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Aggressive Life Enhancement Institute - Dedicated To Your Success !

Aggressive life enhancement fundamental workshop

LE 101

    Workshop Content

    1. Discover the “REAL YOU”

    2. Set realistic, achievable goals.

    3. Learn to be teachable and work in association with others to create your blue

    print for success in life.

    4. Learn specific income and wealth creation strategies

    5. Learn to be creative in the “now” of your life and to start manifesting it quickly.

    6. Learn new ways to earn passive income and to be wealthy, healthy and wise.

    7. Learn to develop a “master action plan”, gain knowledge, learn step by step the

    methods necessary to gain mastery over obstacles and develop insight

    to recreating the success you want out of life forever.

    8. You will realize that you can, with ease, create automatic success and solve

    the problems of tomorrow, today.

    Business development Strategies and practical

    LE 102

No risk aggressive investment in multi-businesses.

    Workshop content:

    Receive multi-streams of instant cash weekly and monthly

***You will be participating in those projects ***

    ***with “0” investment from your pocket.***

Internet Marking Strategies

    LE 103

    Workshop content:

    Includes: Grand techniques, new internet approach, spontaneous building of your

    business, all necessary tools and systems including auto- responders to get your business

    off to a “booming start”.

    For example: e-mail direct and auto- response, digital photo development, maximizing

    results, teleconferencing, 3-way calling, script training, traffic rotator, confidential calling,

    web conferencing, and voice mail broadcasting. You will learn to use these internet techniques and many others to create passive

    income forever with “0” money from your pocket.

Forever Health and Wellness LE 104

Workshop content:

    1. Exercises to enhance health and to stay young.

    2. Knowledge of natural herbal nutrition to prevent disease and promote better


    3. Herbal nutrition to keep your body in perfect shape and weight.

    4. Weight management programs

     For ever young and beauty

     LE 105

     Workshop content:

    1. A method to keep you timeless and joyful.

    2. Knowledge and usage of products to keep your skin bright and beautiful.

    3. Understanding the application of the products and equipment's for anti-aging.

    4. Basic knowledge of aromatherapy and benefits of essential oils to human skin.

No risk aggressive investment

    LE 106

Workshop content:

    HOW, WHEN AND WHERE to invest your money with no risks higher


***You will participate in those projects ***

    ***with “0” investment from your pocket.***

Land Banking and real estate investment in North American and

    International Markets.

    LE 107

Workshop content:

    Management and Investment company, over 30 years experience

    and excellent track records.

    No risk! High Return!

***You will participate in those projects ***

    ***with “0” investment from your pocket.***

Secrets of global successful business investment

     LE 108

Workshop content:

    Income Tax Planning

    Off shore account set up for your business

***You will participate in those projects ***

    ***with “0” investment from your pocket automatic kick off.***

***To become qualified and receive your rewards and bonuses, you

    must complete 100% of the courses****

***Once you complete all 12 courses, you will receive over a 5 digit

    passive and residual income monthly. Your joy will have found you !

    You will have achieved your goals.

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