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Knitting tension: 11 sts x 15 rows = 10 x 10 cm

    Garter st: Knit all rows back and forth on needle

    Pattern: See diagram M.1. Diagram is seen from RS.

    Scarf: Remember knitting tension! Cast on 44 sts on needle size 8 mm with Eskimo. Knit 6 rows garter sts see explanation

    above. Continue as follows: 5 sts garter sts, M.1 over next 34 sts, 5 sts garter sts. Continue this pattern until piece measures approx 147 cm adjust to finish 2 rows before M.1

    is completed in height (so scarf is even on both sides). Knit 6 rows garter sts and cast off.

    Pompom: Make 8 pompoms with a diameter of approx 5 cm. Sew 4 pompoms onto each end of scarf see explanation in "School

of handcraft" on our mainpage.

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