China's real Poetics migration patterns_4235

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China's real Poetics migration patterns_4235

China's real Poetics migration patterns

     Papers Words on China's realities Poetics patterns; ideology; a third form of poetry

     Abstract Chinese poetic realism, morphology, germination, began in Liang and Wang Guowei, the latter by the '54', the initial revolutionary literature, left-wing

    literature and 20th century poetry 30s popular movement, to 40 years experienced a gradual abstraction and the ideology of the migration process. China's real Poetics morphology of the development of two relatively large ones: one is the Wang Guowei -

    Hu - Literary Research Morohito - Pu Feng (half) - Zang Kejia - Ai Qing and so all the

    way, the other is the Liang - Chen Du-xiu - Early general Poetry - Creation Society

    turned writer (Kuo Mo-jo, Mu days, Feng Naichao, etc.) - Qu Qiubai, Zhou and other

    way. China's form of realism, poetry is both different from the West in ancient China also is different from the 'third poetic form'.

     Realism is a literary term originated in the West, in its creation and growth

    process has its own unique meaning. The term was introduced into China, disseminated throughout modern Chinese literature, thought, of course, also affected the modern Chinese poetry. Modern Chinese poetry has its own introduction to it a number of

    reasons, but the main thing is based on the socio-political and cultural factors. After the

    introduction, realism in modern Chinese poetry has undergone a gradual abstraction and ideology of the migration process. 'Realism 'Whether poetry destined, to today's

    modern Chinese literature and the research community there are still some doubts, but in modern poetry in it as a major or even only use at certain times in the poetics of form does exist.


     Realism as a philosophical term, the Middle Ages in the West already exists. On literary terms, European 19th-century literary critics 20 years ago the term has not yet appeared. Initially there 'realism' of this concept was in 1821 a佚名 article 'Mercury

    nineteenth century', but its significance is limited to 'imitate say' areas. 'Realism' popular in the 19th century the concept of the West 50s. 1857, art historian Champfleury published a book called 'realism' collection of essays, in its preamble that

    Balzac is the founder of realism, creative method, after which 'realism' of the term began to be widely used. In the latter half of the 19th century, Engels on literature and art are also used when the 'realism' of the concept. In 1859, he was in the 'letter

    Ferdinand Nanlasaer' first use of the concept. In 1888, in the 'letter玛哈克奈斯 ' a

    letter, he said, 'seems to me, realism means that, in addition to the real details, but also faithfully reproduce the typical environment of the typical characters' 1 . It is

    aimed at玛哈克奈斯 novel 'city girl' for the purposes of. Later, Gorky also made a definition of realism, 'for humans and the various circumstances of human life, a true description of the naked, and that's realism'. 2 Lukacs, Galloti also proposed a

    'big realism' and 'boundless realism' concept. 3

     Realism from the West, the concept of the production process point of view, realism was originally an imitation of the Western concept of narrative literature linked. Later in the period with Balzac describes social reality combines the authenticity and criticism, and also as a kind of realism and creative writing that there is a tendency. To Marx and Engels created the theory of realism, for realism, reflecting

    the typical life, nature and details of the real characteristics put forward higher requirements. Commenting on these requirements, when the novel speaks more of this genre, but apparently not a theorist, realism of this method of literary and artistic creation done stylistic constraints. In other words, realism, creative method, as a creative tendency to apply to all artistic forms. Realism, romantic pop is in the West by the rise and fall time, this creative approach as an anti-romantic tendency of thought,

    precisely in order to compensate for literary creation and the reality of social life away. It should also be noted that the process of development of realism in the traces of ideological becoming increasingly strong, the beginning, some from the academic

    literature and ontology specifications, to the 20th century, 30's, when Lukacs proposed the 'great realist' concept of time, the gradual generalization of realism in the Soviet Union and later China and even a political and only a trend toward.


     Modern Chinese Poetry in the first contact with realism, creative method is generally considered to Liang. In 1902, Liang in 'On the relationship between fiction and Gunji' a paper for the first time the use of the Western concept of the novel is

    divided into 'good to send' and 'realism' two factions. Proceeding from his analysis of human nature that the 'mortal nature of things that often the non-able to state the self-

    satisfied who are also, and this restless body, its best to touch can be affected by the

    state, but also the stubborn narrow and limited to a short Board and who want to Guchang directly in touch with its subject, the conflict have suffered somewhat indirectly, the so-called beyond the flesh of the body, the world outside the world

    also. ... ... Novels were often guided in his realm, while the changes in its regular touch those who are also often affected by the air. ' 4 This is the so-called' ideal faction

    'novel of the causes. In addition, the 'people's constant love, in its embrace of the

    imagination, through the reading of the state, often bound do not know, Xi Yan be aware of, whether as a sad, for music, for blame, for anger, for love, for startle, to worry about, to feel ashamed, often unknown, however, if the idea on why they are,

    people wishing to write their feelings-shaped mold, while the heart can not be self-

    evident, I can not be self-declared, pens can not be autobiographical. It was Yan to

    come clean and thorough disclosure of the hair, then the lovely planning, saying: Praise

    Praise and if so, the case. ' 5 This is the so-called' realism 'novels impression.

    Liang Tan's novel here first, the second is from the perspective of feeling and experience of these two groups to talk about the general view of the novel, but also far

    from being as creative methods to reach the height of literary theory.

     I think the methods and types of literature are highly conscious at the same time in the types of poetry have a clear conscious when the devaluation Wang Guowei. 1906,

    'literature, the small words' is a body of literature have a deep Wang Guowei to realize the crystallization, in this article, he had the nature of literature and its description of the type and nature of a more profound understanding, he said,' literature, there are

    two of the original quality Yan: Yue Jing, Yue situation. The first is a description of nature and life, mainly the fact that, while the latter I the fact that the spirit of such attitudes. Therefore, the former objective, which is also subjective; the former

    knowledge, which is also emotional. ... ... To the literary persons, no more than the knowledge and emotional account of the results only. ' 6 This is almost a bit like

    the West's' classical' and 'romantic', 'objective' and 'subjective' and the division of a literary genre. That same year, in the 'spirit of Qu Zi Literature' a paper, he referred not only to the views of Schiller's poetry, but also against Schiller's views put forward their own views. He said, 'poetry who were also described life. (In German, a great poet Hill gabriel [refers to Schiller - author] definitions) this definition is too narrow, this

    broader, called 'description of nature and life', may or Down? Natural human interesting, real life first, and then Nature. ' 7 This is really can be said that 54

    times' for life faction' of rebellion. The same paper, he began with poetry Fundamentally, the analysis of ancient Chinese literature, Southern literature, the distinction between the North and from this distinction, we can also see Wang Guowei's poetry type of understanding. He said, 'Poetry for the Road, both in order to describe life as a thing, but in life, non-isolation of living, while in the family, country and

    community of life. The ideal of the North were placed in the same day of the society, the

    South were ideal, then the tree on the same day outside of the community. Easy Introduction to Ming, the North sent ideal, in the conversion of the old society; the South were ideal, in the creation of a new society. ' 8 such a creative spirit from

    the perspective of a tendency to distinguish different types and regions of poetry, has some sort of modern means of creative methods. Its' the same day of the society 'and' the day outside of the community ', not that what literary works' realism' and 'ideal' the focus of this do? While the 'conversion of the old society' is precisely 54 new literature since the fundamental purpose of 'creating The new society 'is precisely the concept and reality of romantic pursuit of literature.

     54 New Literature Movement during the early poetry of the poetics of poetry at home were most inclined to realism. For example, Liu Bannong, his poetry stresses the importance of a 'real' character. In '

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