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Participate in high level design process for future products and solutions. Informally train and assist junior developers and analysts.


    5004 NW 27th Drive,

    Gainesville, FL 32605

    (352) 373-6284 PGP Key ID: 4139DC3E


    ? 10 years professional software design, development, and engineering experience. ? 23 years computer-related experience as a student, hobbyist, and enthusiast.

    ? Extensive expertise with C/C++, ColdFusion, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, MySQL, Unix, Windows, networking, system maintenance, and system administration.

    ? Knowledge and experience with FDA-regulated medical devices, HIPAA, ISO9000, ISO9001, and ISO9002. OBJECTIVE

    Seeking a development / engineering position at a stable company that can provide a dynamic environment with opportunities to learn

    new skills and concepts, solve interesting and challenging problems, and work with intelligent and exciting people. PRIMARY SKILLS

    C/C++, ColdFusion, Database Design and Programming, HTML / Web Page Design, JavaScript, MFC / Win32 Expert Programming, Programming, Software Engineering

    MySQL, PHP Advanced

    C# / .NET, SQL Server, Visual Basic / .NET Intermediate

    Java Classroom


    Infinite Energy, 7001 SW 24th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32607,

     Developer Programmer III, February, 2007 - Present

    Develop solutions, improve and maintain existing products, and perform database analysis for data processing and transaction

     management. Participate in high level design process for future products and solutions. Informally train and assist junior

    developers and analysts.

    Citrix Systems, 851 W Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309,

     Lead Software Development Engineer 2, August, 2006 - February, 2007

    As part of Life Cycle Maintenance team, provided solutions to customer-reported problems and bugs. Solutions typically

     consisted of reproducing problems, analyzing their cause, researching design documents, consulting with team members and

    members of other departments, then using Visual Studio to develop a solution in C# or C++. SR Technologies, 4101 SW 47th Avenue, Suite 102, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314,

     Software Developer, March, 2006 - August, 2006

    Participated in development of several diverse projects. Implemented USB device driver for proprietary hardware using the

    Windows Driver Model (WDM). Migrated several existing software projects in both C#.NET and Visual Basic.NET to make full use of new driver functionality. Provided debugging, assistance, and training to other developers on projects involving embedded

    C and Visual Basic.NET. Wrote simulation and testing software for Windows CE devices. Niu Tech, 6001 Broken Sound Parkway, Boca Raton, FL 33487,

     Programmer III, August, 2005 - February, 2006

    Designed, developed, and supported web-based information management software using PHP and MySQL. Collaborated with

     internal users, managers, and other developers to design and develop specifications and features. Mastered the Google AdWords

    API, and worked extensively with the Yahoo! Search Marketing API. Developed unit tests for verification and debugging.

    ? Search Engine Marketing Keyword Management System (SEM KMS) - Internal online information management system for

    Google AdWords. Used for fine-grained information management, and collection of detailed statistics. General requirements include a high degree of data integrity, robust data synchronization using the Google API, and mirroring Google's GUI while

    including value-added features. Projects included data synchronization using the Google AdWords API, change tracking and

    logging, report retrieval and processing, and multiple language support.

    Free Peers, 300 71st Street, Suite 500, Miami Beach, FL 33141,

     Independent Consultant, August, 2005 - April, 2006

     Senior Software Engineer, March, 2004 - July, 2005

    Developed, maintained, and supported Windows software application using Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Visual

     Studio.NET 2003. Worked in a highly collaborative environment during conception, design and implementation stages of

    development. Tracked, diagnosed, and repaired bugs in new and old code, including those from other developers. Provided

    technical support and customer relations with beta testers via an online forum. ? BearShare - Modular, multithreaded, network intensive peer to peer (P2P) application using the Gnutella file sharing network.

    General requirements included massive scalability, low response time, functioning within an unreliable network, and

    preserving users' privacy. Projects included refactoring local file management library for robustness, functionality, and expandability, improvements to incomplete download file preview, global search result filters, and initial implementation of

    general web server functionality.

    ZFour Consulting, 18060 West Dixie Highway #202, Aventura, FL 33160,

     Systems Engineer, March, 2000 - February, 2004

    Participated in full life cycle development of cross-platform web-based applications with ColdFusion, PHP, Apache, IIS,

    Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. Administered a small number of Red Hat Linux servers providing CVS, proxy, security

     monitoring, ssh, time, and web services. Partially responsible for administration and maintenance of several Windows XP and

    2000 workstations and servers. Before relocating in October, 2002, successfully performed duties while telecommuting three (3)

    to five (5) workdays per week.

    Awareness Technology, PO Drawer 1679, Palm City, FL 34991,

     Independent Consultant, March, 2000 - August, 2001

     Director of Software Development, September, 1999 - March, 2000

     Software Systems Developer, January, 1997 - September, 1999

    Developed and managed full life cycle of several software applications for Windows 95/98/NT with C++ using Microsoft Visual

    Studio and Microsoft Foundation Classes, as well as supervision and management of other software developers. Responsible for user support, software support, system administration, network security, and administration of a mixed network of over fifty (50)

    Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and FreeBSD servers and workstations.


    Florida International University

    School of Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences, Miami, Florida. Currently working part-time toward Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. University of Florida

    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Gainesville, Florida.

    Associate of Arts, December, 1996. Coursework toward Bachelor of Science in Computer Science includes: Data Structures, Discrete Structures, Software Engineering,

    Operating Systems, Cryptology, Numerical Analysis, Digital Design, Microprocessor Applications, Database Management Systems.


    Co-system administrator of a small community-based Internet service currently running on a CentOS platform providing web,

     email, and shell access to approximately 60 geographically diverse users. Responsible for system maintenance, configuration, user assistance, security diagnostics, troubleshooting, mailing list management, and other administrative tasks.

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