Teaching Plan for More Practice in Unit 3

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Teaching Plan for More Practice in Unit 3 ...

    Teaching Plan for More Practice in Unit 3

    广州市第二中学 劳晓静




    1. 通过有交际意义的听说读写等活动,进一步巩固本单元所学的比较级内容。 2. 通过拓展阅读练习,指导学生运用一定的阅读理解学习策略,培养阅读微技能,如!跳读,扫读等。

    3. 拓展与本单元computer相关的internet话题,引导学生树立正确使用互联网的意识。 本节与上节相关性分析!

    Listening比较desktoplaptop部分在有交际意义的背景下,不仅复习了本单元语法--比较级的用法,也承接了本单元Reading的话题。在本节课的reading tasks的文章中也重复出现了比较级。InterviewDiscussion部分要求学生综合运用本单元已学的信息和自身背景图式相联系,表达自己的观点。


    步骤 目的 教师活动 学生活动 条件/手段

    Stimulate Show the doll of Recognize CJ7 and

    students interest CJ7 which is the decide whether to

    and pave the way alien dog in the film help it or not.

    for the following CJ7 and tell Ss it Show the doll 1. Leading-in activities. wants to ask them of CJ7 (1 min) for help because

    they know about

    computer and


    To review 1. Tell Ss CJ7 wants 1. Listen to a

    comparative to buy a computer conversation

    degrees Ss have but it is not sure between a

    learnt in previous whether it should salesman and CJ7 lessons while buy a desktop or a comparing laptops extending the laptop. Ask Ss to and desktops. topic.

    2.Listening listen to a 2. Present their Show pictures

    of a laptop and task conversation ideas using

    a desktop. (4 mins) between a salesman comparative

    and CJ7. degrees if possible.

    2. Before listening,

    remind Ss of the

    listening skill in

    taking down notes



    3. Compare laptops

    and desktops and

    lead Ss to use


    degrees. Write down

    the comparative

    degrees they have

    used for emphasis

    on the blackboard.

    Lead to the new Tell Ss CJ7 wants to Guess the meaning topic-internet. test them on how of some network

    much they know words and answer

    about internet. Ask the questions.

    Network words 3. Pre-reading Ss to guess the

    on PPT (2 mins) meaning of some

    network words and

    answer the

    questions in Part C

    on P46.

    1. Guide Ss to 1. Ask Ss to go 1. Go through a note skimming through a passage passage and scanning downloaded by CJ7 downloaded by skills. from a BBS quickly CJ7 from a BBS 2. Get enough and work out a quickly and work input on the topic subtitle for each out a subtitle for and get ready for

    part. Before reading, each part. the output tasks. 4. Reading Supplementary remind Ss of 2. Decide whether reading tasks skimming skills. the statements material (7 mins) 2. Ask Ss to decide made by CJ7 are T

    whether the or F.

    statements made by

    CJ7 are T or F.

    Before reading,

    remind Ss of

    scanning skills.

    1. Draw output 1. Ask Ss to write 1. Write down the

    5. Speaking from the reading down the advantages and tasks. New words on and writing advantages and disadvantages of 2. Establish a blackboard task disadvantages of the the Internet and correct attitude (13 mins) Internet and give give advice to CJ7 towards internet.


    advice to CJ7 on on how to use how to use computer properly.

    computer properly. 2. Have an

    Then Ss have an interview with interview with each others about their other. opinions.

    2. When Ss present 3. Present their their ideas, T writes ideas.

    down the main

    points on the


    3. Guide Ss to

    conclude how we

    can use internet


    1. Deepen Ss 1. Ask Ss to work in 1. Work in groups

    understanding of groups to figure out to figure out the

    the topic by the steps people take steps people take

    connecting to when they log onto when they log onto their daily life. the internet. the internet. 2. Provide Ss 2. Ask Ss to work in 2. Work in groups with the

    groups to discuss to discuss the opportunity to

    the information information about use English

    about the website the website they comprehensively.

    they have found have found before before the class. the class. Select

    6. Speaking Select and and recommend Some gifts for

    the best task recommend the best the best website in

    reporter. (11 mins) website in their their group to CJ7 group to CJ7 based based on the rules on the rules agreed agreed just now.

    just now. 3. Present by using 3. Ask some groups the computer to to present by using log onto the the computer to log internet and onto the internet and introducing the introducing the website to CJ7.

    website to CJ7.

    Select the best



    and award gifts.

    Consolidate what Sum up what Ss Sum up what Ss

    Ss have learnt in have learnt in this have learnt in this

    this lesson. lesson and what lesson and what 7. Conclusion Show on PPT attitude they should attitude they (0.5 min) bear towards the should bear

    Internet. towards the


    Help Ss to reflect 8. Assessment 1. Get Ss to reflect Fill in the

    on their Self-assessment and on how they behave Self-assessment

    performance in form assignment in this lesson. form.

    this lesson. (1.5 mins) 2. Give assignment.


    1. CJ7 wants to buy a computer, so it went to the Tianhe Computer Centre to have a

    look. Listen to a conversation between CJ7 and a salesman and compare the two

    kinds of computers in the table below.

     Desktop Laptop

    Popularity (1)__________________ (2)__________________

    Price (3)?________________ (4)?________________

     (5)__________________ (6)__________________

    Size (7)__________________ (8)__________________

    Manufacturing easier to make more difficult to make

    Weight (9)__________________ (10)_________________

    According to the conversation and in your opinion, which kind of computer is more suitable for CJ7? Why?

2. Reading material

    The History of the Internet


    A research team in the USA first had the idea of linking computers together in the 1960s. They wanted computers in universities, research departments and the military to communicate with each other and share information. At that time, computers were bigger than fridges. People could not move them easily. Computers were also complicated and difficult to use.

    Slowly, more and more people started to link their computers together. Then businessmen started to use the Internet too. Today, people all over the world are using the Internet.



    There is a wide range of services on the Internet. For example, we can use it to communicate with other people. The most popular way to communicate is through electronic mail, or e-mail. We can also use services such as MSN messenger or

    Skype. We can use these services to send instant messages to people near or far away.

    The Internet allows us to use the World Wide Web (also known as WWW or the Web). The Web is many connected pages of information. We can use the Web to read news and learn about our favourite sports stars or singers.

    The Internet has changed our lives. Now we can contact the whole world with the computers in our homes.

    I. Read the text quickly and help CJ7 give a subtitle for each part.

    II. Decide whether the statements made by CJ7 are T (true) or F (false). 1. A research team first tried to create a network in the 1960s to enable the whole

    world to share resources with each other.

    2. Computers in the 1960s were very large and difficult to use.

    3. Fewer and fewer people are willing to use the Internet because it is so


    4. There are not many different ways to communicate on the Internet. 5. Sending e-mail is the most popular way for people to communicate on the


    6. Through MSN, people all over the world can communicate with each other at the

    same time.

    7. The Web enables people to learn more about the world.

    3. Tell CJ7 the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet and give advice on how to use the Internet properly in our daily life.

    My opinion

    Advantages Disadvantages

My advice to CJ7:


    Interviewees opinion

    Advantages Disadvantages

Interviewees advice to CJ7:

4. Conclusion

    As the saying goes, Every coin has two sides. The Internet has its advantages

    and disadvantages. It makes a more colorful world for us and brings some problems at the same time. What we should do is to avoid the bad effects and try our best to make it a better servant for human beings.

5. Self-assessment form



1.对课堂的内容感兴趣,积极投入 1 2 3 4 5

    2.能听明白老师用英语讲述的内容并作出反应 1 2 3 4 5

    3.能积极主动回答老师提出的问题 1 2 3 4 5

    4.能积极参与活动,乐于模仿,敢于开口 1 2 3 4 5

    5.能与小组成员合作,共同完成各项任务和活动 1 2 3 4 5

    6.善于思考,能主动表达自己不同的观点 1 2 3 4 5

    7.能积极运用所学的知识于情境中 1 2 3 4 5

    8.能顺利完成各项任务,有满足感 1 2 3 4 5

6 Assignments

    ? Write an email to CJ7. Give suggestions on how to make use of the Internet properly and introduce the website you recommend in 120 words. Its email address is

    ? Finish the Ex on P46-47 in Book B.

    ? Preview B2 on P46 in Book A, which will be discussed in next period.


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