Reunions DAI juin-decembre 2005

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Reunions DAI juin-decembre 2005

    Colloques, conférences, réunions scientifiques, congrès


    Octobre 2007

? 3rd Conference : Streptococcus pneumoniae

     Villars-sur-Ollon, October 7-11, 2007

     Scientific Programme

     Opening lecture

    Impact of conjugate pneumococcal vaccine on pneumococcal pneumonia:implications for

    pandemic influenza preparedness : Keith Klugman,Atlanta, USA

     Physiology and pathogenicity factors of S. pneumoniae

     Pneumococcal virulence factors and their role in disease : Tim J. Mitchell, Rotterdam,NL

     Pneumococcal fratricide: possible impact on horizontal gene transfer and virulence :

     Leiv Sigve Håvarstein, As, Norway

     Pneumococcal peptidoglycan hydrolases: from phage to bacteria (or vice versa) :

     Ernesto García,Madrid, Spain

    Capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis in the pneumococcus : Janet L. Yother,


     Antimicrobial resistance of S. pneumoniae

    A fresh look at the definition of susceptibilityof Streptococcus pneumoniae to beta-lactam

    antibiotics : Daniel Musher,Houston, USA

     Update on macrolide resistance : Josefina Liñares, Barcelona, Spain

     Resistance to fluoroquinolones and fitness cost : Keith Klugman, Atlanta, USA

    Relationship between antimicrobial resistance and virulence : Jefferey Weiser, Philadelphia,


     Clinical management and epidemiology of S. pneumoniae

     Nasopharyngeal colonisation : Helena Mäkelä, Helsinki, Finland

     Serotypes replacement : Ron Dagan, Beer-Sheva, Israel

     Vaccines : Ake Örtqvist, Stockholm, Sweden

     Treatment of multidrug resistant S. pneumoniae : Javier Garau, Barcelona, Spain

     Closing lecture

     An overview of the problematic of S. pneumoniae : David Fedson, Aachen, Germany

? Call for Applications: AMANET Training Workshop for Data Safety & Monitoring Board

    (DSMB) Members from African Institutions

     8-10 October 2007 - Dar es salaam Tanzania

    Background and rationale :

    The conduct of clinical trials that fulfill good clinical practices (GCP) requires several organs to build into the process of each trial. These include clinical monitors, independent ethical

    committees, data safety and monitoring boards, safety monitoring boards, clinical development

    teams or steering committees as necessary. To be efficient each of these players in the clinical

    trial setting should be sufficiently experienced and trained.

    The number of clinical trials going on in Africa at the present is rapidly increasing, given the

    amount of funding resources being made available for R&D into diseases of poverty. The

    development of the human resource base has not been commensurate with the increase in

    number of trials, resulting in an increased demand for the limited expertise available on the

    continent. Whereas, notable efforts have gone into capacity development to improve

    infrastructure, and for training in GCP, GLP, and Health Research Ethics (HRE), there has

    been limited training for other key support organs such as for DSMB members.

    Typically, expertise to serve on DSMB is derived from individuals who are recognised for their

    skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, immunology, and other specialities as pertinent to a

    particular trial. Such competencies have usually been acquired through longstanding


    experience in the field, prior membership to committees, and sometimes experience in industry.

    This exposure cannot be adequately obtained through formal training during a university

    degree course. Therefore specific courses through workshops are required to equip the middle

    to senior level African scientists with skills to support the clinical trials, to increase the pool of

    available African scientists, and to provide an opportunity to develop the much needed

    experience. Although, the institutional activities considered for this workshop are malaria

    related, such a pool of expertise will likely serve other research areas in priority diseases such

    as HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.

    Objectives and Expected Outcomes :

    General Objective : To contribute to capacity strengthening of the support systems for clinical

    research in Africa

    Specific Objectives :

    - To share experiences of DSMBs in African Institutions and from DSMB members

    - To update participants in the principles, guidelines and responsibilities of DSMB

     Highlight of topics to be covered :

    - Background and rationale for DSMB

    - DSMB and international guidelines/regulations

    - DSMB versus IDMC, DMC, DRB, ISM or ISC

    - Scope of responsibilities for DSMB and study teams

    - Composition and membership of DSMB and DSMB Meetings

    - The place of DSMBs in the trial set-up and DSMB meetings

    - Data Safety Monitoring Plan

    - DSMB SOPs; DSMB review- materials, methods and procedures

    - Statistical issues; Implications of Interim analysis

    - Dealing with confidentiality of trial data and conflict of interest

    - Format and content of DSMB reports; information flow

    - DSMB reports and IRBs

    - Group Work Examining the integrity of a study protocol

    - Group Work - Examining the safety of participants

    - Group Work Recommending conclusion of a Study Workshop format :

    Overviews and Discussions: Expert overviews will be presented and participants will have time for

    questions and discussions

    Group Work: This will provide exercises on expected activities of DSMB and how decisions are reached

    Plenary presentations and discussions: The plenary will convene for presentation and discussion

    of the outputs from group work

    Follow-up :

    There will be two types of post-workshop follow-up:

    Short term: To create an inventory of individuals with DSMB expertise/experience within Africa”

    Medium to Long term: to Facilitate the engagement of the scientists trained to serve in various DSMBs across Africa, particularly on AMANET sponsored clinical trials

    Date and venue :

    The workshop is intended to last three five full days and proposed for 8-10th October 2007, in Dar

    es Salaam, Tanzania.

    Who can apply ?

    Applications are invited from middle to senior level African scientists who are working in research

    institutes and Universities in Africa, and in other non- profit AMANET networked institutions.

    Individuals with research experience in epidemiology, clinical trials, biostatistics and those

    participating in or likely to be involved in malaria vaccine development are encouraged to apply.

    Candidates from selected centres being developed by AMANET are given preference.

    Applications must be received by Monday 10 September 2007 and submitted by e-mail to the

    following address :

    The Managing Trustee,

    The African Malaria Network Trust (AMANET)

    Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology Building

    P.O. Box 33207, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Tel: +255 22 2700018; Fax +255 22 2700380

    Institut Pasteur, Direction des Affaires Internationales, E. Coëffier




    ? 1er congrès international de phytothérapie

    8 au 11 octobre 2007 - Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

    Plus d'information :

    ? 1er congrès franco-camerounais de gynécologie obstétrique

    du 9 au 12 octobre 2007 Yaoundé - Cameroun

    Plus d'informations :

? 4ème journées d'Immunologie et Immunothérapie des cancers

    16 au 18 octobre 2007 - Dijon France

    Plus d'informations :

? 6ème conférence internationale AORTIC 2007

    24 au 28 octobre 2007 - Cape Town - Afrique du Sud

    Plus d'informations :

? The First North African Course on Clinical Immunology and Allergy / Le Premier Cours

    Nord Africain d’Immunologie Clinique et d’Allergie

     October 25-28 2007 / 25-28 Octobre 2007 Hammamet - Tunisia

     Site web :

? 15th Annual Congress of the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy

     27-30 October 2007 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

     General information available at

? 4th World Congress on Leishmaniosis 2009 : WorldLeish 4

     The web site of WL4 is now open foraccepting applications.

     About Applications :

     Deadline of submission: October 15, 2007.

     Open forum: All applications will be posted in the website if no objection from the applicant(s)

     Review: Committee members of previous WorldLeish Congresses

     Decision: will be announced

    Novembre 2007

? Congrès (PACIFIC ASCLEPIOS) international de la santé de la Mère et de l'Enfant

    31 octobre au 2 novembre 2007 - Nouméa - Nouvelle Calédonie

    Plus d'informations :

? 7ème congrès de la Société Ouest-Africaine d'Ophtamologie (SOAO)

    5 au 8 novembre 2007 - Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

    Plus d'informations :

? Call for Applications: Training course in Tropical Medicine 2007: Management of

    Programmes for Communicable Diseases Control in Sub-Saharan Africa

     5-16 November 2007 - Pemba Island - Zanzibar, Tanzania

    Application Deadline: 31 August 2007

    The Infectious and Tropical Diseases Institute (University of Brescia, Italy) and the Ivo de

    Carneri Foundation (Milan, Italy) have co-organized a two weeks international training course

    on "Management of programmes for communicable diseases control in Sub-Saharan Africa",

    Institut Pasteur, Direction des Affaires Internationales, E. Coëffier


    that will be held at the Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri on Pemba Island - Zanzibar,

    Tanzania (5 - 16 November 2007).

    The course is addressed at 20 participants, 10 from Europe and 10 from Sub-saharan Africa.

    The training course is recognized as TropEd Advanced Module (, a

    network of European institutions for higher education in international health leading to the

    Master in International Health.

    Course goal :

    The overall goal is to develop the necessary skills to plan, implement and evaluate the

    programmes for control of communicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Content :

    - Malaria

    - HIV/AIDS

    - Tuberculosis

    - Helmintic infections

    - Mother & Child Health

    - Safe Water

    - EPI and IMCI

    - Epidemics Control

    - Project Management

    - Project Proposals (group work)

    - District Hospital Management

    - Field visits

    Qualifications required for admission : - Bachelor Degree in Medicine, Biology, Pharmacy, Nursing, Midwives (Diploma, Advanced


    - Good command of written and spoken English, with excellent level of listening comprehension

    Scholarships are available for the coverage of the following expenses, depending on the

    Country of Origin of the participants:

    1. Candidates from Sub-saharan Africa: Scholarships will cover travel expenses (return flight from country of origin to Pemba), full board,

    inscription fee, training material. For the return flight to Zanzibar, participants have to arrange

    their travel and anticipate travel expenses. They will be reimbursed upon their arrival and only

    upon presentation of travel agency invoices or original tickets stating the travel cost.

    2. Candidates from Europe: Scholarships will cover full board, inscription fee, training material, Pemba - Zanzibar return

    flight. Scholarships do not cover travel expenses from country of origin to Zanzibar and return.

    How to apply to the scholarships: Application request for the scholarship should be sent between July 23rd and August 31th,


    Candidates should send their CV with a covering letter to the following email address :, specifying "Scholarships" in the subject line. Additionally, they should attach (or send by fax: 0039 02 28900401) copy of their ID, original

    University Degree Certificate and the Dichiarazione di Valore (where appropriate).

    For additional information on course attendance and scholarship assignment requirements, as

    well as the course programme, please visit our website on

    which documents will be available soon.

    ? 4ème congrès de l’Association des Pédiatres d’Afrique Noire Francophone (APANF)

    8 au 10 novembre 2007 - Dakar Sénégal Plus d'informations :

    ? 6ème Colloque Européen d'Ethnopharmacologie : ? l'Ethnopharmacologie et

    l'Ethnobotanique : de nouvelles perspectives ?

     8-10 Novembre 2007 - Liepzig Allemagne

     Société Française d’Ethnopharmacologie

     1, rue des Récollets - BP 4011

     57040 Metz Cedex

     Tél / Fax : ++ 33 (0)3 87 74 88 89

    Institut Pasteur, Direction des Affaires Internationales, E. Coëffier


? IXème Congrès de la Société de Gynécologie et d'Obstétrique du Bénin et du Togo


    21 au 23 novembre 2007 - Lomé Togo

    Plus d'informations :

? Genetics and Mechanisms of Susceptibility to Infectious Diseases - Pasteur Institute,

    Paris 21-24 November

     Further information can be obtained at (conferences) or by mail

    from Moshe Yaniv

? 1st International Congress on Health Genomics & Biotechnology - Tehran-Iran - 24-26

    November 2007

    Organised by the Pasteur Institute of Iran and the Eastern Mediterranean Health Genomics &

    Biotechnology Network (EMHGBN)

    ? 24ème Congrès de la Société d’Anesthésie et de Réanimation d’Afrique Noire

    Francophone (SARANF) et le 2ème Congrès de la Société d’Anesthésie-réanimation et

    Médecine d’Urgence du Mali (SARMU/ Mali)

    22 au 24 novembre 2007 - Bamako - Mali

    Plus d'informations :

? Première Conférence Internationale sur NO et Cancer

    26, 27 et 28 Novembre 2007 Paris - France

    L'objectif de la conférence est d'aborder le rôle du NO dans la biologie et la physiopathologie

    tumorale et dans le traitement des cancers. Les thèmes traités seront : NO et biologie des

    cancers, NO, croissance tumorale et formation des métastases, NO et angiogenèse, NO et

    prévention des tumeurs, NO et apoptose, NO sensibilisant à la mort les cellules tumorales,

    NO et nouvelles thérapeutiques.

    Les conférences seront données par les chercheurs parmi les plus actifs du domaine : Bettaieb,

    A, Billiar, T, Bola, M, Bronte, V, Brune, B, Chaudhuri, G,Dutton, RW, Estrela, JM, Féron, O,

    Fukumura, D, Grim, E, Hirst D, Hoskin, PJ, Hull, M, Hussain, SP, Kolb, P, Moncada, S, Ochoa,

    AC, Ohshima, H, Rigas, B, Rojanasakul, Y, Stamler, J, Thatcher, GR, Wink, DA, Yasuda, H.

    Plus d’informations : http//

? Congrès annuel de la Société Française d'Immunologie

     "Immunité Infection et Vaccination"

     26-27-28-29 Novembre 2007 - Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

     26 Novembre 2007 :


     "Approche Globale des répertoires immunitaires : de la recherche au diagnostic ex-vivo"

     28 Novembre 2007 :


     "Vaccinations chez le sujet immunodéprimé"

     29 Novembre 2007 :


     Dernière journée du Congrès Annuel de la SFI 2007 -

     EFIS "Day of Immunology".

    Institut Pasteur, Direction des Affaires Internationales, E. Coëffier


? 3rd Modern Drug Discovery and Development Summit (M3D)

    6 full conferences, 6 study sessions & 3 pre-conference workshops

    November 28-30, 2007 - San Francisco, CA

    Register by Sept. 28 for a 20% discount

? Vibrio 2007 th Nov 28 - Dec 1st, 2007.

     Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

    Décembre 2007

? Colloque international ? Chikungunya et autres arboviroses émergentes en milieu

    tropical ?

    3 et 4 décembre 2007, Saint-Pierre - La Réunion

    Ce colloque sera organisé à l'île de la Réunion par l'Institut de Veille Sanitaire en partenariat

    avec le Centre de Recherche et de Veille de l'Océan Indien. Outre le chikungunya, les autres

    arboviroses émergentes et ré-émergentes et la dengue en particulier seront les sujets abordés.

    La langue officielle du congrès sera le français mais des résumés anglophones seront les


    Pour plus d’informations :

? 3ème congrès de la Société Africaine de Pneumologie de Langue Francaise (SAPLF)

    4 au 6 décembre 2007 - Dakar - Sénégal

    Plus d'informations :

? Congrès SORLAF 2007

    4 au 7 décembre 2007 - Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

    Plus d'informations :

? 2ème Congrès Panafricain de Chirurgie

    5 au 7 décembre 2007 - Lomé - Togo

    Plus d'informations :

? 6èmes journées scientifiques de la Société Tunisienne d'Immunologie: Déficits

    immunitaires et Immunité anti-infectieuse

    6 au 8 Décembre - Bizerte - Tunisie

     Site web :


    The Intercontinental Conference on Anti-Aging and preventive Medicine

    Shanghai, CHINA - December 6-7-8, 2007

     More informations :

    ? International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) 2007

    9 au 14 décembre 2007 - Gabon

    Plus d'informations :

? 150 Years of Microbiology

     Lille, December 10th 12th, 2007

     Monday, December 10th, 2007

     17:00 Opening session

     Welcome Address

     Prof. Philippe Amouyel

    Institut Pasteur, Direction des Affaires Internationales, E. Coëffier


     Directeur Général of Institut Pasteur de Lille (Université Lille II, Institut Pasteur, Lille, France)

     Monsieur Daniel Percheron

     Président du Conseil Régional Nord Pas de Calais (pending)

     Opening Keynote lecture :

     Prof. Werner Arber

     (Nobel Prize 1978), Biozentrum, Basel, Switzerland,

     “The impact of microbial genetics on the development of genomics and molecular evolution”

     introduced by

     Prof. Monique Capron

     Université de Lille II, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France

     Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

     Session 1 : Cellular Microbiology

     Chair : Prof. Michel Simonet (Université Lille II/Institut Pasteur de Lille, Lille, France)

     Dr. Jean-Claude Sirard, (Inserm/Institut Pasteur de Lille, Lille, France)

     9h00 : Keynote lecture : Prof. Pascale Cossart (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)

     “Listeria monocytogenes ; a model to discover general strategies used by other pathogens”

     10:00 - 10:40 Prof. Dominique Soldati (University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland)

     “Life inside a vacuole : the Apicomplexan way”

     10:40 11:10 Coffee break

     11:10 - 11:50 Prof. Guy Cornelis (Biozentrum der Universität Basel, Basel, Switzerland)

     “Structure and assembly of the bacterial injectosome”

     11:50 - 12:30 Dr. Frank Lafont (Institut Pasteur de Lille/CNRS, Lille, France)

     “Importance of host cell membrane compartimentalization in early steps of bacterial infection”

     Session 2 : Molecular Microbiology/Genomics

     Chair : Dr. Alain Baulard (Institut Pasteur de Lille/Inserm, Lille, France)

     Dr. Françoise Jacob-Dubuisson (Institut Pasteur de Lille/CNRS, Lille, France)

     14h30 : Keynote lecture : Prof. Gordon Dougan (Sanger Center, Hinxton)

     “Microbial Genomics, from single genomes to microbial populations”

    15:30 - 16:10 Prof. Jeff Miller (UCLA, Los Angeles, USA) “Engineering Diversity for Parasite-

    Host Interactions”

     16:10 - 16:40 Coffee break

     16:40 - 17:20 Prof. Werner Goebel (Universität Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany)

     “Listeria monocytogenes : metabolism meets virulence”

     17:20 - 18:05 Dr. Philip Supply (Institut Pasteur de Lille/CNRS, Lille, France)

     “A molecular history of tuberculosis”

     Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

     Session 3 : Host-pathogen interaction/immunity

     Chair : Dr. Jean-Claude Sirard (INSERM, Institut Pasteur de Lille, Lille, France)

     Prof. Bruno Pot (Institut Pasteur de Lille, Lille, France)

     9h00 Keynote lecture : Prof. Stefan H. Kaufman (Max Planck Institute, Berlin, Germany)

     “Learning from nature how to improve the tuberculosis vaccine of Calmette and Guérin”

    10:00 - 10:40 Dr. Alan Sher (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH,

    Bethesda Md, USA)

     “Lessons from parasites on the regulation by T lymphocytes of host immune function”

     10:40 11:10 Coffee break

     11:10 - 11:50 Prof. Etienne Pays (ULB, Gosselie, Belgium)

     “Mutual self-defense : the story of the human trypanolytic factor”

     11:50 - 12:30 Dr. Camille Locht (Institut Pasteur de Lille/Inserm, Lille, France)

    “Bordetella pertussis / Mycobacterium tuberculosis : a same vaccination strategy for two

    different respiratory pathogens”

     Session 4 : Virology

     Chair : Dr. Frank Lafont (Institut Pasteur de Lille/CNRS, Lille, France)

     Dr. Camille Locht (Institut Pasteur de Lille/INSERM, Lille, France)

     14h30 Keynote lecture : Prof. Ari Helenius (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.) Institut Pasteur, Direction des Affaires Internationales, E. Coëffier


     “How animal viruses enter their host cells”

     15:30 - 16:10 Dr. Patrick Forterre (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)

     “New concepts on the origin/nature of viruses and their roles in early cellular evolution”

     16:10 - 16:40 Coffee break

     16:40 - 17:20 Dr. Yves Gaudin (CNRS, France)

    “Structural studies on vesicular stomatitis virus G glycoprotein : viral evolution and membrane

    fusion revisited”

     17:20 18 :05 Dr. Jean Dubuisson (Institut Pasteur de Lille/CNRS, Lille, France)

     “Hepatitis C virus entry into the hepatocyte”

? 31èmes journées nationales du Collège National des Gynécologues et Obstétriciens

    Français (CNGOF)

    12 au 15 décembre 2007 - Paris - France

    Plus d'informations :

? Annual Meeting of the Dutch Society for Immunology

     20-21 December 2007 - Noordwijk, The Netherlands

     Dead line for submission of abstracts and reduced registration fee: 14 September 2007

     General information available at


Institut Pasteur, Direction des Affaires Internationales, E. Coëffier

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