Unit 3 Warming up Teaching Plan

By Cathy Brown,2014-03-26 07:52
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Unit 3 Warming up Teaching Plan

    Unit 3 Warming up Teaching Plan

    ?. Teaching Aims:

    1. Learn some professional information about computers.

    2. Enable the students to talk about and describe computers in English. 3. Teach the students how to make good use of the internet in order to let them have a good and right attitude towards surfing the internet.

?. Teaching important and difficult points:

     Lead the students to the right direction of using computes and the internet.

?. Teaching Process:

    1. Greeting and duty report.

    2. Lead in:

     Task 1 A game Describe and Guess

     Several pairs of students will be chosen from the whole class. Each pair has two students. One student stands on the platform with his / her back to the screen. The other one describes the thing on the screen. He / she cant use the direct words of the things to describes it. After his / her description, the student standing on the platform gives his / her own answer. Only English is allowed.

     Things to be guessed:

     notebook computer radio mp3 player internet mobile phone air-conditioner

     refrigerator plane car digital camera robot

     Task 2 Watch and Talk

     (1). Show several pictures and ask the students to use a sentence to describe it.

     Teacher takes an abacus for example.

     We have 5 pictures. When we talk about the PC, Teacher teaches the students some professional words and knowledge about computers.

     (2). Talk: What do they have in common?

     Use the following expressions:

     I think that In my opinion I believe that

     What’s your reason? Why do you think so?

     Task 3 Discussion


     (1). Have the computer and Internet become part of your life?

     (2). What can you use them to do?

     Ask the students to discuss How to make good use of the internet?


     (1). The development of the computer

     (2). The usage of the computer and the internet

?. Homework

     Preview the reading passage and underline the difficult points.

    ?. Play a funny Christmas flash to give the Christmas regards.

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