Chinese and Western medicine treatment of children with 68 cases of cough variant asthma_2414

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Chinese and Western medicine treatment of children with 68 cases of cough variant asthma_2414

    Chinese and Western medicine treatment of children with 68 cases of cough variant asthma

     Abstract Objective To observe the combined Chinese and Western medicine treatment of cough variant asthma clinical effects. Methods Modified 3 Ao Tang and

    Western Bricanyl ketotifen treatment of 68 patients with cough variant asthma. Results 61 patients recovered within 1 week, 7 cases improved, 1 week cure rate was 89.7%. Conclusions combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of cough variant

    asthma remarkable.

     Key Words cough variant asthma; traditional Chinese medicine; Bricanyl; ketotifen

     Cough variant asthma is a common disease in recent years, respiratory system, we have since January 2005 to December 2007, using Western combining cure 68 patients with cough variant asthma, the clinical results are obvious, are the final report is as follows.

     1 Data and methods

     1.1 General information on cases of this group a total of 136 patients, all from out-

    patient, using randomly divided into treatment group 68 cases, 68 patients in control

    group. Two groups of children in age, sex, male-female ratio and duration has had no

    significant difference.

     1.2 Diagnostic criteria in all cases are in line with the 1998 National Pediatric Asthma Collaborative Group established diagnostic criteria for cough variant asthma [1]: persistent or recurrent cough ? 30 days, often accompanied by seizures at night or early morning cough, sputum less, exercise more serious; No signs of clinical infection or long-term antibiotic treatment is invalid; with bronchodilators can relieve coughing attack; excluding other causes of chronic cough; have a personal or family history of allergy, airway responsiveness determination of allergen detection can be used for diagnosis .

     1.3 Treatment

     1.3.1 group was treated with three Au soup flavored. Drugs: Ephedra, almond,

    wind, ebony, silver Bupleurum, Schisandra, Campanulaceae, Chan Yi, licorice, daily one, simmered them in water two times, mixing a small quantity of multiple-frequency

    service. At the same time oral Bricanyl tablets, the dosage: 1 ~ 2 years of age, each 1 / 4 to 1 / 3; 3 ~ 5 years of age, each 1 / 3 ~ 2 / 3; 6 to 12 years old, every two / 3 ~ 1; 3 times a day, 1 week for a course of treatment. Ketotifen Fumarate dosage of treatment with the


     1.3.2 the control group were given Bricanyl tablets, ketotifen fumarate tablets, usage, dosage, treatment with the treatment group.

     2 Results

     2.1 determine the efficacy of the standard in accordance with national Medical

    Administrative Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop the efficacy of the standard [2]: clinical cure: cough and throat symptoms disappeared more than 2 weeks no further hair; improved: symptoms were relieved; invalid: no significant

    improvement in symptoms.

     2.2 Treatment outcome Treatment group: after treatment, cough disappeared within 1 week in 61 cases, within 1 week of clinical cure rate of 89.7%, the rest have improved and disappeared within 2 weeks. Control group: after treatment, cough, 40

    cases of disappeared within 1 week, 25 cases improved, 2 weeks, there are still three cases of cough onset within 1 week of clinical cure rate of 59%. Treatment group 1 week cure rate is superior to the control group (P <0.05). Reposted elsewhere in the

    paper for free download http://

     Three typical cases

     Children, male, 5 years old, October 12, 2005 the first visit. Children at 2 months ago, unexplained cough, the initial light, clothing cold medicine, anti-bacterial anti-

    inflammatory drugs, injecting drugs are ineffective. Later, her grandmother own bronchitis medicine (a containing aminophylline, salbutamol, prednisone and other drugs, powder) to children taking cough mitigation, stopping cough a few days later,

    the latter for fear of bronchitis drugs have side effects not re-use. Continuous cough

    over the past month, and sometimes wake up at night coughing, a little smell, and smoke or other odor which happened choking. Children with body temperature

    36.8 ?, lungs have nothing to do, wet rales, X-ray normal, WBC 4 × 109 / L,

    neutrophils 0.67, pink tongue, thin white fur, floating pulse, there is the history of infantile eczema, preliminary diagnosis of cough variant asthma. Identified as a Chinese Feng Xie Fan Fei, pulmonary failure of the cough drop Xuan. Governance in order to Shufeng Xuanfei, Liyan cough. Fang use: Modified 3 disobedient soup, prescription: ephedra 5 g, almonds, 6 g, wind 6 g, ebony 6 g, silver Bupleurum 3 g, Schisandra 5 g, Campanulaceae 6 g, Chan Yi 8 g, licorice 3 g . Shuijianbi, 1, 1; the same time taking Bricanyl tablets 1.25 mg, 3 times daily; ketotifen 1 / 2 tablets 3 times a day, the top of the service 2, significantly reduced cough, 3 cough disappeared, Following the 1 week pre-medication with anti-6-month no further attack.

     4 Discussion

     Cough variant asthma, also known as atopic cough with cough-based clinical

    certificate, if not timely and effective treatment, easy to develop into a typical asthma, with the Chinese medicine "foreign non-sense, when the diaphragm of the sputum some

    plastic solid," a typical asthma machine is different is because of Feng Xie Fan Fei, lung failure Xuan down, made to stimulate the impact of the airway, 3 bend soup flavored soup from the three combined allergic to fried Au plus Campanulaceae, Chan Yi made. The side with the three disobedient soup, Campanulaceae Shufeng Xuanfei, allergies frying, Chan Yi anti-allergy, priorities spasm, Liyan cough. Fried is the name of traditional Chinese medicine allergy Chen I wish the experience of treatment of allergic diseases, Fang, Fang Schisandra, ebony acid income, wind Quxie casual evil, silver Bupleurum Qingreliangxue. Zhu Shi long-term for allergic diseases have received

    satisfactory outcome [3]. Bricanyl as β-adrenergic receptor stimulants, may be by

    activating adenylyl cyclase, increasing cellular synthesis of cAMP, so that bronchial smooth muscle relaxation and mast cell membrane stability [4], ketotifen are histamine H1 receptor antagonist the role and the role of inhibiting the release of allergic media, combined with traditional Chinese medicine can increase the efficacy of Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western combined two methods complement each other and therefore I excellent effect.


     Pediatric Asthma, a national association with the team. Pediatric asthma prevention and treatment of conventional (trial). China Pediatrics, 1998,36 (12): 747.

     2 State Chinese Medicine Administration Medical Administrative Department.

    Chinese women and children's beds inside and outside the diagnostic efficacy of the standard certificate. Nanjing: Jiangsu Science and Technology Press, 1998,136.

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    Medical Science and Technology Press, 1988,89.

     4 WANG Muti. Paediatrics, 4th ed. Beijing: People's Health Publishing House, 1979,160. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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