An introduction to English Prosody

By Terry Mason,2014-03-26 09:34
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An introduction to English Prosody

    An introduction to the Prosody of English metrical poems ? Types of verse:

     metrical verse,

    blank verse

    free verse

    nursery rhyme, 童谣

    limerick : aabba 5 lines insignificant subject matter,


? Stanza 诗节/ as paragraph to prose:

    couplet, tercet, quatrain, sestet, octave/octet

    Eg: terza rima: aba, bcb, cdc, ded...

    Octava rima: abbaabba

? Rime:

     1, perfect rime/rhyme,

    2, half/slant rime

    3, eye/imperfect rime



     If winter comes

     Can spring be far behind(

     4, double/feminine rhyme: on 2 syllables, 1st syllable stressed and

    2nd unstressed

     eg, tarry/marry, adore us/chorus

    5, Masculine rime: matching single stressed syllables

? E. Qs can be: scan the poem

    i.e. How many stanzas(

     How is each stanza like(

     The number of feet in each line(& the general meter ?

    Mark the feet and meter

     Riming/rhyming scheme(

    (marked by letters arranged in alphabetical order corresponding to the order of the changing rhymes, beginning with letter a which

    means the first rime, then b the second different rime, and then c

    d and so on)


    Specific aspects of the analysis of the form as follows: 1, capitalize each line

    2, poetic diction 诗歌用语?archaic and polished words, eg in

    Chinese line!我失骄杨君失柳 )

    3, run-on lines: no punctuation between two lines or more

    4, poetic license诗的破格(acatalexis完全诗行with no poetic license)

    truncated line 不完全诗行( with missing syllable (s) in the first foot or at the beginning part of a line),

    Catalectic line (with missing syllable (s) in the final foot)

    5, Meter and foot:

    Chinese ancient poems lay emphasis on the antithesis of 平仄,

    while English ancient poems have the stressed syllable marked

    ” and the unstressed syllable “ˇ”.

    a, The four types of Commonly used meters

     Iambus/ iambic trochee /trochaic

     anapest/ anap(a)estic dactyl /dactylic

    As in the following words:

    hello beauty bourgeoisie, beautiful

    b, The eight types of commonly used Feet

    monometer (one foot line), dimeter, trimeter, tetrameter,

    pentameter, hexameter, heptameter, octameter

    at most 24 syllables

    eg Shakespearian sonnetiambic pentameter14 lines

? two poems for your appreciation

    1 The Fly

    Little fly,

    Thy summer’s play

My thoughtless hand

    Has brushed away.//

    Am not I

    A fly like thee? Or Art not thou

    A man like me?//

    For I dance,

    And drink, and sing Till some blind hand

    Shall brush my wing.//

    If thought is life,

    And strength and breath, And the want

    Of thought is death.//

    Then am I

    A happy fly,

    If I live

    Or if I die.

    2Shakespearian sonnet:

     iambic pentameter14 lines

    four stanzas: 3 quatrains and a couplet

    riming scheme: ababcdcdefefgg .

    semantically4 units of meaning:

    Beginning, development, turn, conclusion ?起!承!转!合,]

2) ideological content, theme interpretation of the poem,,

     images interaction amid images; sound and sense;

    visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, synaesthesia;

     figures of speech .

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