Teaching plan in Xiamen University

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Teaching plan in Xiamen University

    Course Syllabus (Tentative)

    Teaching Plan in Xiamen University

    2005 暑期课

    课程名称 IT项目管理与CMM概论》

    Course Title: IT Project Management & Introduction to CMM

教授姓名 刘燕权/ Dr. Yan Quan Liu

    单位 美国南康涅狄格州立大学

    职务学籍 终身教授, 博士

    电话 203-392-5763 传真 203-392-5780 Email

    通信地址 School of Communication, Information & Library Science

    Southern Connecticut State University

    501 Crescent St., Buley 404

    New Haven, CT 06515, USA


    620-24, 每日上午4课时 2 学分 (课时 20







    Course Outline:

    1. “IT Project Management”-School Education in the US

    2. IT Management Challenges, SDLC & Successes

    3. IT Project Management Systems/

    4. IT Project Management Organization/

    5. IT Projects & Project Analysis/

    6. IT Project Management Tools/

    7. Introduction to CMM (Capability Maturity Model)

    8. CMM & IT Servers

Course Description:

    The ability to manage information technology projects efficiently and

    productively is a high priority for many companies. Good project managers are in

    high demand. This course will introduce project management principles and

    methodology. Focuses will be on critical issues in preparation of proposals for

    technical specifications in information technology especially in software projects.

    Main project management knowledge areas will be covered: project integration,

    scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, and

    procurement management. Overview of project management tools includes

    standards for information technology, technical documentation, interface

    requirement specification, software design description, database design

    description as well as planning.

    Process improvement is essential to continual delivery of high-quality products.

    The CMM (Capability Maturity Model) describes a framework which

    organizations can use to determine their ability to develop and maintain software;

    it is a model for organizational improvement. The concepts, historical

    development, significance, components, and related issues of MM will be

    introduced in conjunction of IT project development.

    The course is a seminar devoted to term project based and requires active


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2002. 信息技术项目管理概论. 清华大学软件学院

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