The Lion King

By Danny Lee,2014-07-19 11:03
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The Lion King

Justice and love

The view of the lion king

    The film's story begins where the previous film ended: The presentation of Simba

    and Nala's new cub Kiara. Kiara, headstrong and curious, disobeys her father and triggers a conflict that seemingly did not end with the previous film.

    The Lion King is a glorious animation that praises justice and love, castigates

    evil and conspiracy, shows respect to the principle of the circle of life, and discloses a philosophy of the whole life. After viewing the film, I would like to share my impressions of this moving animation from the notes taken in the class here. 1 .Blood is thicker than water

     This proverb is embodied thoroughly in this movie. Simba grows up with the company of his parents' love. His mother Sarabi is gentle and elegant. Although she is not mentioned frequently in the movie, but the audience can infer that Simba' s good manner is owe to her utmost care. While Simba' s father Mufasa is serious and mighty. He teaches his son skills to survive such as pouncing and principle which would

    be useful to Simba in his whole life, such as" There' s more to being a king than getting your way all the time. " " As a king, you need to understand that balance of life and respect all the creatures." " Being brave doesn’t mean looking for trouble" and so on. Once realizing Simba is in danger, Mufasa will run to rescue his son immediately. I Believe that most of whom have seen the movie will be moved by this scene: Mufasa runs to the gorge and saves Simba from being trampled to death by the stampeding wildebeests, he leaps and dodges, comes close to Simba, holds him in mouth and puts his son in a safer place. But when he claws himself up the steep cliff side and tries to get on, he is pushed back down into the gorge by Scar and died. What makes Mufasa ignore the danger coming to him and run to rescue his son? What makes the audience so moved and can' t help tearing? Yes, it is the love of Mufasa, the truly and deeply love which is willing to be given but for no feedback from a great father.

    2 .A friend in need is a friend indeed

     Simba is in a loss after his father' s death. He runs away from the pride lands and faints from exhaustion on an open plain. Fortunately, Pumbaa and Timon save him just in time. They carry Simba to a shady place and wait until the lion cub comes to,

    and then they keep Simba in their place and share their problem- free philosophy with him, just as Timon tells Simba" You should put your past behind you‖. So the phrase"

    Hakuna Matata" helps Simba to release from depression and self- condemning, and their friendship makes Simba live happily there. Then Simba' s another friend- Rafiki appears, he is glad to see Simba is still alive, but at the same time, he also hopes Simba to exert himself and take the responsibility to be the king again. So one day, Rafiki finds Simba and leads Simba deep into the forest .He helps Simba to" see" his father. The lion cub is inspired by the late king, and clears the puzzle in his heart. Rafiki also conducts Simba to find a way to future and to take his responsibility that owes to him. " The past can hurt, but the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it." Simba chooses the latter and goes back to his kingdom to challenge Scar. Surely his loyal friends-Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki-all gather to help him, just as Timon says: " If it' s important to you, we' re with you till the end." They fight bravely, and defeat the evil Scar, clear the path for Simba to be crowned king of Pride Rock at last. Conclusion can be drawn that it is the firm friendship that supports Simba, makes him feel that he is not alone, gives him strength and helps him to triumph. 3 .The spirit of looking back bravely and forward hopefully

     Before the truth uncovered, Simba thinks he himself leads to his father’s

    death .He runs out of pride land, and runs from the past as well .The voice of himself ―What would it prove anyway? It won’t change anything .You can’t change the past‖ dwelt on in his mind. But under the help of Rafiki, Simba finally knows that he doesn’t have to change the past. Since it had already happened, it’s no use to regrets doing it, the wise way is just let it be, but not forgetting the experience gained from it. So his Father’s words ―You are more than what you have become .You must take your place in the circle of life‖ rekindle in Simba a long forgotten ambition to rule, finally he faces his past bravely, gets the sense of responsibility and goes back to fight for his kingdom with the help of his loyal company .The lion king’s rough experience inspire me a lot. Surely, there are indeed many things that makes us feel painful and fearful, but once they happened, they need to be faced up instead of being avoided. What we should do is to make a deep thought and decision about how to take the next positive

step. Maybe it will takes a long, hard time to make them, but it doesn’t matter,

    because avoiding reality only means burdening one’s soul and constraining one’s

    courage. Human beings need to go ahead because there will be wilder prospects

    waiting to be explored .The past maybe heavy and gray, but the future is bound to be

    hopeful and bright-as long as you unload burden, pick up the spirit of ―laughing in the

    face of difficulty‖ and greet future positively and aggressively .So no matter how long the pain would last, you should remember not to let the pain disturb your normal and

    daily life too much, just arrange the mind and take the first step bravely, then you will

    finally conquer the difficulties and find you yourself have already stepped out of the

    gray past and stride forward into the indefinite but surely hopeful future.

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