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Please check (?) appropriate box to reflect your appraisal for each competency/behavior. The employee may make

    checkmarks in the boxes marked “E.” The supervisor must make checkmarks in the boxes marked “S.” Cooperation:

     Does not maintain cordial, productive Maintains cordial, productive Focuses on organizational success

    relationships with others. Focuses on relationships with others. Volunteers over individual achievement. E E E self instead of team. Puts own needs assistance. Acts as a reliable team Promotes the effectiveness, and concerns above the needs and member and contributes to and cohesiveness, and morale of the E concerns of the team. supports the efforts of the team. team. Acts as role model in S S S interactions with others. Quality and Quantity of Work:

    First-time effort regularly requires re- Works with precision and accuracy. Demonstrates highest quality E E E work. Achieves inconsistent or Achieves consistent, effective results, standards in assignments. Maintains

    ineffective results. Does not maintain even when under pressure. Maintains a high level of productivity even under adverse conditions. a consistently acceptable level of productivity standards. Is able to S S S productivity. Overall volume of increase output under stress without

    completed work is insufficient. sacrificing quality.

    Problem Solving: E E E Does not address complications or Anticipates problems/complications Demonstrates superior problem-

    solve problems independently. Makes beyond own scope of work and solving skills and addresses complex

    little effort to overcome difficulties or addresses successfully. Chooses problems and issues in an effective S S S resolve issues. even innovative manner. appropriate response to a problem


    E E E Job Knowledge:

    Does not demonstrate the knowledge Incorporates knowledge and expertise Demonstrates superior expertise and S S S or expertise necessary to perform the necessary to effectively complete knowledge in areas of responsibility

    required work. assignments with limited supervision. and strives to achieve exceptional results. E E E S S S Attendance:

    Frequently absent without advance Infrequently absent. Whenever Rarely absent. Very conscientious about not missing work. notice and/or uses most of allotted possible, plans for absences to sick time. minimize work disruptions.

Coaching and Mentoring:

     Rarely offers guidance, suggestions, Helps others to develop their Imparts knowledge and skill, offers

    or feedback in a supportive manner. capabilities, giving frequent guidance, advice and counsel, and empowers

    suggestions, and feedback. Does little to encourage autonomy others to strive for peak performance. and/or competence in others. Is dedicated to thoroughly supporting E E E the professional growth of others. Conflict Resolution and Negotiation: S S S

    Does not attempt to find agreeable Brings conflicts/disagreements to light Negotiates difficult or sensitive issues

    solutions. Becomes dictatorial or and resolves them in a cooperative diplomatically and is able to propose

    unapproachable under pressure. and agreeable manner. and promote mutually agreeable E E E solutions. S S S Management Orientation:

    Does not communicate or support Communicates and supports District Acts as role model for others in

    District policies and procedures. Does policies/procedures. Demonstrates communicating and supporting District E E E not recognize potential operational understanding of operational realities policies and procedures. Applies deep issues or problems in primary area of and uses understanding to achieve knowledge of operational strategies to

    responsibility. required results. achieve extraordinary results. S S S Second Level Review: _________________________HR: ________________________________________ Date: ______________ Please sign your name in the space provided.

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