Key Facts of the International Gas Union (IGU) and the 24th World

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Key Facts of the International Gas Union (IGU) and the 24th World ...

    th World Gas Conference (WGC) Fact Sheet of the International Gas Union (IGU) and the 24

1. International Gas Union IGU

    ; The International Gas Union (IGU) represents the most respected and prestigious opinion of the gas

    industry worldwide.

    ; Since 1931 the International Gas Union has promoted the technical and economic progress of the gas

    industry around the world, and has become the international spokesperson for the sector.

    ; From June 2006 to October 2009 the International Gas Union has been led by Argentina, under the

    Presidency of Ernesto López Anadón.

    ; The International Gas Union has extensive cooperation programmes with international organisations such

    as the United Nations, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Energy Forum (IEF), the

    World Energy Council (WEC) and the World Petroleum Council (WPC), amongst others.

    ; The activity of the International Gas Union covers all aspects of the gas value chain, comprising

    exploration and production, transmission, storage, distribution and utilisation, as well as issues regarding

    the preservation of the environment, long-term strategies, developing markets, Liquefied Natural Gas

    (LNG), Research and Development, and regional integration.

    ; For more than 3 years a multi-disciplinary taskforce made up of more than 750 experts from all over the

    world, and headed up by Roberto Brandt, President of the Coordination Committee of the International

    Gas Union, has been committed to the promotion of knowledge, information exchange and the

    preparation of concrete reference tools for decision-makers.

; Strategic Guidelines of the Triennial Work Programme 2006 - 2009:

    1. The Global Energy Challenge: Reviewing the Strategies for Natural Gas towards 2030

    2. Contribution of the Natural Gas Industry, in terms of Security of Supply, Safety and Environment

    3. Regional Gas Market Integration, as a Key Driver for Sustainable Economic Growth

2. The World Gas Conference WGC

    ; Since 1931, the International Gas Union has been organising the World Gas Conference (WGC) every

    three years, and is taking place in Latin America for the first time.

    ; The World Gas Conference has become the most important international meeting of the sector, reflecting

    the cultural and social diversity, the economic relevance and the environmental impact of the gas


     th; The 24 World Gas Conference has been declared of National Interest by the Presidency of Argentina, of

    Tourist Interest by the National Tourism Secretariat, and of Municipal Interest by the Government of the

    City of Buenos Aires.

    ; The Organising Committee of the Conference, which has been led by Eduardo Ojea Quintana, has

    received the active support from 24 sponsor companies that are leaders in their field in Argentina.

    ; The leading executives and experts of the natural gas industry will meet in Buenos Aires to present their

    vision of the business, to debate and share information about the latest technologies and best practices,

    and to propose strategies for the growth and sustainable development of natural gas.

    ; The Conference will have the following Keynote Speakers:

    o Antonio Brufau, Chairman & CEO, REPSOL YPF and Vice President, GAS NATURAL SDG

    o Maria das Graças Silva Foster, Director of Gas & Energy, PETROBRAS

    o Faisal M. Al-Suwaidi, Chairman & CEO, QATARGAS OPERATING COMPANY LTD

    o Alexey B. Miller, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Management

    Committee, GAZPROM

    o Bernhard Reutersberg, CEO, E.ON RUHRGAS

    o Norio Ichino, Chairman, THE JAPAN GAS ASSOCIATION

    o George Kirkland, Executive Vice President, Global Upstream & Gas, CHEVRON CORPORATION

    o Jean-François Cirelli, Vice Chairman & President, GDF SUEZ

    o Christophe de Margerie, Chairman & CEO, TOTAL

    o Tan Sri Hassan Marican, President & CEO, PETRONAS

    o Tony Hayward, Group Chief Executive, BP

    o Thomas E. Skains, Chairman, AMERICAN GAS ASSOCIATION

    o Azizollah Ramezani, Deputy Minister & Managing Director, NATIONAL IRANIAN GAS COMPANY

    o Marcel P. Kramer, Chairman of the Executive Board & CEO, GASUNIE

    ; On Wednesday 7 October, under the coordination of Noé van Hulst, Secretary General of the th World Gas Conference will host a Strategic Panel with the International Energy Forum (IEF), the 24

    maximum energy authorities from key gas-producing and gas-consuming countries: o ALGERIA Chakib Khelil, Minister of Energy & Mines

    o ARGENTINA Julio de Vido, Minister of Federal Planning, Public Investment & Services o BRAZIL João José de Nora Souto, Deputy Secretary of Oil, Natural Gas and Renewable Fuels,

    Ministry of Mines and Energy

    o EUROPEAN UNION Jean-Arnold Vinois, Head of Unit, Energy Policy & Security of Supply,

    European Commission DG for Energy & Transport

    o JAPAN Issei Hatakeyama, Director, Gas Division, Agency of Natural Resources & Energy, Ministry

    of Economy

    o RUSSIA Valery Yazev, Vice Chairman, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian

    Federation and President, Russian Gas Society

    o TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Conrad Enill, Minister of Energy & Energy Industries

    o UNITED KINGDOM Phil Hunt, Minister of State, Department of Energy & Climate Change

    o USA - Richard G. Newell, Director General / Administrator, Energy Information Agency (EIA), US

    Department of Energy

    3. Key Facts

    3.1. The International Gas Union (IGU)

; As of October 2009 IGU will have 120 members (comprising national associations, corporations and

    affiliated organisations) from 74 countries across all continents.

    ; During the Argentine Presidency (2006 2009), IGU developed its work through 11 Technical

    Committees, made up of more than 750 experts from all over the world.

     th World Gas Conference (WGC, Buenos Aires, 5 - 9 October 2009) 3.2 The 24

; Number of registrations:

    o Conference: 2439 from 81 countries

    o Accompanying Persons: 342

    o Journalists: 164

; Exhibition:

    o Number of companies in the Exhibition: 270, from 81 countries

    o Number of Argentine companies present in the Exhibition: 91

    ; Number of Argentine companies sponsoring the Conference: 24

; Conference activities:

    o 14 Keynote Addresses

    o 4 Luncheon Addresses

    o 9 Strategic Panels

    o 42 Technical Sessions

    o 120 Poster Sessions

; During the Argentine Triennium, and in line with the Strategic Guidelines of the 2006 2009 Work

    Programme, the following publications on topics of public interest have been prepared:

    o 11 Committee Reports from the following Committees:

    ; Exploration & Production

    ; Storage

    ; Transmission

    ; Distribution

    ; Utilisation

    ; Sustainable Development

    ; Strategy, Economics & Regulation

    ; Developing Markets

    ; Liquefied Natural Gas

    ; Gas Market Integration

    ; Research & Development

    o 5 Special Projects:

    ; Natural Gas Industry Study to 2030: Enabling Solutions for Energy Demand and

    Environmental Challenges

    ; Natural Gas: Unlocking the Low Carbon Future

    ; Proposed IGU Guidelines for Gas Market Integration

    ; Best Practices of the Natural Gas Industry

    ; IGU Energy Efficiency Indicators: Conservation and Efficiency are the New Sources of


    ; Number of Abstracts received: 692 (record number for IGU)

    ; Number of Papers approved for presentation: 340, from 51 countries

    ; The following Prizes will be awarded during the Conference:

    1. Energy Efficiency Award

    2. Social Gas Award

    3. Best Practice Awards

    4. Best Paper Awards

    5. Photography Contest: 150 photos were received from IGU member company employees, from a

    total of 28 countries

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