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Fuentes-Fernandez & Company (FFC) is a certified public accounting (CPA) firm with

    specialized expertise in accounting and auditing, education and training, information

    management technology, and management consulting. The firm was founded in 1985 by

    Joseph Fuentes Fernandez, CPA, and Managing Partner. Since its founding, the

    partnership’s mission has been to provide high-quality auditing, accounting, ADP,

    training, management, and technical assistance services to clients in both the government

    and commercial sectors.

FFC is a minority-owned and-controlled partnership. The firm is certified for federal

    contracting under the Small Business Administration 8(a) Act. FFC s primary goal is to

    assist their customers by offering them a comprehensive selection of services. Well

    trained staff is essential to an effective organization. The company s SIN number under

    MOBIS schedule is 874-1, Management Consulting Service.

From its headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, FFC has successfully provided

    professional services to both government and commercial clients for almost two decades.

    Our success is a direct result of building, over a 19 years period, upon two precious

    assets-our staff and our reputation. The interests, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit of

    our staff, combined with strong management and support capabilities, allow us to respond

    to clients evolving business needs in the following areas of specialization:

    Industrial Technology

    * Analysis and Assessment of Training Needs and Objectives

    * Development of Training Strategies and Plans

    * Design and Development of Training Curriculum

    * User Guidebooks and Reference Material Preparation

    * Classroom and Field Course Delivery

    * Development of Computer-Based Training

    * Development of Interactive Video Disc (IVD)

    * Production of Multi-Media

Management and Business Services

    * Conference Planning, Management, and Logistics Support

    * Data Analysis and Management

    * Program Promotion and Marketing

    * Process and Productivity Improvement

    * Strategic, Business and Action Planning

    * System Alignment

    * Performance Measures and Indicators

    * Financial Studies and Analysis

    * Feasibility Studies and Cost/Benefit Analysis

    * Program and Policy Analysis and Studies

Information and Management Technology

    * Program Management

    * Computer Facilities Evaluation, Configuration, Acquisition, Field Installation,

    Implementation of Management Information Systems

    * Functional and Requirements Analysis

    * Long-Range Information System Planning

    * Application Systems Design and Implementation

    * Database Development and Maintenance

    * Systems Conversion, Maintenance, and Enhancement

    * LAN and WAN Installation, Maintenance, and Operation

     * Image Processing and Text Retrieval

Financial Management Services

Our financial management services are directed at assisting the Chief Financial Officer,

    Comptroller, and Directors of Budget and Accounting in carrying our their functional

    responsibilities. A number of our consulting service are tailored to meet specific

    requirements of the Federal Government, including the Office of Management and

    Budget, (the Chief Financial Officers Act, the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act

    and related circulars), the Department of Treasury (Standard General Ledger), and the

    Joint Financial Improvement Program (Financial System Requirements). Consulting

    services provided by our staff includes:

    * Financial System Planning

    * Financial System Requirements Analysis and Modeling

    * Credit Reform/Cash Management Consulting

    * Cost Accounting Systems

    * Standard General Ledger Implementation

    * Cost Benefit Analysis

    * Budgeting

Process Innovations Services

Our process innovation services are directed at helping executives and managers analyze,

    design, and implement work process improvements in business operations. We

    combined business process analysis and redesigning of methodologies and techniques

    with strong functional, operational, and program expertise in assembling our project

    teams for process innovation efforts. The consulting services that we provide are based

    on new directions in the change management arena that have been develop over the last

    several years and include the following:

    * Strategic and Tactical Planning

    * Business Re-engineering

    * Activity-Based Costing

    * Total Quality Management

    * Performance Measurement

Financial Software Package Evaluation and Installation Services

    Many organizations have reduced system development time requirements and associated costs by installing off-the-shelf application software packages. Our staff has provided assistance to a number of clients in this area. In particular, we have obtained expertise in installing integrated accounting and financial management system software with the following system module: general ledger accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budget, purchasing, travel, grants management, and financial reporting. The consulting services that we offer include:

    * Software Package Evaluation and Selection

    * Tailored Systems Analysis and Design

    * Organization Analysis

    * User Documentation

    * Systems Testing

    * User and Operational Training

    * Conversion and Operational Support

Government Accounting and Auditing Services

    Our government accounting and auditing services are directed a assisting Chief Financial Officer and Inspector General staff who are in oversight roles with financial and administrative reporting and auditing requirements. The services that we offer are based on standard approaches that have been develop over the years by our staff to focus on specific legislative and regulatory requirements and management areas of interest. Our approach follows the strictest requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Financial Accounting Standard Board, the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, the U. S. General Accounting Office, and The Securities and Exchange Commission. The services we offer include:

    * Financial Audits

    * Compliance Audits

    * Contract Audits

    * Internal Control Reviews

    * Accounting System Reviews

    * Risk Assessment

    * Performance review

    * SAS 70 Review

Quality Control Procedures

    This section presents a brief description of how we will ensure that project receives appropriate management attention and how we will provide the highest quality services to

    clients in an efficient and cost effective manner. FFC has distinguished itself by successfully assisting clients achieve their strategic business objectives. To each client

    and to each task, we bring:

    * major programs of interest to the client

    * Diversity...through the array of skills of our principals and professional staff

    and our association with other firms of equal standards.

    * Commitment...a complete dedication to achieving the ultimate goal of the


    * Result Orientation...a proven track record of success

    * Judgment...seasoned over time, tempered by experience

    * Integrity...prudence, discretion, and confidentiality

    * Discipline...planned action, not reaction

    * Advanced tools and methods...application of leading-edge technology.

Our Client s Success is Our Future

FFC is committed to working with in a participatory way for achieving its goals and

    objectives. Our approach is based on four basic principles:

    * Service - We understand that we are to augment the clients staff, working

    within the clients culture, and conforming their way of doing things.

    * Competence - We will provide experienced and incumbent personnel who

    have the skills to perform their assigned tasks efficiently and correctly, the first

    time, every time.

    * Access - We will make available to the client a broad base of technology,

    resources, and expertise that can be tapped for support whenever needed.

    * Value - Working on an as-needed basis, our success depends on our being a

    cost-effective extension of client's staff.

Pricing Schedule


    Category (On Site/Off Site)

    Partner/Principal $ 95.00 $ 96.90

    Senior Manager $ 75.00 $ 76.50

    Project Manager $ 65.00 $ 66.30

    Research Assistant $ 55.00 $ 56.10

    Senior Staff $ 40.00 $ 40.80

    Junior Staff $ 40.00 $ 40.80

    Administrative Staff $ 30.00 $ 30.60

Point of Contact

Joseph A. Fuentes

    Fuentes-Fernandez & Company

    1001 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 300

    Washington, D.C. 20036

    Tel: 202-861-1901

    Fax: 202-861-1904


    Federal And Local Government Agencies Real Estate/Construction U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Martineau Bay Resort, S. E. Development New Partnership & Co., S. E. U.S. Department of Commerce Esmeralda Development, S. E. U.S. Department of Education General Gases, S.E. U.S. Department of Agriculture Quintero Construction, S. E. U.S. Department of Treasury Caribbean Resort Construction & Maintenance, Inc.

    Department of Labor and Human Resources - PR LRV Environmental, Inc. Fideicomiso de Parques de Puerto Rico Villa Mercedes, S. E. Puerto Rico Telephone Company Betancourt & Gonz lez, S. E. Puerto Rico Ports Authority Edman S. E.

    Department of Sport and Recreation Frank Gonz lez Vanga & Asociados North East Consortium

    Federal Emergency Management Agency Non-Profit/Trade & Professional Municipality of San Juan Fundaci n Francisco Carvajal KPMG, LLP Fideicomiso Hispamer

     Centro de Bellas Artes Alejandro Cruz Health Transactional Technology International Golden Cross-HMO, Inc. Seguros Joaqu n Palerm Med-Monitors, Inc. First Bangroup Services

     Soza International, Ltd. Litigation Support Ness Motley Wholesale Pierluisi, Mayol Bianchi Hoyos International, Corp. Fernando Agrait Sierra & Serapi n Entertainment Fiddler, Gonz lez & Rodr guez Regency Caribbean Cinemas Enterprise


    Biometrics Imagineering, Inc.

    Esan Precast


    Aqua King del Caribe, Inc.

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