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23 Demo Code Release Checklist. 24 Master Checklist. 25 Gold Master Checklist. 26 Archive Checklist. 27 Patch Checklist. HIGH LEVEL GAME DESIGN


    Product Development




    -1 -


    Version History

    Version 1 Initial issue 1/7/05

Version 2 Added Corporate Governance and Tax Re-organisation

    requirements, reviewed with SOE 26/04/06

    Version 3 Revised the document 23/05/07

    Version 5 Minor additions to the process 14/07/08

Version 6 Updated to correspondent with the updated Inline process.

    Version 7 Minor additions to the process 23/02/09


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    There are many reasons for having a single coherent development procedure. Some of these


    ? To ensure we implement best practice across the business, across both sides of the

    Atlantic, to achieve predictable successful game development

    ? To ensure that appropriate checks are in place to prevent any breaches of licensing or

    legal arrangements and to ensure we conduct our development within the Corporate

    Governance rules set out by Sega Corporation.

    ? To have a vehicle to combine our knowledge into to ensure we continue to learn from

    our mistakes as well as successes, and we are always striving to continually improve

    ourselves as a world-class game development organisation.

    ? To have a structured management framework to game development, which will

    ensure that our games are of the right quality, address the marketplace we intend to,

    arrive on time and to the budget set. This management control will ensure that the

    future of Sega, and our development community is a safe and prosperous place to


    This procedure sets out to achieve these objectives.


    This process requires that a sign-off sheet is completed at each key-milestone. These being:

    ? Inline 1

    ? Inline 2

    ? Inline 3

    ? Alpha

    ? Preview Code Release

    ? Beta

    ? Master

    ? Review Code Release

    ? Gold Master

    ? Demo Code Release

    ? Archive

    ? Patch

    It is the Producers responsibility to ensure all the appropriate steps are taken to obtain the

    signatures required in a prompt and timely fashion. This process also includes a number of CONFIDENTIAL SOE/SOA 2009 - VERSION 7

    -3 -


checklists for key deliverables where these are included these must be adhered to, as this

    will be the assessment criteria for sign-off.

    In addition to the above, the following rules MUST be adhered to. Exceptions must be

    approved by the Development Director or President / COO.

    1. All milestones after Inline 3 to be approved by SOJ.

    2. No key milestone payments to be made without a completed key milestone sign-off sheet.

    3. No payment to be made to a developer without a valid contract in place. All games are

    subject to this process.

    4. No RTM allowed without Gold master checklist completed.

    5. All deliverables which are supplied (GDD/TDD/Dev schedule) must be completed and

    supplied with the key milestone sign-off sheet.

    6. Preview and review code must not be released without a completed release checklist.

    7. All key documents to be approved by SOJ (GDD/TDD/Plan).

    8. A project file must be kept for 4 years from release, which contains all key documents and

    copies of all sign-off sheets.

    9. Any material change to cost (over 1% of development costs), time or content between

    phases must have a Project Change Request Form completed and presented to PPG.


    -4 -



    ? High-level development costs / time a brief summary of estimated costs based

    upon previous games and information supplied, with assumptions list, prepared by the

    studio and supplied to the Development Director

    ? Execution Statement This document shall detail recruitment / space / studio

    requirements for next phase as per the checklist. This applies to internal studios


    ? Legal Assessment Completed by the legal department to ensure we infringe no IP or

    contractual agreements or legal precedents / laws

    ? Licensing Assessment Completed by the licensing department to ensure we do not

    breach the terms of any licensing agreements in place with Sega or any other Brand


    ? High-level game design A 6-10 page document briefly describing the game see

    checklist for contents.

    ? Game Design - Full game design document as per the checklist

    ? Technical Design A technical description of how the game will be made as per the


    ? Plan A full Implementation plan, including a Gantt chart, produced in line with the

    company planning rules see checklist

    ? Budget An estimate of all development costs, produced by the producer and finance

    ? Milestone Definition to be supplied with the plan as part of the planning rules -

    these should explicitly define what will be included in each milestone in terms of

    features / deliverables which can be tested in game.


    -5 -




    7 High-Level Game Design

    8 Developer Due Diligence Checklist

    9 Prototype Specification Checklist

    11 Game Design Checklist

    12 Technical Design Checklist

    13 Development Schedule Checklist

    14 Execution Statement Checklist

    15 Localisation Checklist

    16 Inline 1 Checklist

    17 Inline 2 Checklist

    18 Inline 3 Checklist

    19 Alpha Checklist

    20 Preview Code Release Checklist

    21 Beta Checklist

    22 Review Code Release Checklist

    23 Demo Code Release Checklist

    24 Master Checklist

    25 Gold Master Checklist

    26 Archive Checklist

    27 Patch Checklist


    -6 -



    Game Details

    Game Name & Formats:

    Completed by:



    1 Vision Statement 2 Lead SKU (Format/Territory) 3 Target Demographics 4 Age Classification (target) 5 Outline - USP’s Feature Descriptions 6 Outline - Artistic Style/Style Guide 7 Outline - Audio Style (Sound Effects, Music, Voice) 8 Outline - Synopsis of Story/Plot/Characters, Chapter Plan. 9 Outline - Environment Description 10 Outline - Core Game Description (Rules, Mechanics, Controls) 11 Outline - Level Descriptions/Maps 12 Outline - On-Line Features 13 Outline - Definition of Quality Standards (Acceptance Criteria)




    14 Draft SKU specification

    ? Formats / Platforms

    ? Geographic specific variations (e.g. Licences, legislation etc)

    15 Design Pillars

*Note: the size guide for the High-Level Game Design Document is 6 to 10 pages


    -7 -



    Game Details

    Game Name & Formats:

    Completed by:


    *Note: This applies to external development only


    No Checklist item Document


    Do they have sufficient staff for the project, if not what is their recruitment

    1 strategy is it feasible? 2 What is the team structure and size? 3 What evidence is there of adequate planning and control procedure in the studio? 4 Is there sufficient management bandwidth to ensure progress?

    Does the team have appropriate skill-set balance; is there sufficient experience 5 in the team set against the technical/creative challenge?

    Do they have the existing appropriate technology to complete the project in the 6 timescale with reasonable risk?

    List the gameography of the studio and the key team member is there sufficient 7 genre experience?

    8 What is the financial status of the developer? 9 What is their location - is it reasonably accessible? 10 List the key personnel required for the key-man clause? 11 Assess staff morale, what is the likely turnover? 12 Is proposed technology solution (A) in-house or (B) licensed?

    How many previously released titles has it been used in? 12A

    Is there a dedicated tech team? How many? 12A

    How many previously released titles has this developer used it in? 12B

    Who is the key contact with the tech supplier? 12B

    13 Has the developer worked on the required platform before? 14 Has the developer worked in this genre before? 15 Risk register has been reviewed for current project 16 Project Management methodology 17 Animation creation 18 What Localisation system is the developer familiar with 19 Provide a spreadsheet detailing committed resource for the project.

    Developer to supply standard Contract of Employment template (Copyright 20 assignment clause)

    Does the Developer plan to use sub-contract resources (If yes supply standard 21 copyright assignment document

    22 How frequently does the developer normally update the project plan 23 Has the technology solution been used in a commercial game on this platform? 24 Confirm that the developer can support sub-titles in product

    25 Does the developer have any internal QA resource?

    26 What bug tracking software has the developer used previously?

    27 Does the developer have adequate back-up and offsite storage facilities? 28 Does the proposed game include Online elements? CONFIDENTIAL SOE/SOA 2009 - VERSION 7 29 Has the developer released any game with online elements

    -8 -


    30 Has the developer released a game on the same platform(s) with online elements? 31 What matchmaking/server technology is the developer planning to use? 32 What is their location - is it reasonably accessible?

    33 What is the financial status of the developer?

    What speed internet connection is available a) download b) upload 34


    -9 -



    Game Details

    Game Name & Formats:

    Completed by:



    No Checklist item Document

    Ref 1 Describe the concept(s) / technology / gameplay we are trying to prove 2 Specify the acceptance criteria for part 1 3 Estimate the Labour / Materials / Licensing costs 4 Estimate the time required to complete the prototype (Gantt chart preferred) 5 Scope of the prototype (i.e.: Single level, car on track…) 6 State how the lessons learned in the prototype will be carried forward into the game


    -10 -

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