Unit One The First McDonald's Restaurant

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In 1955, Ray Kroc visited the restaurant and offered to buy the rights to the two brothers' idea.23. ...but boards cover the windows. Para. 12

    Unit One The First McDonalds Restaurant

     计划 10 学时 实际 10 学时

    1-2 Oral Practice, New Words & Expressions 提问教学

     3-4 Text-learning 直接教学

     5-6 Exercises 直接教学

     7-8 Listening Practice 情景教学

    9-10 应用能力提高,写作翻译练习( 直接教学

     Let the students talk their favorite fast food and fast food restaurant.

    Let the students to master the important words and expressions.

    Let the students understand the text.

    教学目的 Improve the students’ listening level. Let the students command some

    expressions for reception and farewell.

    Let the students know how to write invitation cards and letters.

    Some usage of the expressions.


    Understanding and writing invitation cards and letters

    Master useful expressions


    Master the format of an invitation card

教学手段 教师讲授、语音教学与多媒体教学相结合


     Unit One

    The First McDonalds Restaurant

    I. Organization

    IILeading in

    Introduction to the Topic (Symbols of Culture)

     Building can be symptoms of cultureplaces where history has

    occurred. To some people, history is not important. But when a historic

    building is about to be destroyed, people react. The following story

    shows an example of what can happen when a symbol of culture is about to be torn down.

    III Exploring

    McDonald’s is the world’s leading fast food service retailer. So

    far, it has more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries serving 46 million customers each day. Nowadays, not only McDonald’s but also

    some other fast food restaurants are getting more and more popular.

    Why is it so? Lets do a survey among the students.

    IV. Background Information

    1. McDonald's

     McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant corporation with more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries serving 46 million customers each day. In the United States, there are more than 5,000 McDonald's restaurants. It serves some of its favorite foodsworld-famous French

    fries, Chicken McNuggets (大鸡块) and so on. The largest McDonald's

    restaurant is located in Beijing, China. This restaurant has 1,000 employees. Also, up to 700 customers can sit and eat in this restaurant at one time.

    2. Downey

     Downey is the home of the Apollo Space Program (阿波罗登月计

    ) and the world's oldest McDonald's. Downey is located in the heart of Southern California between the business hubs (中心) of Los

    Angeles and Orange County. Easy access to freeways, railroads, airports, seaports, and the Internet connect Downey to the world.

    3. California

     California is a state of the U.S. It has an area of 158,706 square miles (411,049 square kilometers), exceeded (超过) only by Alaska (阿拉斯

    ) and Texas (得克萨斯). It is on the west Pacific coast (美国西部太

    平洋海岸). The capital is Sacramento (萨克拉门托).

    4. Ray Kroc

     Raymond Albert Kroc was the founder of the McDonald's

    Corporation. Brothers Mac and Dick McDonald opened the first fast

    food restaurant called McDonald's in 1953 in Downey, California. In 1955, Kroc, a milkshake (奶昔) salesman went to visit the restaurant.

    He saw the potential of this fast food business and thus persuaded the brothers to sell the name to him. In this way, Kroc opened the first store of the McDonald's Corporation in 1955 in Illinois. Kroc died in the 1980's.

    5. Illinois

     Illinois is a state in the Mid-West of the U.S. It has an area of

    145,934 square kilometers and stretches 620 kilometers from the north

    to the south.

    6. Dick and Mac McDonald

     In 1953, the McDonald brothersDick and Macdeveloped a new

    idea for their restaurant. The brothers called their idea a "drive-in"

    restaurant, and customers could order food from their cars. The

    restaurant also cut down on the number of choices on the menu, so the cooks could make the food very quickly. The restaurant specialized in making hamburgers, French fries, and chocolate shakes. In 1955, Ray Kroc visited the restaurant and offered to buy the rights to the two

    brothers' idea. The two brothers agreed, and the McDonald's restaurant chain was born.

    7. National Register of Historic Places

     The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation in the U.S. Authorized under the

    National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (根据1966年制定的《国

    家文物保护法》), the National Register is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect our historic and archeological (考古的) resources.

    Properties listed in the Register include districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are significant in American history, architecture (建筑), archeology (考古学), engineering, and culture.

    IVNews words & Expressions

golden adj. 1. of the color of gold 金色的;闪金光的

    2. made of gold 金制的

    Differentiation: golden vs. gold

    golden 表示某物在外表或色彩上类似金子;其实不是由金子制作的。

    gold 表示某物是“金制的”;或 含有金子的意思。

    适比较 golden watch & gold watch

    danger n. [U] the possibility of harm or loss 危险

    in danger of at risk of

    e.g. The house was on fire and people inside were in danger

    of losing their lives.

    afford vt. (usually with can, could, be able to) be able to buy or pay

    for ,通常与can, could, be able to连用(买得起;担负


    e.g. The family can afford to buy a new house.

    amount n. [C; U] a collection or mass considered as a unit

    concerning its size, number, etc. something such as

    time, money, or a substance 数额;数量;总数

    e.g. Large amounts of money were spent on the bridge.

    vi. (~ to) be equal to in quantity ,数量上(达到;,意义上(


    e.g. The cost amounted to ~250.

     Her reply amounted to a refusal.

    claim v. 1. declare to be true; state 声称;断言;宣称

    e.g. One should not claim to know what one doesnt know.

    2. ask for, take, or state that one should have (something to

    which one has a right) ……提出要求;索取

     e.g. Does anyone claim this wallet?

    n. 1. 宣称:声称;断言

    2. 索赔;要求

    Notice: When claim means a right to sth., it is followed by to or on.

    e.g. Nobody had made a claim to/ on this bag.

    abandon vt. give up or bring an end to (something) 放弃;中止 abandon oneself to sth. 沉迷于;陷入

     e.g. He abandoned himself too much to PC games and as a

    result failed to pass the final exams.

    board n. 1. [C] a long thin flat piece of cut wood 长形木板

    2. [C] an official body or group that has responsibility for a

    particular organization or activity 委员会;董事会;


    e.g. the director of the board (meeting)

    vt. get into (a ship or public vehicle); go on board 登上,船或公


    e.g. Passengers boarded the plane one by one.


    tear down : (especially a building) pull down, especially violently;

    destroy 推倒(尤指建筑物);拆毁

    e.g. The earthquake last night tore down many houses.

    agree with :have or share the same opinion, feeling or purpose 意见


     e.g. They agreed with each other on this plan.

    line of thinking/thought : a way or method of thinking about

    something 思路;想法

     e.g. I couldn't follow my professor's line of thinking in his


    afford to do :(usually with can, could, be able to) be able to spend,

    give, do, etc., without serious loss or damage 花得起;


     e.g. I can afford to buy a car in two years.

    close down :(cause to) stop business activities, especially without the

    intention of starting again,使(停业

     e.g. Hundreds of workers lost their jobs when the factory

    was closed down.

    have nothing to do with : have no connection with ……毫无关系

     e.g. Some employers claim that gender has nothing to do

    with their hiring decisions.

    make sense : have a good reason 有道理

     e.g. What he said made good sense.

    stop...from : prevent...from 阻止

     e.g. The hot weather stopped me from going out.

    even so : in spite of what has/had happened; though that is true 尽管


     e.g. It was the cheapest hotel in the town, but even so, it

    still cost $100 a night.

    take away : remove something from a particular place 带走;拿走;


     e.g. The old structure was taken away last week.

    VDetailed study of the text.

    1. Even though the first McDonald's restaurant sold only

    hamburgers and French fries, it still became a cultural symbol. (Para. 1)

    Meaning: In spite of the fact that the first McDonald's restaurant

    served only two kinds of food: hamburgers and French fries, it still

    became a symbol that represents the American culture.

2. McDonald's, though, says the building should be torn down.

    (Para. 1)

    Meaning: McDonald's, however, says that the building should be pulled down.

    3. Built in 1953, the restaurant…is the oldest of all the Golden Arches in America… (Para. 2)

    Meaning: Since the restaurant was built in 1953, it is the oldest among

    all the McDonald's restaurants with the logo of the Golden Arches in America…

    Notice here "built in 1953" is a past participial phrase serving as an adverbial of reason. The "Golden Arches" originally refers to the logo

    of McDonald's, which consists of two golden shapes with a curved top and straight sides. Here it refers to all the McDonald's restaurants.

    4. …the building is now in danger of being destroyed, along with their memories. (Para. 3)

    Meaning: The first McDonald's restaurant is now facing the possibility of being torn down. Together with the disappearance of the building, people's good memories about it would be ruined too.

    Notice the sentence could be rewritten as "...the building, along with their memories, is now in danger of being destroyed."

    5. McDonald's explains that the building was damaged in an earthquake... (Para. 4)

    Meaning: McDonald's tells people that the building was destroyed in an earthquake and thus is not useful anymore.

    6. Many people in the town of Downey don't agree with this line of thinking, though. (Para. 4)

    Meaning: But many Downey people don't share McDonald's view that the building was destroyed and thus needs to be torn down.

7. They are using the earthquake as an excuse. (Para. 5)

    Meaning: The reason that the building was damaged in an earthquake was not a real one: McDonald's managers are using it to hide the real reason for tearing down the building.

8. They don't respect the public at all. (Para. 6)

    Meaning: They don't care at all about how people in general think and feel about this matter.

    9. McDonald's managers say the restaurant is losing money at that location. (Para. 7)

    Meaning: McDonald's managers say the restaurant is doing business at a loss at that place.

10. There is no room for a drive-thru window, or for seating inside.

    (Para. 7)

    Meaning: There is no space where people can buy food without getting out of their car. Nor is there space for people to sit and eat inside.

    there is (no) room for: there is (no) the need or possibility for

    something to happen or be done

    () ……余地,或需要(

    This is the truth and there is no room for doubt.


    My car can only take four people, so there is no room for the five of



    11. The managers want to build a copy of this building at another location instead. (Para. 7)

    Meaning: Instead of fixing the restaurant, the managers want to build at another place another restaurant that looks exactly the same as the old one.

    12. Building inspectors, on the other hand, say that the structure

    can be repaired, but that it will be expensive. (Para. 8)

    Meaning: However, officials who inspect buildings say that it is possible to fix the building, but they also say that the repair will cost a lot of money.

    Notice the two clauses "that the structure…" and "that it will…" are both objects of "say". "that" in the second clause should not be omitted.

    13. Many people say that McDonald's can certainly afford to pay that amount. (Para. 8)

    Meaning: Many people say that the McDonald's company is no doubt

    able to pay the money to fix the restaurant.

    14. Some think that McDonald's real reason for wanting to close down the restaurant has nothing to do with money. Para.8(

    Meaning: Some people believe that McDonald's wants to stop the restaurant's business forever, not because they don't have money to repair the restaurant, but for other reasons.

    15. ...a sign claiming that a man named Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald's restaurant in Illinois in 1955. (Para. 9)

    Meaning: …a notice saying that a man called Ray Kroc started the

first McDonald's restaurant in Illinois in 1955.

    16. The truth, however, is that Mr. Kroc actually learned the fast food business from Dick and Mac McDonald in Downey. (Para. 9)

    Meaning: The fact is that Mr. Kroc in fact learned how to do fast food business from the two brothers who lived in Downey: Dick and Mac McDonald.

17. To local historians, this explanation makes total sense. (Para.


    Meaning: To those who study the history of this region, this saying is reasonable.

    Notice here "this explanation" refers to "many people in Downey think McDonald's is trying to change history".

18. The McDonald brothers did. (Para.10)

    Meaning: Dick and Mac McDonald started McDonald's.

    Notice this is an elliptical sentence. The complete sentence should be "Dick and Mac McDonald invented McDonald's". The verb did is used to replace "invented McDonald's".

19. These days, a group of historians want the building to be added

    to the National Register of Historic Places… (Para. 11)

    Meaning: Recently, some historians try together to put the old restaurant onto the list of the National Register of Historic Places, which includes buildings that are significant in American history…

20. that the city of Downey will be able to stop McDonald's

    from tearing the building down. (Para. 11)

    Meaning: that the city of Downey can prevent the restaurant from being torn down.

    stop...from: prevent…from


    The heavy fog stopped planes from taking off.


    People called the Wright brothers mad but it did not stop them from

    becoming the first men to make and fly a plane.



21. The McDonald's managers are very angry, and have

    abandoned the structure. (Para.11)

    Meaning: The McDonald's managers are very unhappy. They have left the building empty and do not take care of it any more.

    22. Everyone hopes that the McDonald's managers and the people of Downey will soon find peace. (Para. 12)

    Meaning: All hope that McDonald's managers and Downey residents will find a peaceful way to solve the problem.

23. ...but boards cover the windows. (Para. 12)

    Meaning: ...but the windows of the restaurant are covered with flat pieces of wood.

    24. Even so, people drive by to remember their McDonald's, taking pictures of a moment in history before it gets taken away. (Para.12)

    Meaning: Although the windows of the restaurant are covered with boards, people still stop by to visit their McDonald's when driving past

    it. They take pictures to record a time in history before the restaurant is


    even so: in spite of what has/had happened; though that is true


    There are many spelling mistakes; even so it's quite a good essay.


    I had a terrible headache, but even so I went to the concert.



    Read the questions and complete the answers according to the text.

1. Where and when was the first McDonald's built?

     It was built in Downey, California in 1953 .

2. Why does McDonald's want to tear down the restaurant?

     Because the building was damaged in an earthquake and the restaurant is losing money.

3. Why do some people want to save the first McDonald's?

     Because they have good memories of that old McDonalds.

    4. According to the local historians, what is McDonald's real purpose to tear down the restaurant?

     They believe that McDonald's real purpose is to rewrite the history.

5. What is the author's purpose of writing this article?

     His purpose is to tell the story of the first McDonalds and show

    different attitudes of different people towards the restaurant.

    VI. Exercises: Exercise from P9-P11

VII. Listening Practice : Practical English For Colleges and

    Universities Listening and Speaking Course 2(学林出版社) Unit one Reception and Farewell

    Section A. (Students book P. 3)

    1. Choose the best answer to each of the questions 1) Whats the probable relationship between the two speakers? (a)

    a. Student and teacher

    b. Boss and secretary

    c. Daughter and father

    d. Salesman and customer

    2) Who is Mary? (a)

     a. An international student.

     b. A chemistry teacher.

     c. A clerk.

     d. A scientist.

    3) Where is Mary now? (b)

     a. In New York.

     b. In London.

     c. In China.

     d. In Tokyo.

    4) When does the conversation take place? (c)

     a. Saturday evening.

     b. Sunday evening.

     c. Wednesday evening.

     d. Thursday evening.

    5) Whats Marys major? (a)

     a. Chemistry.

     b. History.

     c. Math.

     d. English.

    2. Decide whether the statements are true or false. 1) Mary is American. (F)

    2) The conversation probably takes place at the teachers office. (T)

    3) Mary will be leaving on Monday. (F)

    Section C. Choose the best answer to each of the questions (Students book P.4)

    1. Where does this conversation most probably take place? (d) a. In a railway station.

    b. At a bus stop.

    c. In a restaurant.

    d. In a hotel room.

    2. What is the womans job? (a)

    a. She is Mr. Greens secretary.

    b. She is a receptionist in a hotel.

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