List of EU-FP Projects with Taiwanese Participants

By Terry Rivera,2014-05-28 16:41
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List of EU-FP Projects with Taiwanese Participants

    Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate


    Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering / National Cheng-Kung University

     國立成功大學水利及海洋工程學系/ 高家俊教授

    , Russia Federation, United States, Netherlands,

    China, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Ukraine, United Subsidy by Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, Mexico, Greece, Latvia, NSC


     European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects


     National Taiwan University

     台灣大學公衛學院 / 詹長權教授 經驗分享

    ; Sweden, Fraqnce, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Subsidy by Hungary, Taiwan, Greece, Norway, UK, Spain, Denmark, NSC Switzerland, Finland

     Enabling grids for E-Science-III


     Academia Sinica

     研院物理所 / 林誠謙教授

    , Israel, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Subsidy by etc.90 organizations. NSC

    Health system analysis to support capacity development to respond to pandemic influenza in ASIA



     疾病管制局 / 郭旭崧局長

    ; Indonesia, Germany, Taiwan,VietNam, Contacting Thailand, Netherlands

    Towards a common e-Science infrastructure for the European and Asian grids


     Academia Sinica


    ; Malaysia; Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines,

     Singapore; Australia; France; Taiwan; UK; Czech Contacting


    A System for Mining, Structuring, and Distributing Knowledge Across Languages and Cultures

    知識本體驅動的跨語言知識整合與衍生 - 以環保生 態領域為例

     Academia Sinica

     中研院語言所 / 黃居仁教授

    Subsidy by ; Italy; Germany; Spain; Japan NSC

    Main Uses of the Grey mullet as Indicator of Littoral environmental changes

     Institute of Fisheries Science, National Taiwan University

     台灣大學漁科所 / 曾萬年教授 經驗分享

    , South Africa, Greece, Taiwan, Spain, Benin, Subsidy by Mexico, Senegal NSC

    Re-configurable Multimedia Networking Terminal Technology for MAGNET Beyond

     Dept. of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University

     台灣大學電子所 / 陳光楨教授

    , Japan, Netherlands, India, China, Finland, Subsidy by Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Greece, NSC Italy, Austria, Belgium

    Augmented Reality in Surgery, Research Training Network for Minimally Invasive Therapy Technologies

     Dept. of Mechanic Engineering , National Cheng-Kung University

     成功大學機械系 / 朱銘祥教授

    Subsidy by , UK, Netherlands, Slovenia NSC

     Enabling grids for E-Science-II

     Academia Sinica

     中研院物理所 / 林誠謙教授

    , USA, Crotia, Korea, Austria, Hungary,

    Germany, France, Russian, Sweden, Netherland, Belgium, Subsidy by Spain, Itay, UK, Taiwan, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, NSC Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, Poland, Denmark,

    Czech, Norway, Cyprus, Ireland, Isreal

     Coordination Action of the European Network of

     Territorial Intelligence

     University of Thungai

     東海大學 / 蔡瑞明教授

    , Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Subsidy by Romania, Taiwan NSC

     Getting more Asian Participants involved in IST Calls

     National Science Council

     國科會 / 國合處

    Subsidy by , Tailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia NSC

    International Structural Assessment Monitoring and Control

    National Center for Research on Earthquaking Engineering, National Applied Research Laboratories

     國研院國家地震工程研究中心 / 蔡克銓主任

    , Italy, Czech, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Subsidy by France NSC

     for Marie Curie Action Plan, EU

     Academia Sinica, Taiwan

     中研院原分所 / 劉國平研究員

    Subsidy by EC NSC

    coordinated by Centre of Infectious Disease, Leiden University, the Netherlands

    Pei-Jer Chen/NSC, DoH, Academia Sinica and NHRI, Taiwan

    台灣大學醫學院, 中研院, 國衛院 / 陳培哲教授

    , Taiwan, Hong-kong, Belgium, Switzerland, France,

    Germany, UK, China

     coordinated by ERCIM, EU

    Dept. Engineering Science & Ocean Engineering, National Taiwan University

     台灣大學工程科學所 / 許文翰教授

    USA, Crotia, Korea, Austria, Hungary, Germany, France,

    Russian, Sweden, Netherland, Belgium, Spain, Itay, UK, Subsidy by Taiwan, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, NSC Turkey, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Czech, Norway,

    Cyprus, Ireland, Isreal

    (Micro-organisms Sustainable use and Access

     management Integrated Conveyance System), coordinated by BCCM, UCL, Belgium.

     Food Industry Research and Development Institute, Taiwan

     ()食品工業研究所 / 廖啟成副所長 經驗分享

    , Japan, Thailand, France, Japan, Germany, Peru, Subsidy by Netherlands, UK, Slovenia, Switzerland, Morocco, Korea, NSC Taiwan

    MUltimedia Framework For Interoperability in Secure (MPEG-21) environments

     Industrial Technology Research Institute


     , USA, Belgium, UK, Slovenia, Taiwan, Germany

    The Innovative Rights and Access Management Inter-platform Solution

Industrial Technology Research Institute


, Israel, France, UK, Germany, Slovenia

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