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EDITION 2 2006/7 Season

    And It’s all over now….Well, I used to stay out all night long (playing TT) ,It made me cry, it done me wrong ,it hurt my eyes open, that's no lie ,tables turn and now it’s his turn to cry….And I used to love it but it’s all over now (I think I have lost it

    completely).. Or is it….not sure how Div 2 finished as regards who finished bottom…..we’ll see… the wash…

Hope you all had a good season .

    I normally find that by March I have had enough of TT as the spring evening start to show…….I think a few people feel this way…but then by the time September comes that covered addiction to TT starts to fester and you can’t wait to start playing again and start a new fresh season…….really…so here’s to next season….lets hope that the

    league grows a little…in it’s stature and numbers…Basingstoke Town is getting bigger so why not…

     rdSo I see St Peters “A” were crowned champions of Div 1 for the 3 time a row..must

    have been the management….and someone told me that they are gunning for 6 titles

    in a row…never done in the Basingstoke league…is that a challenge!

    Div 2 was won by Hannington “A” who swiftly return to Div 1 ( just like Leeds will return to the championship???) as expected….who will be playing in what team for KG next year as looks like one team relegated and one promoted…

    Portals won Div 3 and were the only team to not lose a match in the whole league all season…again must have been good management…

    Well done to Pete Matthews for eventually becoming the champion of Basingstoke….no more bus fares Pete!...and well done to everyone that achieved whatever success they achieved this season both off and on the table.. The special recognition award…just like the ones you get as the Brits….must go to Ashley Pither for almost single handedly? Running the championships, the handicap and the website and playing in the league….the league owes you a big box of candles!

    Below are my comments on the comment made on the green cards for the second half of the season…as normal…

Tought old battle finishing at 11p.m …. KG “C” v KG “A” Ware wears down

    Bielby ..I bet the ball was wobbling all over the place….

Lorraine and Celia finish on a maximum….finishing the season in a blaze of glory

    both doing George Hellans

John McLarty had a match point to finish the game in 3 straight , Celia Hooker ththen had 2 match points in the 5 before John won 13-11….plenty of oooos and

    aaaah in this rollercoaster…

Celia ..Lady of the match….treble versus the E team for a 5-5 draw….did you get a

    bottle of champagne for this one and take the match ball home for the hat-trick?

KG struggling , only 1 fit player…. Looks like we are going down with the ndth Jan……Leeds only went down on the 28 Leeds….. KG”A” wrote this on 2

    April…how did you know…..did you put your money on Silver Birch as well….

After last 2 results I reckon our chances of survival must be better than Leeds…..

    KG “C” beat Queens B….and have a chance of avoiding the drop…(at the time of writing this they were 2 points behind KG “A” with a game in hand.) Leeds need to

    score about 20 past Derby to avoid the drop…it’s not all over…

    George (Freeman) should have produced a shock win , had it not been for a lucky net and edge at JUICE! In game 3 for Phil (Ware) I can’t believe you

    spelt this wrong , what school did you go to, I will look at Wimbledon this year just to make sure…I am shocked. I know we are all tired after a long day at work and evenings TT but really….how very dare you.

    Many Thanks to Brian for he is leaving KG for pastures or tables new in the midlands Brian Edwards leaves with a 5 set win over Millie…and contributed all season to ensure KG B got promotion into new territory…

    Tony Brown too wily for KGgood to see club loyalty and support from the strong Div 1 player playing out of his league in Div 2 ….I looked up Wily on the internet and found “”crafty: marked by skill in deception”” …yes that’s Tony alright…

    Great Company , excellent all round attack play in every game , T.T doesn’t get much better.Some superb 5 set games…Queens “E” v RAF “B” ..”points of view”

    from this Div 3 match…great to hear of such zest…..

    Must give credit to Sue Tompsett who gave a superb display of attacking Table Tennis……Words from KG “A” on the maturing teenager?…..will it be Div 2 next year?

Great Attack (Buck) and counter attack (Rattue) ..enthralling.. Awesome

    comments (Pickin) …

     thTerry White 9-3 down in the 4 and won 11-9 .that’s a massive 8 points in

    row..what a swing….maybe an instinctive block from Terry thrown in this as well….how does he do it?

     th RAF winning some cruel nets in the 5….5-5 draw on the Cannons

    table….sometimes it’s a cruel game but a great one too….

So cold even the Penguins went and the Kit Kats…… Minitec derby..comments

    probably from the witty? Steve Murgy…Take a Break Steve….snicker snicker…

    Excellent debut from Jonathan Evans , denied a maximum by a sound Gary Livingstone performance….the man runs a business and beats the England no 4 ….is there no end to.....

    We lost the doubles as well…. Hellans and White v Oak B, 8-2 loss , the successful doubles partnership is broken on a bad night at the office…

Peter Coppins retired through injury…v AWE….by the amount of injuries

    recently sustained in the league I vote for a pre match massage …I’ve seen loads of adverts in the paper and they travel as well!….

A very good match , best I played all season…. G Hellans…if I say so

    myself….trumpet and blow…

Norman Swift gets comfortable maximum…v Powerlocks…The RAF star showing

    off his skills and great to see an new style in the league..

*** Best game of night .good win for Steve Buck over Steve MurgyBBC1

    10.30p.m Match of The Day…..great to see a top top player in our league…maybe more will come… infinity and beyond…

Good double from McGrane a guest appearance from the Irish maestro

Cummins treble seals a draw… Winklebury star player comes up trumps again…

I’m back with 2 good eyes but not playing any better...... John Golding …no puns

    on this one…although it would have been easy…

Good sporty evening…RAF B v Oakley “A”? Surely a mistake on the card

    again…..I know that you needed a good win to put pressure on Portals…but isn’t this illegal…

    A not unexpected win for Portals. However at long last a win for Tom Spencer and we took …… a game from Steve Redstall.. (RAF B )…A convincing season

    from Redstall……a rock in the Portals team of the averages with just one loss…

    Bradley unlucky against Swift and Pipe , but 5 sets were even with Golding overcoming a spirited Barnacle….

Before you read this it was the Lions who did the puns…so paws for thought

    The courageous Lions “Mane” tain a fighting spirit despite realising they stprobably shouldn’t have left it this late in the season for their 1

    win..(March)…over KG “A” and 8-2……… pack it in!

    It was Jared who came up with the surprise of the evening taking the scalp of Pete Millie (and his dodgy bat!)….. there are no dodgy bats in the league…just

    skilled people using the tools of the trade……

C’est La Vie – Oui c’est vrai (Minitec Derby)… TT is everything, it is the life and

    it truly is….(thanks to

    Closest game of the season by far , Dave Mills had match points in games he lost , expedite called in 4th game Dave Mills versus Colin Wilkes….. I understand that

    Pete Bradley did the calling / organising of this event…I went into expedite once

when the game was up to 21…against Pete Martin I think it was , when I was a

    young lad without a backhand….

    Patrick Garlick Buggering it up……..the score card that is…Div 2 next year…fired up?…and then Div 1

    What a night!...match went on until 11:40p.m!!! …….lights out late at Essex Rd in the match Queens B v KG “A”…

    Queens B admitted 8-2 flatterred them v KG “A”..a great sociable evening though…. Sporting comments to finish off with….

Looking forward to next season.



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