Sense Prospecting and Inviting

By Julia Nichols,2014-05-18 04:16
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Sense Prospecting and Inviting

    Sense Prospecting and Inviting:

    ? USANA business with SENSE

    o Holistic approach to health

    o Three lines

    o Creates preferred customers and associates on autoship

    o Showcases business in a fun and easy to duplicate manner

    o Changing lives by helping with

    ? Physical health

    ? Financial health

    ? Presentation

    o Holistic approach

    ? What we feed our cells

    ? What we eat

    ? What we put on skin

    o Skin is very essential to our health

    ? Largest organ, both inside and out

    ? Baromet of health

    ? True beauty comes from inside out

    ? Provides immediate results

    o We love instant gratification

    o Sense opens the door to other USANA lines

    o We care about their health, outside and inside

    o It’s fun! Business makes sense…they see themselves bringing two people

    o Takes away the fear of business and/or network marketing

    o They understand how the business is done

    ? Inviting People

    o Who is your target?

    ? Everyone! You have skin!

    ? People who need pampering: You are invite! Take Time Out for


    ? Those interested in health, fitness, losing weight,

    ? Business

    ? Estheticians, hairdressers, etc.

    ? All women-focus on no preservatives, self-preserving, anti-aging


    ? Couple, baby boomers, teens, mother/daughter

    ? Fitness/wellness facilities

    ? Massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapist, personal

    trainers, fitness instructors, healthcare providers, athletes

    ? Your tennis team, golf team, book club, bunko group

    ? Your favorite pc’s

    ? Have spouses of associates over for spa party

    ? BE sure products are all over the house…body gel in hand


    ? Health and Wellness spa seminar 70% on Sense and 30% on other products

    o Skin Health Line


    ? Entreprenerial program if you are interested in serious income,

    talk to us afterwards

    ? Back to order form

    ? Hosting incentives

    o Get 1 free travel kit when you place a minimum order of 150 points

    tonight or set a date to host a health and wellness spa

    o Qualify for both travel kits with minimum of 150 points and set a day o Travel kits valued at $22 and $18 for splash. Perfect for carry on travel o We really want to thank you for coming tonight and because it takes 3-5

    days to get

    o The next spa and seminar

    o Give Sense, pc catalog, and RESET brochure or Health and Freedom

    newspaper to everyone after ordering is completed

    ? Inviting Scripts

    o Judy, I’m so excited that you loved almost everything I showed you! I

    would really like to help you get as many items as you can for as little cost

    as possible. The best way to do this is to purchase some of your favorite

    items tonight and then host a spa/seminar like this one as soon as possible

    so you can earn the rest, including the bonus gift. I have a few night

    available: Which night works best to earn your product for free. o A few of us are getting together to have a spa experience and I thought of

    you. How does a night of pampering sound? Fantastic! Can I e-mail you

    directions, please feel free to be casual

    o Do you mind if I ask you a question? Have you ever tried a skin care line

    that is free of added chemical preservative and parabens and is self


    o I don’t know if you know, but I run health and wellness spa seminar to

    help educate people about optimal health, nutrition, skin health, stress

    reduction, fitness, etc. The spa seminars have taken off like crazy because

    people seem to really want this information. I’d love to have you at one

    would you like to come. They are highly educational!

    o People don’t fail, diets do!

    o Take time out for you! Learn about skin health from the inside out and the

    outside in.

    o Discover the role of nutrition for optimal sports performance and recover o Discover easy to follow system to regulate hormones, lose weight, and

    live a healthy and energetic life.

    o Leave with a practical lifestyle tip and simple program for how to eat,

    supplement and nourish your skin for optimal health and vitality.

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