Cell phones Indulge Arrogance of Youths

By Tiffany Harris,2014-12-08 20:45
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Cell phones Indulge Arrogance of Youths

     Cell phones Indulge Arrogance of Youths

    Youre sitting in class, enjoying a nice nap in the middle of your Operations Management class and, all of a sudden, you are rudely awakened by faint sound of a catchy tune in the form of a cellular phone ring.

    If you look around, you will notice about seven different people turn to their backpacks to see if its theirs. The one who got the call digs his or her phone out of his or her bag and turns it off, only after a couple more rings at full blast.

    The understanding professor has finally reached his boiling point, given that this is the fourth occurrence in the same class. He grabs the students phone and crushes it with his foot and karate

    chops the student in the Adams apple.

    Except for that last part, the cell phone scenario has become a staple in Emorys social atmosphere.

    It seems as though the people who end up causing this problem don’t realize the disturbance this


    Although most professors are willing to turn their backs on the issue, they have the right to deduct from the students participation grade for the inconvenience it causes.

    It is hard to touch upon this issue without pissing off 92 percent of this campus, but cellular phones are a product that exemplifies the arrogance of a majority of people our age. Certain professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and businessmen, need to be contacted on a constant basis to be able to fulfill the needs of their jobs. Careers that necessitate an on the go

    lifestyle usually entail being out of the office, but also being in touch with clients and coworkers at all times.

    In such a case, I do not see a problem. In fact, technology has greatly improved job efficiency. There is a distinct difference between these professionals and the average over-privileged Emory kid who wants to call their buddy on his or her shuttle trip from the Peavine Parking Deck to the Goizueta Business School.

    The idea that people our age feel they need to be in contact 24/7 is a sign that we have an over-inflated sense of self-importance.

    These people have self-esteem issues that go far beyond those solved by over-prescribed drugs that nervous middle class parents give to their Attention Deficit Disorder-afflicted children. At the same time, the cellular phone is an obvious example of image enhancement. Some people feel more important or cooler just by having one in their pocket. It is like ordering vanity on demand.

    People on cell phones tend not to pay attention when walking around campus. This leads to people standing in front of a doorway or obstructing the path to some common destination, causing a certain level of annoyance.

    The obvious first response to my complaint is Nash, shut up, followed by, it is a convenience

    issue as well as a desire to communicate. My response to this is that products like cell phones

    actually deter from communicating.

    When technology like this comes alongmuch like e-mailit allows people to stay one step

    away from actually talking face to face. Why meet up if you can talk on the phone? Why talk on the phone when you can instant message?

    I am not even going to go into the safety issue where people on cell phones try to perform other attentionholding activities, such as driving a car, and end up hurting themselves and others. There is too much evidence to back me up there.

    While it is not much to ask for students to put their phones on the vibrate function during classwhich can actually be a fun experienceand watch where they are going, it seems like

    people our age have been given technology that we do not deserve. We do not have the need for it or the ability to handle it responsibly.

    What was once a running joke in the movie Clueless is now a sad reality. Everyone has one. I

    know that eventually, one of those devices of arrogance will be attached to my hand, but I will try my best to reject these yuppie-based trends???for at least another year.

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