Dear friends and partners from all over the world, the World

By Gordon Lopez,2014-08-13 09:23
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Dear friends and partners from all over the world, the World ...

    Dear friends and fair trade partners from all over the world, World Social Forum is back! As Fair and LiberoMondo we want to invite you to join the event and facilitate your participation to this so important process.

    Millions of women and men, organizations, networks, movements, trade unions from all thparts of the world the January 26 will act together all around the globe. Because another world is possible

    The World Social forum is an important part of our movement. Peoples’ movements everywhere have received energy and support from the World Social Forum process since 2001 in Porto Alegre, through London, Florence, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Karachi, Caracas, Delhi, Nairobi and many other places all over the globe.

    Fair trade movement have been always present and represent an important economic, trading and social alternative that we can ad we have to propose to all that people that is seeking and struggling for the other worlds possible. Fair trade, in fact, is an effective tool tool to reduce poverty, so important for millions of people. But Social Forum has been and is , for Fair and LiberoMondo, an open space to ask and discuss what challenges and opportunities do producers and Fair trade organisations face in the Global South and in the North, but also how does fair trade compete in a unequal and free-market driven world, maintaining its core social and economic values.

    WSF 2008 is going to be an international Global Day of Action and Mobilisation on 26 January 2008, when the global corporations and business elite meet in Davos, Switzerland. This would consist of small decentralised and simultaneous activities conducted regionally and/or locally all across the world.

    The focus of the international visibility of movements and events will be the website that have a map on which organisations across the world will

    announce their existence, their various actions, for the information of everyone else. [Fair] is in charge to facilitate the international press pool which will coordinate stseveral joint press conferences the 21 of January all over the world. At the moment

    it’s confirmed that we will have it in Atlanta, Mumbay, Geneva, Bruxelles, Roma, Rio De Janeiro,

    We’ll launch together with LiberoMondo in those same days a peculiar fair trade

    space at the link

    Participate and mobilize with us, step by step

1. Sign the international call and send us your feedback

    In attachment you’ll find the international call to action for WSF 2008. Send your signature at and and we will publish it together

    with news and actions at the link Check there to

    have a first list of events organised around the world.

2. Put your organisation and activities on the international website

    Any group, organisation or movement can present actions on the WSF website. Actions can be proposed by one or by several organisations together. It's not necessary to have

    your program for January 26th already set. Proposed actions and preparatory meetings can also be presented. The idea behind the website is to provide an easy way of putting potential participants in actions in contact with each other, making it possible to build powerful and visible actions for WSF 2008.

    Find at the link how to use the WSF international


3. Become your own media

    Film your activities and engagement in the WSF 2008 action day. We’ll put those videos in

    our website and help you to be visible in the global website.

4. Participate to the international press pool

    Monica Di Sisto from [Fair] is in charge to be the contact person facilitating the international press pool. Please write to her at the address to be

    involved in the weekly press pool skype chat, to send her infos about activities a and (if it’s

    possible) to be linked as local press conference to the contemporary (even possible) global press conference.

Feel free to propose any other question, issue, joint action, we’ll be happy to support you.

    In attachment, and in our website following the link

    you’ll find the global call in several languages.

All the best, keep in touch and have a special New Year’s Day

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