Engagement opportunities in 2008-2009 for companies who - UN

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Engagement opportunities in 2008-2009 for companies who - UN ...

    UN Global Compact

    Business and Human Rights engagement opportunities 2008-2009

    Name Partners Description Who is it for? Timeframe Advocacy

    CEO statement on GC Human To be published in the Financial Times on 10 Dec 2008, Human Rights CEOs of Inform Global business and Rights Day. All GC participants are being sent an invitation letter to add their companies Compact Office human rights Working CEOs name to help inspire leadership on business and human rights and ( by

    Group mainstreaming of human rights issues as a business concern all over the 14 Nov 2008

    world regardless of business location, operations, sector or size. Local

    Networks are invited to encourage their business participants to have

    their CEO sign. The text of the statement in all six UN languages with a

    running list of the CEOs that have agreed to sign will shortly be

    available at: th60 anniversary Visit: Business generally 10 Dec 2009 and of Universal beyond

    Declaration of for many more ideas of concrete steps that can be taken.

    Human Rights

    Practical solution finding

    Independent and Institute Independent multi-stakeholder governance allowing for dilemmas, Experts from A formal expert multi-for Human challenges and opportunities to be identified throughout the world and business, consultation stakeholder Rights and building on the work of governments, business, trade unions, civil government, civil process started in

    Business society and existing multi-stakeholder initiatives. Expert opinion society and trade September 2007 dialogue and

    opinion relating to delivered on particular rights in relation to specific localities or business unions and the Institute is dilemmas facing sectors representing the “committee of the fair-minded” to guide good due to come into business, business practice as well as identifying what represents bad practice. formal existence in government and Pilot roundtables have been held on the „right to January 2009. civil society water‟ (Washington DC) and the „living wage‟(London).

    Sharing of good practices

    Human Rights GRI The UN Global Compact, Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Businesses Sep 2009

    Reporting project RR-EGI Initiative, and the Global Reporting Initiative recently launched a new generally

    initiative to foster greater integration of human rights principles into

    corporate sustainability reporting. The project - Human Rights: A Call to

    Action - calls on companies to make a commitment to improving one

    aspect of their reporting on their human rights performance in 2009. To

    find out more about the project or to participate in this Call to Action,

    you are invited to visit or email

    Bastian Buck (

    Embedding OHCHR The third volume of this jointly published case studies series is now in Businesses with Ongoing Human Rights in GC Human development. Business with innovative management practices on innovative Business Practice Rights business and human rights interested in being the subject of a case study management III Working for this next volume are invited to contact Sunok Lee ( practices to be the

    Group subject of case


    AND potential

    case authors Revision to guidance materials

    A Guide for BLIHR This guide for business is being revised and updated. The next version Business generally Nov 2008 Integrating OHCHR will be web-based. The consultation version will be available for and all Human Rights comment in the next couple of months. Short examples of good practice stakeholders into Business from all over the world are also sought.


    (including the


    Human Rights IBLF The Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment has been available in Businesses to Oct 2008 and Impact IFC road-testing format since 2007. There is an opportunity for businesses volunteer to road-ongoing Assessment road-interested in trialing the tool to road-test the eight step methodology. test the tool testing Participating companies will receive advice and support on how to

    conduct a human rights impact assessment, during the road-testing


    E-learning tool OHCHR This UN online e-learning tool is being updated to take account of recent Businesses Nov 2008 revision developments in business and human rights. Volunteers are welcome to generally and all

    review the draft and offer their feedback. stakeholders A Guide for BLIHR As part of the BLIHR post-March 2009 project, the Business generally Second half of Integrating OHCHR UNGC/BLIHR/OHCHR Management Guide and the new electronic and all 2011 Human Rights Matrix tool will be tested and revised. Revision will take place in the stakeholders into Business second half of 2011.


    (including the


Business Leadership / Business-to-business learning

    Business Leaders BLIHR A two-year, global, business leadership project to support momentum in Business generally Jan 2009 to Jan Initiative on applying international Human Rights within a business context. This 2011

    Human Rights will be done through regional roundtables followed by locally led

     processes to test/improve outputs from the original 6-years of BLIHR

    post March 09 specifically The Management Guide and Human Rights Matrix (We

    envisage that regional events would be platforms for learning about

    other key BHR Tools). There will also be 3 global thought-leadership

    events during the 2-years of the project.

    For UNGC Local Networks and their members, the opportunity is to i)

    Participate in the leadership and learning process in one of the regions,

    as well as ii) Engage in the three business-led thought leadership events.

    The initial list of regions is South Asia, China, Africa, The Middle East

    and Latin America.

NB. Where no contact information is specified in relation to a particular engagement opportunity, please direct queries to Ursula Wynhoven

    ( or Sunok Lee (

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