Questionnaire for interview with CEO

By Vanessa Alexander,2014-04-28 13:00
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Questionnaire for interview with CEO

    Questionnaire for interview with CEO

Interviewee ________________ job position____________ title______________

(note: interviewee doesn’t need to answer all of the questions, but please try to tell as much as

    you can)


A. Market Environment

    1. Domestic market current situation and future trends (total demand, total service supply,

    major products, annual investment, etc.)

    2. China Mobile’s major competitor and its market share

    3. China mobile’s major customer (customer type, income level, purchase preference, price

    acceptance, brand selection, etc.)

    4. China Mobile’s supplier (supply volume, supply capacity, purchase amount, etc.)

    5. Substitution products development (such as new telecommunication methods)

    B. China Mobile Capability 1. Major business of China Mobile

    2. Core competency of China Mobile

    3.Sales channel and sales methods of China Mobile

    4. Employee number and employee type (full time / part time), employee education background

    5. Number of management team, percentage of total employee

C. Financial Status

    1. Sales revenue and sales growth rate of past 3 years, profit and profit growth rate

    2. Please list out services according to sales revenue and profit

    3. Sales revenue and profit of each branch company

    D. Business objective and strategy

1. Company history and background (key success factors)

    2. Long term goals

    3. How does China Mobile plan to achieve the goals? What will be the key success factors in

    the future?

    4. Short term goals (3-5 years) How to achieve? What is the strategy?

    5. What is the process of setting long and short-term goals? What is the process of setting

    relevant strategy?

    6. How does China Mobile do annual planning? How to convert short-term goals to annual

    plans? How to convert annual plan to business plan for each business unit?

    7. Lessons learned in setting goals and strategies

E. Employee Satisfactory:

    1. What are major employee opinions

2. What are the major things employees feel satisfactory and unsatisfactory?

    3. Employees’ expectation to China Mobile

    4. How does China Mobile fulfill its employees needs?

F. Function design

    1. Major functions of China Mobile

    2. What are the key functions? What are the standards for defining key functions?

    3. Where do currently functions come from? How do they link with basic functions and key


    4. How is the implementation results of current function design? What are the major issues?

G. Scope and layer of management

    1. Number of direct subordinates of each level of management

    2. How many levels are there in your organization

    3. How many levels are there in your position structure?

    H. Roles and Responsibility 1. Who makes strategic decision and what is the process? How effective is the process?

    2. Who can make management decision and what is the process? How effective is the process?

    3. Who can make operation decision and what is the process? How effective is the process?

    4. Which department is cost center? Why?

    5. Which department is profit center? Why?

    6. Which department is investment center? Why?

    I. Department Setting 1. What are the departments China Mobile has now? (in headquarter, branches and other


    2. Main responsibilities of each department

    3. How is the cooperation between departments in headquarter?

    4. Are China Mobile’s current rules complete and specific enough?

    5. Are they strictly followed?

    6. How is the implementation result?

    7. Are employees satisfactory with current rules? What are the things they are unsatisfactory

    with? Why?

    J. Organization Structure: 1.Current organization structure and how did it form?

    2. Major issues of current organization structure?

    3. Suggestions to organization structure improvement

K. Management:

    1. Are roles and responsibilities clear for top management (board director, general manager)?

    2. What are the roles and responsibilities of top management and how much time do spend on

    each responsibility?

    3. What are the process of key decision making? Do you often ask for subordinates’ opinion?

    4. How many direct subordinates do you have?

5. How many levels do you have in your management structure? Do you often need to manage

    cross levels?

    6. Can subordinates get their supervisors’ guidance in time?

    7. What are the control methods and level of control? L. Other questions interviewee consider important

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