choice and sentences

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choice and sentences

    Revision For Junior One Choice & Sentence Transformation

    ( ) 1. America is a country ________a history ________over 200 hundred years

     A. has, with B. have, of C. with, of D. with, with ( ) 2. Will she come back ______ the end of the year?

     A. on B. at C. until D. in

    ( ) 3. Peter _______very ________when he visited the Great wall.

    A. felt, excited B. fell, exciting C. felt, exciting D. fell, excited ( ) 4. Mary wont be back _______ the end of next week.

     A. in B. until C. on D. to

    ( ) 5. Jason loves Beijing and he has visited __________ places in this city.

     A. a little B. few C. a few D. little

    ( ) 6. His birthday is on the ______day of May. My birthday is on the ______day of the may.

     A. ninethnineteenth B. ninthnineteenth

     C. ninth ninteenth D. nineth ninteenth

    ( ) 7. ---_______________ the prawn cakes?

     --- I think theyre great!

     A. How do you think B. How do you think of

     C. What do you like D. What do you think of

    ( ) 8. Its Christmas Eve. There are _________ people celebrating it on the road.

     A. two thousands B. two thousands of

     C. thousand of C. thousands of

    ( ) 9. There are different kinds of pollution in todays life. People must stop _________ the


     A. to protect B. protecting C. protection D. protect ( ) 10. There are two ______ and three ______ in the playground.

     A. Germens, Frenchmen B. Germans, Frenchmen

     C. Germen, Frenchmans C. Germans, Frenchmans

    ( ) 11. The ________are busy _______ fish in the sea.

     A. fishmen, catching B. fishermen, catching

     B. fish, to catch D. fisherman, to catch

    ( ) 12. The cake tastes __________. You have to bake it for another 2 minutes.

     A. good B. bad C. delicious D. badly

    ( ) 13. The ticket _________Jim 1000 yuan.

     A. cost B. costed B. spent D. paid

    ( ) 14. Jones asked his dad ________ her _______the homework.

     A. help, on B. to help, in C. to help, with D. help, with ( ) 15. Im really sorry for _________ the mistake.

     A. make B. making C. to make D. makes

    ( ) 16. I might be a good idea for you ________your puppy safe _________ danger.

     A. to keep, from B. to keep, in C. keeping, from D. keeping, from ( ) 17. There is _____ u, ______ s and ______e in ______word use

     A. a, a, a, a B. a, an, a, the C. an, an, an, the D. a, an, an, the


    ( ) 18. Janes friends promised _____ the kittens when Jane was away from home.

     A. took care of B. take care of C. taking care of D. to take care of ( ) 19. David is holding an apple in one of his hand and a banana in _________.

     A. other B. another C. the other D. others

    ( ) 20. _________the morning of Christmas Day, Tina arrived ________ Pudong International

    Airport ________ Shanghai.

     A. In, at, on B. On, at, in C. To, at, in D. On, at, in ( ) 21. Shanghai is ________ China.

     A. in the east B. in east of C. in the east of D. east of ( ) 22. Neither I nor Patrick ________ skilled at maths.

     A. is B. are C. am D. isnt

    ( ) 23. Tom open the bottle ________a knife.

     A. with B. by C. use D. over

    ( ) 24. Its very kind ______ you to look _______ my baby when I am busy.

     A. for, for B. of, after C. to. after D. of, up

    ( ) 25. Lets have some noodles ________ meatballs_______ dinner, _______ ________?

     A. for, for, will you B. in, with, shall we

     C. with, for, shall we D. with, for, will we

    ( ) 26. ---_____________________?

    ---He is handsome.

    A. What does he look B. What does he like

    B. How does he look D. How does he like

    ( ) 27. I __________1800 yuan for the new PSP.

     A. spent B. costed C. paid D. cost

    ( ) 28. Yesterday Jack waited ________the bus_________ for 2 hours __________ the bus stop.

     A. to, to come, in B. for, to come, at

     C. to, to come, at C. for, coming, in

    ( ) 29. Not only did I forget my passport, _________my ticket as well.

     A. but B. as C. also D. and

    ( ) 30. He can find the entrance______ the building but he cant find the exit ________it.

     A. to, with B. of, of C. to, of D. of, to

    ( ) 31. I suggest she ____________English whenever and wherever she can.

     A. speak B. to speak C. speaking D. speaks

    ( ) 32. Its great _________to have a picnic ___________ a warn winter afternoon.

     A. funny, on B. fun, in C. fun, on D. funny, in

    ( ) 33. Bake the cookies ________the oven________10 minutes _____ 200 ;C.

     A. in, for, at B. on, in, at C. with, for, in D. in, at, for ( ) 34. Jenny is _________ than she was in primary school. She smiles a lot now.

     A. more friendly B. friendlier C. more serious D. quieter ( ) 35. He is rich. He ___________any money from his family.

     A. neednt B. needs not C. neednt to D. doesnt need

    ( ) 36. ---Youd better ________indoors. Its cold outside.

     --- Id rather _________outdoors. Its boring.

     A. stay, play B. to stay, to play C. playing, play D. stay, to play


1. Our Chinese astronauts will land on the moon in 5 years.;划线部分提问;

    ________________________________________________________________________ 2. My mum goes shopping twice a week in Sunshine shopping centre. ;划线部分提问;

    _______________________________________________________________________ 3. Their food is not as healthy as our food. (同义句)

    Our food is _________ __________ _________.

    4. John got 49 in his quiz, the highest in his class.;同义句;

    John did _______ than anyone _______ in his class.

    5. Lisa used to go to work on foot, _______ ________? (反义疑问句)

    6. The CD player cost him 500 yuan. (同义句)


    He_____________________________________________________________________. 7. I did my homework carefully. I did my homework very slowly. ;同义句;

    I not only did my homework carefully, ________ _______ very slowly 8. There is little milk in the bottle, ________ ________? (反义疑问句)

    9. My sister liked apples better than bananas last year.

     My sister ______ apples__________ __________the bananas last year.

     My sister ______ apples __________ bananas last year.

    10. Jerry was 20 kilograms when he was two years old. ;划线部分提问;

    ________________________________________________________________________. 11. My brother will come back from the United States in two weeks. ;划线部分提问;

    ________________________________________________________________________. 12. I decided to go to the airport at 7:00. ;划线部分提问;

    ________________________________________________________________________. 13. I have a blue pen. Peter has a blue pen, too.

    My pen was the_________ color ______ _______.;同义句;

    14. Joe visited the Oriental Pearl Tower Last year. ;划线部分提问;

    ___________ _________ Joe visit last year?

    15. There were two bottles of milk on the counter. ;划线部分提问;



16. Paul spent three days fixing the desktop. ( it改写?句意不变)

     ________________________________________________________________________ 17. Ted drove ten miles from his company to his house. ;划线部分提问;

     ________________________________________________________________________ 18. What does Jack look like? (改变句型?保持句意?写出2)


    ________________________________________________________________________ 19. I will go to work after my son finishes his breakfast. (同义句)

    I _________go to work _______ my son finishes his breakfast. 20. Our boss William is American. ;划线部分提问;

     ________________________________________________________________________ 21. His family are coming to China on the plane. ;划线部分提问;

     ________________________________________________________________________ 22. What do you think of the movie? (同义句)

     ________________________________________________________________________ 23. This pair of glasses cost him 1000 yuan, ________ _________ (反义疑问句)

    24. I hope to pay a visit to Hainan. (同义句)

    Im _________ _________ __________ _________ a visit to Hainan. 25. Traveling by train is cheaper than traveling by air. (同义句)

    Traveling by air is ___________ __________ __________ traveling by train. 26. It will be sunny according to the radio. ;划线部分提问, 2句;


    __________________________________________________________________________ 27. I borrowed the money from Jay yesterday.;同义句;

    Jay __________ the money ________me yesterday.

    28. There are no students in the classroom. (同义句)

    There __________ _________ ________ in the classroom.


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