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Stoop Consult bvba

Stoop Consult bvba

    public sector consulting & interim management



Current function: consultant and manager of “Stoop Consult bvba”

    ? email

Civil status.

    ? Name: Stoop Patrick Richard M. L.

    ? Nationality: Belgian

    ? Sex: Male

    ? Date and place of birth: October 3, 1956 - Jadotstad (Likasi - Congo) ? Marital status: Married with two children


    ? Master in Economics (License - 2 full years of study); cum laudum - September 1980

    main fields of study: development economics and international economics Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

    ? Master in Law (License - 3 full years of study); June 1979

    main fields of study: international law and social law

    Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

    ? Entrance exams to MA in Economics (1 full year study); cum laudum - September '76 UFSIA - Antwerp, Belgium

    ? Bachelor of Law (2 full years of study); cum laudum - June 1976

    UFSIA - Antwerp, Belgium

    ? Many short courses on: leadership, general management issues, human resources management,

    organizational issues, consulting, accounting, financial management, project management, system analysis, information management, development aid, Spanish language, etc.

General experience.

    During his 22 years of professional career, Patrick Stoop acquired a broad and rich experience in the public and not for profit sector; both in ministries at the central level and in local governments or decentralized institutions. He held advisory positions, but also functioned as a line manager. He worked as consultant, trainer, coach and interim manager for the public and not for profit sector, in Belgium and through international organizations in several countries.

    The professional experience of Patrick Stoop is mostly situated on the crossroads between: policy, planning, management, control, finance, organizational change and computerization.

    He has a large experience with: strategy and policy formulation, planning & control, evaluation, administrative organization, operational audit, efficiency improvements, reorganizations,

    institutional development, decentralization, human resources management, training, conducting seminars, setting up accounting and financial administration, modernizing financial management, introducing a result oriented (policy and) budget cycle, setting quality standards and performance agreements, advice on fiscal and economic policy.

     Jachthoornlaan 3 a handelsregister te Mechelen 79219

     2820 Rijmenam - Bonheiden / België btw: BE 457.157.238

     telefoon / fax : 32 (015) 528702 bank Fortis n? 220/0030802/89

     telefoon GSM: 32 (0475) 817261 email:

In the field of computerization, his professional experience also comprises: functional analysis,

    information and process analysis, strategic information planning and organizational

    implementation of computerized systems.

Brief overview of professional career.

    ? Since February 1996, consultant and manager of Stoop Consult bvba. Consulting assignments in the public and not for profit sector, with both Belgian and international assignments in areas as: strategic planning and policy formulation, budget cycle,

    planning & control, evaluation, operational audit, human resources management, staffing

    plans, training, reorganization, institutional development, decentralization, financial

    management and accounting systems.

    Assignments for: the VVSG (the Association of Flemish Towns and Municipalities), the Flemish

    Government, 7 Flemish towns or municipalities, 5 OCMW (autonomous Social Agencies within

    the Belgian local government system), the Belgian Senate, the Flemish Parliament, the Belgian

    Ministry of Economic Affairs, the University of Brussels (VUB), the Lao PDR Government,

    the Island territory of Curaçao (UNDP Modernization of Financial Management projects

    MFM II an III on average 5 short term missions every year from 1996 till 2001), WIVO (training center Province West Vlaanderen), 5 Flemish not for profit organizations (NGO) and

    the Island territory of Bonaire.

? 20 months as change manager”, also interim member of the board of directors, for the

    administration (General Secretariat) of the Flemish Parliament (1994 - 1996).

    Support and manage the expansion and transformation of a small staff (Flemish Council) to

    modern administrative and logistic agencies supporting the new Flemish Parliament.

    ? 4 years as senior consultant and project leader with “Effective Public Service” (1991-1994)

    “Effective Public Service” was a joint venture of the “Union of Belgian Towns and Municipalities” and

    Coopers & Lybrand Management Consultants” (now Price Waterhouse Coopers).

    Responsible for approximately 25 consulting assignments in the Belgian public and

    semipublic sector; mostly towns, municipalities, local social agencies or other decentralized

    institutions. Consulting assignments in areas as: operational audit, reorganization,

    organizational structures and staffing plans, personnel management, financial management,

    needs analysis for and organizational implementation of computerized systems, etc.

    ? 3 years as deputy head of the finance department of the Island Government of Curaçao (United Nations - OPAS expert) (1987-1990)

    Responsible for the internal management and reorganization of the finance department and

    central advisor for the “Island Government Committee for reorganization and efficiency

    improvement” and member of the “computerization steering committee”.

? 2 years as technical advisor-program coordinator for the Economic Policy Reform

    Project at the Ministry of Financial and Economic Affairs in Mali - USAID (1985-1987) Duties: follow up on and control of a program for economic policy reform, budget reform and

    voluntary departure for civil servants; set up detailed implementation schemes for the

    program; manage the program coordinating unit; coordinate between the ministry officials

    and USAID; prepare periodic evaluation and review on conditions precedent for

    disbursement; etc.

Stoop Consult

     bvba cvENG.doc - Jyly 24, 2001 - page 2 / 7

    ? 4 years as “junior expert” and “financial management consultant” in the United Nations Public Administrative Reform Project - Bureau of the Presidency - Mali (1981-1985) Duties: elaborate and stimulate public finance reform; elaborate new regulations for public

    contracts; elaborate a new budget structure; assist computerization of personnel management

    and payroll; undertake regional seminars; advice on budgetary, fiscal and economic matters;

    organize a physical census of government employees; support the computerization of the

    Ministry of Finance and Commerce; etc.

    ? 6 months as economic research and training assistant at the K.U.B University in Brussels (1981) Duties: teaching assistance in business economics, economic research, organize a


    ? In between and/or overlapping the longer term positions between 1985 and 1995, also approximately 20 months of diverse short term international consulting assignments through United Nations, World Bank and European Community. Consulting assignments in areas as: modernizing financial management and budget cycle

    (including training), personnel management, audit and project evaluation.

    These short term assignments comprise:

    ? 2 short term assignments in order to set up and monitor a Civil Service Census in

    Guinea (Conakry) - Ministry of Administrative Reform and Civil Service Conakry

    Guinea / World Bank (1985 - 1986)

    ? lecture at and organize a UNDP seminar on computerized government accounting and

    financial management in developing countries (Malta - 1990)

    ? (financial and accounting) audit of a UNICEF project in Guatemala financed by the

    European Community and Italy (EC assignment 1990)

    ? numerous missions for the “Modernization of Financial Management” – UNDP-

    MFM-I project for the Island Government of Curaçao (assignments 1993 - 1995)

    (Note also the above mentioned participation to the MFM-II and III projects since 1996)


    ? mother tongue: Dutch

    ? fluent: English and French

    ? good: Spanish and Papiamento

    ? fair: German and Portuguese (basics - currently learning Portuguese)


    ? Approximately 40 articles in: “de Gemeente” (Flemish review for towns and municipalities),

    “Nieuwsbrief Overheidsmanagement” (Newsletter on public management), “4INSTANCE” (Belgian public affairs review), etc.

    ? Two pockets on strategic planning in Flemish local governments

    ? A report on new policy and control instruments in the Flemish local social agencies.

    ? Numerous reports for internal distribution within the government or organization for which

    the assignment was executed.

Specific experience in planning, budgeting, control and financial management:

    Stoop Consult bvba cvENG.doc - Jyly 24, 2001 - page 3 / 7

During his career, Patrick Stoop has acquired a very broad (both Belgian and international)

    professional expertise in planning, budgeting, control and financial management for central,

    regional and local governments.

    His broad knowledge and experience comprises the following elements:

? experience as line manager of a financial agency

    3 years deputy head finance department for the Island Government of Curaçao (1987-1990)

    ? knowledge in financial management for the public sector, in Belgium and other countries

    ? expertise in modernized planning, budgeting, control and financial management

    For many years now, Patrick Stoop is occupied with topics as: “planning & control”, linking

    policy and resources in an integrated budget cycle, transition from input oriented to output

    oriented budgeting, “value for money” concepts, performance budgeting, budgetary envelopes,

    zero base budgeting, charts of accounts, management accounting, internal control systems,

    performance agreements and quality standards (“contract management”) in the public sector,.

    ? For the Flemish Government and the VVSG (the Association of Flemish Towns and

    Municipalities) Patrick Stoop effectuated training sessions, coordinated experiments and

    developed a handbook (published as a pocket) on local cultural policy and strategic planning

    for the cultural sector of the Flemish local towns and municipalities. (2001 - 2002)

    On strategic planning for the cultural sector, Patrick Stoop also advised and or coached

    "Cultuur Lokaal" (the Flemish support center for local cultural policy), VCOB (the Flemish

    support center for Public Libraries) and the Cultural Direction of the town of Antwerp. (2002)

    ? For the Flemish Government and the VVSG (the Association of Flemish Towns and

    Municipalities) Patrick Stoop effectuated training sessions and coordinated forum discussions

    on “the new policy and control instruments” (NOB) for the local social agencies (OCMW). He

    also wrote a detailed and a summarized report on the lessons from the pilot implementation of

    the NOB. (2001)

    ? Training and coaching on local policy, strategic planning and core task analysis in the town

    Ronse ('01-'02) and the municipalities Willebroek ('01-'02) and Houthalen-Helchteren ('01-


    ? Training on and coaching of result oriented planning and budgeting, setting up quality

    standards and performance management in the town of Lier (2001-2002), and the municipality

    and OCMW Edegem (1999-2002)

    ? For the VVSG (the Association of Flemish Towns and Municipalities) Patrick Stoop wrote a

    pocket and gave seminars on policy and strategic planning in the (Flemish) local governments.


    ? As regular consultant, trainer and coach for the MFM-project - Modernization of Financial

    Management” (phases I, II and III) – of the Island Government of Curaçao, Patrick Stoop

    gained a broad and continuous practical experience in: developing and implementing

    modernized financial management systems, result oriented budget cycle, planning & control,

    internal control systems, chart of accounts, accounting ordinances, etc. This includes

    adaptation of international concepts and methods to the local environment and situation of the

    Netherlands Antilles governments. Together with the University of the Netherlands Antilles,

    he also had a key role in developing, coordinating and realizing a training program for public

    controllers and a training program for assistant public controllers.

    (1993-2001: frequent missions to Curaçao, in total approximately 30 months, as part of a

    continuous cooperation with the United Nations and the Dutch technical assistance)

    Stoop Consult bvba cvENG.doc - Jyly 24, 2001 - page 4 / 7

    ? Together with the University of Brussels, the VVSG (the Association of Flemish Towns and

    Municipalities) or WIVO (training center Province West Vlaanderen), Patrick Stoop

    effectuated several two, three or four day training seminars on a result and output oriented

    planning and budget cycle in the public sector. (1997 2000: in total approximately 50

    training days)

    ? As consultant and trainer he supported the Belgian Ministry of Economic Affairs in annual

    planning and reporting. (1997)

    ? As member of a broader team, he supported the development of a longer term development

    plan for the Island Government of Bonaire. (1997-1998) ? For more than 5 years, he effectuated various assignments in the fields of budgeting and

    financial management for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs in Mali. (1981-1985)

    ? etc.

? project management and support in implementing modern financial information systems and

    management accounting; linking financial systems to other information systems

    ? selection of a modern financial information system for the Island Government of Curaçao


    ? financial and operational audit of the administration and project support for the

    implementation of a financial information system and management accounting in a large

    (inter)municipal water distribution company (TMVW) in the Flemish region (1991-1994)

    ? setting up the financial management for a (inter)municipal computer company in Brussels


    ? as senior consultant with EPS, Patrick Stoop supported several Belgian towns, municipalities,

    social agencies and municipal companies for their financial management (1991-1995)

    ? some specific assignments in financial audit and / or a reorganization of the financial agencies /

    the financial management

    ? audit and reorganization of the financial management of the OCMW (social agency) of the

    municipality of Etterbeek (1993 1994)

    ? audit and reorganization of the financial agency of the VUB University of Brussels (1997)

    ? audit and reorganization of the financial agency of TMVW (inter municipal water distribution

    company in the Flemish region) (1991-1993)

    ? financial audit of a EC/UNESCO-project in Guatemala (1990)

    ? etc.

All assignments combined, Patrick Stoop gained a very broad experience as trainer in Belgium,

    Curaçao, Laos and Mali. (1982-2001)

    In total approximately 300 training days given in topics as: new policy and control instruments for

    Flemish local government, strategic planning in Flemish local governments, new municipal

    accounting in Belgium, financial controlling, goal and result oriented budget cycle, tactical

    planning & evaluation, quality standards, performance management, financial management for

    agency heads, financial management for local governments, etc.

    Assignments executed for: VVSG, University of Brussels, Flemish Government, WIVO, Kluwer,

    more than 10 Flemish local Governments, Island Government of Curaçao, University of the

    Netherlands Antilles, United Nations, etc.

    Stoop Consult bvba cvENG.doc - Jyly 24, 2001 - page 5 / 7

Specific experience

    in public administration, institutional development, personnel management, organization

    and change:

During his professional career, Patrick Stoop has worked intensively in fields as: organizational

    analysis, vision and mission statements, personnel management, administrative reform, efficiency

    and quality improvement in the public sector. He also effectuated numerous operational audits,

    reorganizations and personnel management assignments in central, regional or local governments.

His broad knowledge and experience comprises the following elements:

? leading and hierarchical responsibilities: as interim manager, as project leader and as deputy

    head of a finance department;

? assessment of the recent decentralization policies of the Lao

    PDR government and development

    of a vistion, strategy and (short and longer term) model for future decentralization of the Lao

    PDR government system.

? organizational analysis, operational audit, vision and mission statements, change management,

    reorganizations and organizational development:

    ? the Belgian Senate: operational audit and integration of several agencies (1997 1999)

    ? organizational analysis, operational audits, reorganizations and/or vision and mission

    statements for:

    ? 6 Flemish towns, municipalities or local social agencies (1998 - 2002)

    ? 3 subsidized Flemish non governmental organizations (1999-2000)

    ? 7 OCMW or autonomous local social agencies (including public elderly homes) in

    Belgium (1991-1995 and 1998-2001)

    ? 7 Belgian towns or municipalities (1991 1995)

    ? 2 local police departments in Belgium (1991-1993)

    ? 1 large social housing agency in town Liège (1993 1994)

    ? 1 Flemish non governmental elderly home (1994) ? coaching the operational audits of 8 pilot agencies of the Island Government of Curaçao (1999

    - 2000)

    ? the Flemish Parliament: operational audit, change management and reorganization (1994 -

    1997) and audit information flows (1999)

    ? WIVO training center Flemish Province West-Vlaanderen: seminars and training in change

    processes and change management (1995 and 1997)

    ? etc.

? identifying staffing needs, personnel management, payroll systems, post descriptions, terms of

    references and personnel appraisal systems

    consulting, training and coaching for:

    ? the Flemish Parliament: analysis of staffing needs and post descriptions (1994 - 1997)

    ? the Belgian Senate: analysis of staffing needs, post descriptions and personnel reduction plan

    (1997 1999)

    ? the Island Government of Curaçao: improving the payroll system, reducing and controlling

    personnel expenses, voluntary departure scheme for civil servants, allocation of personnel

    costs in the management accounting system, analysis of staffing needs, developing post

    descriptions (1987-1990 and 1995 - 2001)

    ? 4 Belgian towns or municipalities: Lier (1994-1995), Kasterlee (1994-1995), Grimbergen

    (1992-1993) and Waregem (1991)

    Stoop Consult bvba cvENG.doc - Jyly 24, 2001 - page 6 / 7

? 3 OCMW or autonomous local social agencies: Grimbergen (2000-2001), Gent (1998-1999)

    and Evergem (1994)

    ? the VVSG (the Association of Flemish Towns and Municipalities) or OVO (training center

    Province Antwerpen): conducting training sessions on personnel policy, analyzing staffing

    needs and developing post descriptions for Flemish local governments (1993-1994)

    ? Mali: developing and improving a payroll system, controlling personnel expenses and a civil

    service census, voluntary departure scheme for civil servants (1982-1987)

    ? Guinea (Conakry): controlling personnel expenses and a civil service census (1985-1986)

    ? etc.

? functional analysis and study of information needs for computerization projects, consulting on

    the organizational aspects of implementing new information systems

    ? Island Government of Curaçao: payroll system (1988-1989), budget and financial

    management systems (1989-1990 and 1996-2001)

    ? Study on an integrated information and computer system for an association of social housing

    agencies in the regions of Brussels and “La Wallonie” (1993-1994)

    ? Implementing a financial and project management system for TMVW (inter municipal water

    distribution company in the Flemish region) (1992-1993)

    ? Mali: payroll system (1982-1985), budget and financial management systems (1984 1987)

    ? etc.

? continuous experience in public administration, institutional development, administrative

    reform and reorganization of the public sector in different countries:

    ? practical experience in Belgium, Lao PDR, the Dutch Caribbean and Mali ? but also theoretical analyses, teaching and writing articles on reinventing government in the

    USA and other countries.

? etc.


Stoop Consult bvba cvENG.doc - Jyly 24, 2001 - page 7 / 7

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