Spring Bling Caravan

By Anna Scott,2014-05-18 06:21
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Spring Bling Caravan

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, Ruta Moragh and Swingtime Ballroom proudly present

    our dancer’s paradise of baubles, bangles, beads, silk, music and MOVIES!

To start off the day, from 10 am to noon, we bring Yasmin of Serpentine Communications and Joy of

    Motion to show her excellent film:

    Join us and for a day at the movies and a look at the variety of Middle

    Eastern Dance from region to region, across three generations. From tribe to

    tribe and nation to nation, the movements and rhythms of Middle Eastern Dance

    have evolved into separate and unique dance forms. Through a compilation of the

    images these and other cameras have caught on film and video, learn to see the

    difference between Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish dance and appreciate the

    finesse of the region's greatest stars, past and present. Experience Badia

    Masabni, The origin of veil work The 19th century Ghawazee and Awalim,

    Tahia Carioka, Samia Gamal and many others!

    The cost to present this unique film is $12 in advance, or $15 at the door….paypal

    is available at, or you may call 443-421-6144 for other options…

    Entrance for shopping, however is FREE!!!!!!!!!

     Shopping hours are from 12:30pm to 4pm, prepare to shop til you Drop!

    Returning to our funfest for ballroom dancers and bellydancers alike are:

    Shadiyah is the original East Coast Distributor for Eye Kandy Glitter as well as the

    Exclusive East Coast Distributor for the Glitter Raks Line!

    Experience the latest dazzling addition to any dancers make up!

    Eye Kandy Glitter that glows from daytime to nighttime to stage!

    From eyes, lips & body shimmers, Shadiyah will present personalized consultations to enhance

    any dancers make-up!

    Be creative and discover the glitter that doesn't sweat, smear, smudge or flake off & is available in 48 original colors, plus the

    exclusive special blends of the Glitter Raks Line!

     Details and photos may be found at

     Brought to you by our own

     Independent Beauty & Wellness Consultant

     Sample the latest in natural products from Switzerland for glowing skin and a healthy body!

     Performance-quality Cosmetics

     Anti-Aging Skin Care

     Technologically advanced Vitamins and Weight Loss

     Beads and Glitter your obsession? Allow us to serve you with the finest!

     For the beauty and flow of the dance, or to enhance any costume or ensemble…………rectangles and half-circles available along

    with matched pairs, each one a unique work of art!

Also, studio Swingtime has a full line of ballroom shoes for men and women, as well as beautiful tops

    and skirts for practice or fine fashion………

There may be other surprises in store, including lovely door-prizes, performances and maybe another

    vendor or 2……………..

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