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D 1. You have just completed a default oracle solaris 11 installation of a new server system. While testing network connectivity from

    your desktop to the server, you find that you are not able to communicate with the “sendmail”service from your desktop. Why is this?

    A. by default,”sendmail” solftware is not installed.

    B. by default,”sendmail” is not enabled on the system.

    C. by default,”sendmail” access is blocked by TCP Wrappers.

    D 2. What answer includes three correct methods available to transition oracle solaris 10 environments to oracle solaris 11 ?

    D 3. Your system has two disk devices, c2t0d0 and c2t1d0, and two flash devices, c2t5d0 and c2t8d0. Which command would you use to create a storage pool named “tank,”which mirrors the disks and adds the two flash

    devices as “cache”?


B 4. The command “beadm create –a solaris-test” will__.

B 5. What is the difference between the default configuration for zones and an immutable zone?


    ACD 6. Which three ZFS options may be combined to provide zones storage with data security and aminimal storage footprint?

    B 7. Which five steps (dealing with first-boot script creation ) can be omitted when working with provisioning oracle solaris 11 zones and services with appropriate zone context?


A 8. Which command would you use, if running tools like vmstat and prstat is resulting in “file not found” errors?

    C 9. A customer has forgotten the root password for one of his oracle solaris 11 x86 server. What is the correct method to enable him to recover or change the root password on his system ?


C 10. What information would the “beadm list –ds” command output ?

    B 11. You are working on a system that appears to be hanging during the boot process. Which would be the best course of action for determining which step in the boot process is causing the issue?

    AC 12. Which two statements are true when configuring and installing zones using automated installer?


    A 13. When attempting to perform an installation of oracle solaris 11, you encounter a failure messages along the lines of “no offers were received.” What is the most likely reason for this message and why?

    BD 14. Which two options do you absolutely need to have in place in order to successfully customize the network installation of an oracle solaris 11 x86 system ?

    B 15. When upgrading to oracle solaris 11 from oracle solaris 11 express or oracle solaris 11 early adopter,


    AB 16. What two entries could compete the following command from the directory listing below?

    E 17. After installing and customizing an oracle solaris 11 non-global (solaris brand) zone,you

D 18. The beadm utility___.


    AB 19. What two benefits will oracle and our customers likely realize by utilizing a fully integrated stack architecture ?

    B 20. What has become the default graphical user interface for oracle solaris 11 desktop operation?

    C 21. Your installation has completed successfully and the system did not reboot automatically. Which option


would cause this?

    AC 22. A zone fials to boot, and zoneadm produces the following message:

    AE 23. What are the two reasons that network configurations are set using svccfg,ipadm,and nscfg?

A 24. The “pkg update” command will__.


    B 25. Which command can be used to determine which apache web server packages are installed?

    ACD 26. Name three items that illustrate the business value of an integrated stack approach.

    E 27. When conducting an installation using live media(such as the live DVD image,for example),the system boots into


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