My Advice to Pessimists

By Kenneth Bennett,2014-10-15 17:29
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My Advice to Pessimists

    My Advice to Pessimists

    Do you see the glass as half- empty rather than half- full? Actually, the way you interpret things reflects your attitude to life, optimistic or pessimistic. As to

    pessimists,they nurture a consistently negative attitude, expecting the worst of people and of situations.

    It is obvious that holding this kind of negative attitude must affect people adversely. To begin with, pessimists will accomplish less than their potential. When opportunities comes, they dont bother to acquire the skills they need to succeed just because he always thinks " I can't do this " , while actually he can, that is, pessimism will ruin chances for them to succeed. Whats more, pessimists are prone to be

    self-reclusive and lonely. They often regard themselves inferior to others and are looked down upon by others. Pessimists seem to addict to locking themselves in a dark room and sign. Last but not least, pessimists get physically sick more often. Compressed by all their nerves, they may even get mental disease and end up with suicide.

    Pessimism is a hard habit to breakbut it can be done. Here are some specific

    helpful ways to overcome pessimism:

    1. Say " Yes, I can make it. " to yourself every day. As a proverb goes, "God helps those who help themselves". Through such self-suggestion, you will gain self-assurance and courage gradually.

    2. Pay attention to your thoughts when bad things happen. Write down the first thing that come to mind. Do somethings thats contrary to any negative reactions. And

    then keep track of what happens. Were your first thoughts right or wrong? If your thoughts are holding you back, change them. Its trial and error, no guarantees, but

    give yourself a chance.

    3. Try to make friends who hold optimistic attitude. Just as a saying goes, He

    that lies down with dogs must rise up with flea , their self-acceptance will infect and

    change you imperceptibly.

    Everyone is never born to be a pessimist. Believe that fates are at the mercy of ourselves. Lets not allow pessimism to block our chances for a rich and fulfilling life.

The pessimist feels like a toy of fate and moves slowly.He doesnt seek advice, since

    he assumes nothing can be done.

Your attitude strongly reflects your outlook on life..,

    A persons self-concept is refled in the way he or she behaves, and the way a person behaves affects other peoples reactions. In general, the way people think about themselves has a profound effect on all areas of their lives. But the main disadvantages of pessimists can be summarized as followed.

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