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Spa Village Menu

Since the dawnof time, the elixir for a lasting sense of contentment,

    beauty and well being has been with us … Mother Earth.

Too much city and not enough nature can cause an imbalance in our

    bodies and bring about a yearning to retreat from the world and

    reconnect with what is real.

Fire … Air … Water … Earth … Each element is a desire. A desire to

    purify, to energise, to pamper and to glow. To bring the mind, body and

    spirit back into harmony.

The Spa Village welcomes you to explore the rituals designed to bring

    good health and beauty through ancient skills in exclusive and luxurious


Come home to Nature …

25 mins $40 55 mins $75

    Prepare yourself for further Spa therapy by enjoying a combination of wet and dry heat treatments in your private couples Spa suite. The heat will gently deep cleanse your skin, detoxify your system, relax and warm the muscles giving you a wonderful feeling of well-being .

55 mins $75

    This deep cleansing facial is ideal for someone with combination, oily and problem skin type. It combines pure, natural seaweed, rich in vitamins and minerals with high marine extracts to stabilize the oil glands and deep cleanse reducing impurities and blocked pores. Its anti-bacterial properties leave your skin fresh and radiant.

55 mins $75

    This is a purifying and oxygenating treatment ideal for a sallow, dull, sluggish skin, polluted by stress and negative lifestyles. The booster facial incorporates marine and

plant proteins to replenish and nourish the skin, resulting in a natural healthy glow.

    the perfect city dweller facial.

55 mins $75

    A relaxing facial designed to deep cleanse the pores thereby reducing toxins and excess sebum. The products have anti-bacterial active ingrediants to free the skin of dead cells and prevent blemishes. The results are immediate and your complexion is left clear and fresh.

    Enjoy this soothing Marine Algae Wrap, rich in minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients. This wrap activates the circulation, increase metabolism and relieves muscular aches & pains. An excellent treatment for general well-being and total relaxtion. Includes a full scalp massage to complete the experience. Ideally recommended as a prelude before all slimming and firming courses

    A body wrap designed for intensive silhouette refining. Includes a refreshing gel wrap, rich in marine minerals and vitamins, detoxifying the body and firming loose and slack muscle tone. Also helps to reduce water retention and relieve tired and heavy legs. A luxurious scalp massage is included to complete this ultimate detox.

    An excellent cold wrap used for the treatment of cellulite and eliminating excess fluid from the hip and thigh area. Stimulates the circulation and refines the skin. To end this slimming body wrap enjoy the soothing acupressure scalp massage included.

    This originates from Indian healing rituals and is a combination of warm, blended herbal oils and deep, specific massage techniques used to balance the nervous system and restore vital energy flow. It will purify and balance mind, body and soul as well as stimulating the blood circulation to eliminate toxins.

    A very unique combination of Thai massage and aromatic heated herbal packs detoxify and alleviate common muscular aches and pains, leaving the body in a sense of well-being. The herbal ingredients are carefully selected and each act on a different treatment area; Pai, which helps to ease muscular tension; Camphor, for refreshing your skin’s vitality; Kaffir, which nurtures and cleanses your skin of toxins; Turmeric, an age-old remedy for soothing and moisturising; Sea crystals, which aid in calming the body's temperature.

55 mins $75

    This intensively hydrating facial is ideal for someone who has just been on a long haul flight and has dehydrated and tight skin. Active marine ingredients and vegetal milks combined with a unique mask are used to moisturise and improve the skin tone and texture leaving it soft and supple.

    50 Mins US $90

    The healing powers of pure, fresh aloe vera and cucumber are used to cool, soothe and hydrate your skin, after exposure to the sun. A relaxing and therapeutic foot and scalp massage is performed during the body envelopment, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed.

50 Mins US$90

    This traditional treatment is suited to all skin types and is especially beneficial for dry or sensitive skin. A gentle body scrub is performed using a blend of Thai herbs and flowers, followed by a body mask of fresh papaya, pineapple and cucumber to calm and moisturize the skin. Each treatment also incorporates a luxurious scalp massage, using healing and intensively nourishing hair and scalp mud.

Stone Therapy is the use of heated ‘Black Basalt’ stones to bring about total

    balance within the body. The effects are both emotional and physical as massage techniques to vital energy centers with essential oils reinforce the Holistic approach to the luxurious Over-Water Spa treatments.

    Enjoy this deep form of massage which is an art with ancient traditions. Using force on pressure points, muscles and ligaments, while stretching and bending, the spine is elongated and relieved of tension and the joints stretched. The sense of well-being, energy and flexibility brought back into your body is extraordinary.

    This traditional treatment begins with a ritual cleansing of the feet and legs. Feel the tension release from your body as you experience a deep cleansing skin polish, followed by our unique signature massage of the feet and legs, finishing with warmed towels to promote total relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Additional US$20 surcharge for each massage

    Enjoy a Jet lag Reviver, Aromatherapy, Swedish, Thai, Back & Shoulders, Oriental Scalp or Ayurvedic massage in the comfort and privacy of your own luxury villa. Our team of professional therapists will come to pamper you.

55 mins $75

    This anti-aging and firming facial includes a self heating mask which has an amazing wrinkle smoothing effect after just one session! Your skin tone is lifted, contours re-defined and plumped out like never before.

    1 hour 30 mins $135

    This provides intensive hydration for sun damaged skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. With pure, native, soluble collagen, protein rich extracts and creams, this facial softens and smooths the skin maintaining moisture balance. Incorporates the eyes, neck and lip area.

30 mins $40

    The skin around the eye area is fine & delicate and prone to premature aging due to a lack of care and external environmental factors such as pollution, stress and over exposure to the sun. This intensive eye treatment will firm and tone the eye area plumping out fine lines and wrinkles. (not recommended for puffy eyes). 1 Hour 25 Mins US$150

    This luxurious total-body treatment takes a holistic approach by promoting complete relaxation in the body and mind. Skin brushing and Exfoliation to smooth and freshen the skin is followed by an Aromatherapy Massage, using essential oils chosen to suit your individual needs. Ideal to ease away tension and to help you combat the stresses of modern day lifestyles.

25 Mins US$55

    This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines spearmint, apricot kernel oil and phytoplankton to leave the skin feeling fresh, smooth and tingling with vitality. It removes the dead skin cells revealing a glowing skin beneath. An application of nourishing body balm completes the treatment.

25 Mins US$55

    This treatment is ideally suited to dull and tired skin. Nourishing and stimulating, it will eliminate all traces of dryness, brightening your complexion and refining its texture. A glorious mix of Sesame Seed and Honey is applied to revitalize and refresh your skin.

    Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese deep healing massage. It consists of massage techniques used to stimulate acupressure points along the meridians of the body to reduce stress and fatigue. It relieves pain and promotes deep relaxation and

    emotional balance. Shiatsu increases vitality and stimulates the body’s natural healing power by pressure applied to key points on the body.

25 mins $40

    Soak yourself in a themed bath in your own private spa suite for 2. Choose from a selection of:

    Relaxing, Detoxifying, Pampering or Energising blends tailor made to your needs. Enjoy the pure Aromatherapy scents and lie back and relax.

    55 mins $75

    Enjoy this relaxing facial which is suitable for all skin types. Combining the purest essential oils, plant extracts and a cool marine algae mask, this treatment is the ultimate in pampering. The skin is left feeling smooth and vibrant when finished.

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