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Topics included high-level design considerations, performance optimization, code size, and garbage collection issues. Developed code review checklists to


    OBJECTIVE A dynamic and challenging opportunity to apply my broad set of knowledge, skills, and experience, and

    deliver innovative software technology that enhances peoples’ lives

    SUMMARY ? Over 14 years of real-world experience developing embedded software for a variety of

    platforms and languages including C, C++, and Java

    ? Highly-skilled in the design and development of graphics and user interface software,

    regarded as a Java technology expert in the mobile device industry

    ? Proven leadership skills coupled with strong business acumen

    ? Excellent communication skills; published author and experienced public speaker ? Broad engineering competency and innovative problem-solving skills

    EXPERIENCE Motorola, Inc. Chicago, Illinois

    Principal Staff Experience Engineer, November 2008 - present

    ? Provide technical leadership and architectural guidance for a team of software developers

    and designers to expedite and de-risk the development of new user experiences for the

    Android and Adobe Mobile Client platforms. Evaluate new technologies to understand their

    implications on user experience design and implementation methodologies. Assist platform

    and product teams with the productization of new user experience technologies and


    Motorola, Inc. Libertyville, Illinois

    Principal Staff Software Engineer, September 2003 November 2008

    ? Key contributor to the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 3.0 Java technology

    specification; appointed as specification sub-lead responsible for the timely development

    and adoption of new graphics and user interface features. Led technical discussions to

    achieve Expert Group consensus on scope, requirements, architecture, and API design.

    Leveraged strong negotiating skills to ensure alignment of the specification with Motorola’s

    goals and objectives. Worked closely with test and reference implementation teams to

    ensure testability and viability of the specification. Recipient of several Motorola Standards


    ? Developed an innovative mechanism that allows Java applications to include native code on

    mobile devices (U.S. patent pending). Feature allows application developers to provide

    optional native implementations of performance-critical code while preserving bytecode

    compatibility on all devices. Prototyped the feature by modifying the CLDC RI and CLDC HI

    Java virtual machines in C and C++ to demonstrate feasibility and quantify performance

    gains on mobile device hardware.

    ? Appointed as the chair of a company-wide architecture committee for Context Awareness

    (CA). Worked with representatives from all Motorola business units to develop a high-level

    architectural strategy to ensure seamless CA interoperability across Motorola’s product lines.

    Utilized the committee as a means of fostering broader cooperation and collaboration for

    all aspects of CA technology.

    ? Initiated and directed the evaluation of The Astonishing Tribe’s user interface technology.

    Responsibilities included contract negotiations, project management, prototype

    development, coordination with other groups within Motorola, and software performance

    evaluations. Worked closely with Business Development team on company valuation and

    make/buy analysis. Evaluation findings led to the subsequent licensing and use of TAT

    technology in numerous Motorola handsets including the high-end AURA model. ? Lead UI software architect for JUIX, an advanced mobile platform based on Linux and Java

    technologies. Responsible for the development of a complete application framework to

    provide advanced user interface features including animated transitions, alpha blending,

    skinning, predictive text entry, and localization. Platform utilized numerous open source

    components including GTK, GDK, DirectFB, and SWT. Directed remote software

    implementation teams in Mountain View, CA, and Beijing, China. Developed close

    collaborative relationships with user experience design teams to ensure the alignment of

    software architecture with user interaction paradigms and media requirements; drove the

    adoption of cross-functional processes to reduce time to market and improve quality.

Principal Staff Software Engineer, November 2000 September 2003

    ? Led engineering team that developed graphics and user interface portions for i.JV,

    Motorola’s mobile Java runtime implementation. Delivered fully-compliant

    implementations of the MIDP 2.0 APIs for graphics, user interface, and gaming. Developed a

    compact and highly-portable C graphics library to provide low-level rendering and image

    decoder functionality. Created a porting layer to maximize portability across a variety of

    operating systems and display hardware while delivering optimal performance on

    constrained devices.

    ? Assisted product groups with the deployment of i.JV on a variety of hardware and software

    platforms including the Motorola i85s, A008, i95cl, and T720 handsets.

    ? Represented Motorola’s interests in several standard groups within the Java Community

    Process including MIDP 2.0 and Mobile 3D Graphics; served as specification lead for the

    Game API portion of MIDP 2.0.

    ? Co-authored the second edition of Programming Wireless Devices with the Java 2

    Platform, Micro Edition with five other industry experts from Motorola, Sun Microsystems

    and Nokia. Presented numerous technical sessions on graphics, user interface, and game

    programming at several developer conferences including JavaOne.

    ? Lead architect for Motorola’s J2ME Game API. Developed APIs and a corresponding

    reference implementation for constrained wireless devices. Worked with test groups to

    develop compatibility test suites, and assisted product groups with implementation and


    Staff Software Engineer, March 1999 November 2000 ? Designed and developed the Lightweight Windowing Toolkit (LWT), a set of high-level APIs

    that enhance the user interface capabilities of MIDP-enabled devices. Coordinated various

    engineering and test groups to develop the APIs, developer documentation, reference

    implementation, sample applications, emulator tools, and compatibility test suite. Assisted

    product groups with the deployment of LWT on Java-enabled handsets such as the A008,

    T720 and i95cl.

    ? Contributed low-level graphics APIs to the MIDP 1.0 Expert Group including the Graphics,

    Font and Image classes. Assisted with the development of the high-level user interface APIs

    and application life-cycle.

    ? Created and taught training courses on the development of highly-optimized Java code for

    constrained devices. Topics included high-level design considerations, performance

    optimization, code size, and garbage collection issues. Developed code review checklists to

    promote consistency and reliability of the code.

    ? Developed an adaptive scheduler to minimize the perceived impact of garbage collection on

    a constrained device (U.S. Patent 6,349,314).

    Senior Software Engineer, April 1998 March 1999 ? Designed and developed an AWT-based application framework for a Java-powered smart

    phone. Worked with application development teams to develop requirements and evolve

    the framework to facilitate additional application features as needed.

    ? Developed a series of Java-based applications and games.

    Software Engineer, March 1997 April 1998 ? Designed and developed several core applications for a Java-powered smart phone. Worked

    with marketing groups to develop use cases and requirements. Worked with human

    interface design team to develop user interface specifications and evaluate designs through

    controlled user testing.

    United Parcel Service, Research & Development Danbury, Connecticut

    Software Engineer, June 1994 February 1997

    ? Designed and developed Trackpad, a pen-based mailroom system for package tracking and

    delivery verification (U.S. Patent 6,285,916). System utilized a fleet of Apple Newton PDAs

    to gather internal delivery information and reconcile it with package arrival data uploaded

    to a Windows desktop. Software was developed using NewtonScript, Visual Basic, and C.

    ? Designed and developed pen-based applications for zip code verification and asset

    management using Apple Newton and Casio Zoomer PDAs.

    ? Developed high-level control software for automated package sorting machines using Visual

    Basic, C, and SQL. Software functionality included a graphical user interface, high-

    performance sort engine, PLC communication, and client/server architecture to facilitate

    real-time updates to the sorting rules.

    II Morrow, Inc. (a UPS Subsidiary) Salem, Oregon

    Engineering Intern, September 1991 June 1994

    ? Designed and developed a prototype system for portable non-contact signature capture and

    bar code reading (U.S. Patent 5,857,029). System utilized a CCD imaging device, control

    hardware, and custom image processing software written in C to extract signature vectors

    and decode bar codes under a wide range of positions and lighting conditions.

    ? Assisted with the system testing and verification of a nationwide cellular data network.

    ? Developed and implemented statistical models using SQL to estimate the impact of data

    communications equipment on vehicle electrical systems.

    United Parcel Service Hialeah, Florida Industrial Engineering Intern, October 1989 June 1991

    ? Developed new configurations for package sorting facilities to improve efficiency and

    reduce package damage. Performed computer simulations to predict package flow volumes

    and validate configurations prior to implementation. Performed time studies and work

    measurement analysis for package sorting and delivery operations.

    ? Automated report generation using SQL database queries.

    SKILLS, TOOLS, & ENVIRONMENTS ? Proven experience with numerous programming languages including C, C++, and Java

    ? Development experience with several software platforms and operating systems including

    Android, J2ME, Adobe Mobile Client, Linux, Windows, QT, and GTK

    ? Familiar with a variety of software development tools including Eclipse, Visual C++, GCC,

    CVS, Subversion, and Clearcase

    ? Fluent in the use of Microsoft Office applications

    EDUCATION Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute) Flint, Michigan

    ? Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, June 1994 (91% GPA)

    ? President, Greek Council

    ? Vice President, Alpha Tao Omega Fraternity

    INTERESTS & HOBBIES ? Private Pilot with experience flying Cessna 172, Diamond DA-20, and Diamond DA-40 aircraft

    ? Furniture design and construction

    ? Home remodeling

    ? Automotive maintenance, repair, and customization

    ? Skiing

    ? Cycling

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