Questionnaire for interview with GM of branch company

By Sarah Henry,2014-04-28 13:00
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Questionnaire for interview with GM of branch company

    Questionnaire for interview with GM of branch company

Interviewee ___________ Position ____________ Title__________

Opening Questions:

    ? What is your expectation for this project?

    ? Do you have any concerns regarding the implementation of this project? ? What kind of obstacles do you think we are facing?

    Specific Questions

    1. Please briefly describe your company (number of departments, geographic coverage,

    local market, competition, development potential)

    2. What are the basic functions of your company? What are the departments you have

    and their responsibilities? How does headquarters measure the performance of your

    company? How is this implemented? How do you measure your subsidiaries’


    3. Scope and layers of management in your company (how many layers of management

    do you have? How many subordinates does each manager have?) Please show us the

    organization chart of your company.

    4. Financial Status (Please provide these documents in advance) Sales revenue and

    growth rate of past 2 years, gross margin and growth rate, total expense and growth

    rate, break-even amount, taxation (do you pay tax independently or jointly with other

    companies in your group). What is your sales budget/goals for year 2001

    5. Who do you report to? How effective is the support you receive from you supervisor? 6. What is your overall view on the current compensation of employees and managers? 7. Describe your company’s goal development process; management and decision

    making process; organization structure; and, methods and performance measurement?

    How can you improve them?

    8. How do you manage customer relationships and needs?(classification, database,

    service, development, etc )

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