Dear basketball friends

By Grace Greene,2014-08-13 10:19
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Dear basketball friends ...


    ndrdGhent, Belgium August 22 and 23 2009

    140 teams from 25 countries

    140 referees from 25 countries

    33 hotels 18 sportscentres 36 basketballcourts

Dear friends,

    thTwo months ago, the 6 Flanders Basketball Trophy in Ghent, Belgium has been organized

    with 132 teams of 21 countries.

    This tournament has become one of the biggest international basketball-events in Europe.

    ndrdNext year, the F.B.T. will be held again on August 22 and 23, 2009 in one of the most

    beautiful cities of Belgium.

The tournament is open for 10 different age-groupes :

    ; boys U14 : 1996-1997

    ; boys U16 : 1994-1995

    ; boys U18 : 1992-1993 High standard level

    ; boys U18 : 1992-1993 Lower standard level

    ; boys U21 : 1989-1991

    ; girls U14 : 1996-1997

    ; girls U16 : 1994-1995

    ; girls U19 : 1990-1993

    ; mens seniors

    ; women seniors

    ; mens veterans

    The boys U18-division will be split into 2 groupes : a high standard level + a lower level standard. If you are interested to particapte into this age-group, please indicate in which level you want to play.

    In total we offer 33 hotels in 5 different categories of hotels, depending on each budget. All meals are included in the indicated prices.

    In all groupes, it’s our ambition to have 2 international referees in each game. Last August,

    93% of all games (420 games) have been led by 2 referees !!! We hosted referees from all over Europe, but also from the USA, Canada and Iran !! Next year again, we will invite more than 140 referees. All games will be played in 18 sportscentres on 36 indoor-basketball-courts.

    In the Flanders Basketball Trophy, ALL games will be officiated with 3 officals each : chrono, game-sheet and 24-seconds. This makes the F.B.T. to be the best PRE-SEASON

    TOURNAMENT in Europe.

    Don’t hesitate to participate this international event.

    Please visit our website where you can find all

    information about the tournament. Don’t forget to watch the promo-dvd on our home-page.

    It gives you a very good impression about the Flanders Basketball Trophy.


    If you are interested to participate the F.B.T. 2009 as a referee, you can apply via our website also. It’s a great opportunity to meet other referees from all over Europe and from all over the world !!

    Our organization pays the stay of the hotel (from Friday evening until Sunday evening or Monday morning) including all meals.

    If you have any further questions, please call me on 0032 497 44 32 79 or send an email to

    Best regards,

    Geert BAEYENS,

    Promotor FBT 2009

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