: Hutchinson, Mattews

    1.Dave Rieck called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM.

    A.He had no announcements from the chair, but he indicated that the purpose of this

    meeting was for the Faculty Senate to hear concerns from faculty in order to plan

    the year’s activities for the Senate.

    B.Sandra Cohea-Weible presented a few announcements for the Provost.

    ?She thanked the faculty for being understand concerning students’

    difficulties with the hurricane

    ?Dr. Buchanan will soon be forming a committee to look into ideas for the

    Freshmen Orientation classes. A variety of models and proposals will be


    2.Dave Rieck then conducted a discussion of items of interest and concern to the faculty.

    Among them:

    A.The SU Strategic Plan will be presented soon, and everyone is urged to take a

    good look at it. In particular many of the following items are expected to be

    partially addressed in the Plan.

    B.Freshmen Orientation was discussed at length, with several people suggesting

    topics to be included and a variety of ways to re-organize this course. Harry

    Womack distributed a two-page listing of concerns. (See Harry for a copy.)C.Faculty Evaluation of University Services. Should we do this?

    D.Communication Problems between the Senate and its Committee. All too often

    the Senate doesn’t know what the committees are doing. (What’s going on and

    who’s doing it?) Several suggestions were made to improve this situation.E.Erosion of Community. Are we in danger of changing the character of SU?

    F.The Library. In spite of dedicated librarians and good leadership, the library

    suffers from a paucity of current materials.

    G.The Promotion Process. It’s still being discussed in the University Promotions

    Committee. When will a proposal come to the Senate?H.General Education. Is change dead? When can we expect to hear about this


    I.Benefits for Fulltime Non-Tenure-Track Faculty. This is being actively discussed

    and has been sent to the Faculty Welfare Committee for suggestions.J.Plagiarism/Cheating Policy. This was suggested as a Faculty Development

    workshop for the spring. Are faculty reluctant to accuse students of cheating?

    Would a University-wide Honor Code be helpful? Could the Library help

    identify plagiarism, particularly given the increasing number of web sites

    providing papers?

    K.Grades for Repeated Courses. Our present policy allows F grades for cheating to

    be replaced, for example, with A grades, thereby eliminating the “penalty” for

    academic dishonesty. The Academic Policies Committee will be discussing this


    3.Dave Rieck adjourned the meeting at 5:02 PM

    The next meeting of the Faculty Senate is scheduled for 30 September in HH 119

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dave Parker, Secretary

    *Minutes approved at the 30 September 2003 Meeting of the Faculty Senate

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