Seriesse International offers a full line of targeted skin care, a

By Tiffany Walker,2014-05-18 04:25
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Seriesse International offers a full line of targeted skin care, a

Seriesse International offers a full line of targeted skin care, a full line of treatment make-up and also

    Health and Wellness products. Here is a sample of some of our best selling products:

    Insta-tox Your skin will look 10 years younger… our alternative to botox! Our special formula

    firms, contours and improves facial definition and erases wrinkles by providing facial-firming,

    wrinkle-smoothing results that keeps working until you wash it off. Within minutes your

    complexion will look noticeably younger and energized. This product also has “muscle memory”,

    the more you use it, the better the results. Excellent spot treatment for crows feet, furrow between

    the brows, forehead lines and lip lines. Need an Insta-tox moment? A more youthful look is at

    your fingertips!

    C-Extreme Get the glow with our 2 step resurfacing treatment. C-Extreme rapidly

    exfoliates the skin with a power shot of Vitamin C. Your skin will feel incredibly soft and

    smooth after just one application. Not all Vitamin C creams are alike! We use Vitamin C

    esters which are extremely stable so you know what you put on your skin is actually working!

    Offers increased brightening and clarity, stimulates collagen activity, has a higher and deeper

    skin penetration rate and helps increase skin’s thickness.

    FIRMesse An all-over firming facial serum that gives the appearance of a face lift in real time.

    Seriesse International has taken full advantage of the most recent scientific understanding of anti-

    wrinkle, anti-aging and skin tightening technology and the proof is in the bottle! FIRMesse

    incorporates skin-mimicking proteins and new polymer technology. Instantly see a smoother,

    satin-like finish and feel the all over skin lifting effects as the flexible firmers gently tighten loose

    skin and enlarged pores. Over time your skin will visibly benefit from the hydro retaining

    properties and you will notice the look of your skins elasticity improving.

    ALL of our skincare products contain NVesse 24 (except the cleansers), a unique blend of ingredients that creates a breathable moisture barrier between the environment and your skin. This invisible shield lasts up to 24 hours to help

    protect the skin from environmental aggressors and helps the active and beneficial ingredients sustain their integrity once


    Essential Green Tea A delicious and energizing way to boost the antioxidant and cell protecting

    value of your favorite beverage. Each 2 oz. bottle supplies the health benefits of 240 cups of green

    tea! All three flavors contain the superfood Acai Berry for additional antioxidant protection. One

    full dropper to your favorite beverage is all you need. Most people who use it say they have

    significantly increased their water consumption. Add it to your client’s water, they will love it!

    No refrigeration required. Also, contains decaffeinated green and white tea leaf extract, aloe vera

    leaf gel with no calories or sugar added!

     Seriesse promotes beauty from the inside out. Whatever your skin type or challenge, we have a solution for you.

    Contact me for more information about our product line and how you can bring these top of the line, unique

    products to your salon.

Charmaine Sutton - Independent Consultant, Seriesse International 727.804.0302

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