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The GrantSeeker

    The GrantSeeker A Publication of the Office of Grants Administration Vol. 5, Issue 1

    Target Field Trip Applications Now Available Online

    The Target Corporation has announced that it will

    award 5,000 field trip grants of up to $800 each for the

    coming K-12 school year. This is a great grant that

    numerous City Schools staff have won in the past. You

    could be next! Welcome Back! We’re Here for You! The grant program is open to It’s a new school year and an exciting time for education professionals who are Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools). The Office of at least 18 years old and Grants Administration is here to help you get the funding employed by an accredited your school needs. Our mission is to help City Schools K-12 public, private, or faculty, administrators, and staff with the entire grant charter school in the process. In addition to publishing this newsletter, we can United States. Educators, research potential funding opportunities, help with the teachers, principals, application process, deal with bureaucracy and regulations para-professionals, or and review or edit proposals. By working with Grants classified staff of these Acquisition, grant seekers will have a greater chance of institutions must be willing submitting a proposal that is punctual, accurate, and to plan and execute a field noteworthy. trip that will provide a The following listing includes grants and other funding demonstrable learning available to classroom instructors, principals and individual experience for students. schools. Teachers and other school staff interested in any of Grant funds may be used for visits to art, science, and the opportunities listed below must first contact their school cultural museums; community service or civics projects; principal. career enrichment opportunities; and other events or If you have an idea that requires outside funding, a activities away from the school facility. Funds may also be particular grant you want to pursue, or you just need used to cover field trip-related costs such as transportation, help with the grant process: Notify the Office of Grants ticket fees, resource materials, and supplies. Administration immediately so that the Office can register Grants will be awarded in February 2010. Applications your grant within the school system or obtain the proper can be completed online. Deadline is November 3, 2009. signatures for approval if needed. Call Lisa Wiseman at Go to: https://targetfieldtripgrants. 410-361-9032, or e-mail By working with Grants Acquisition, grant seekers will have a Teachers Can Apply for the Kids In Need Grants greater chance of submitting a proposal that is punctual, Kids In Need Teacher Grants provide K-12 educators accurate, and noteworthy. Good luck! with funding to provide innovative learning opportunities for their students. The Kids In Need Foundation helps to engage students in the learning process by supporting our Applications Invited for National Library Week Grant most creative and important educational resource - our The Scholastic Library Publishing National Library nation's teachers. LOFT Loves Teachers, in Week grant will award $3,000 to a conjunction with LOFT Cares, is proud single U.S. library for the best public to be a national sponsor of the Kids awareness campaign during National In Need Foundation Teacher Grants Library Week 2010. All types of Program. LOFT is committed to libraries and library organizations are supporting you, the educator, in welcome to apply. your efforts to make a difference for This year's grant focuses on the our nation's children. LOFT Loves National Library Week theme, Teacher Grant awards range from "Communities thrive @ your $100 to $500 each and are used to library." All proposals must use this finance creative classroom projects. The theme. number of grants awarded varies from year to year, Funds are to be used to support depending on the amount of the funds being requested. the winner's National Library Week Typically, 200-300 grants are awarded each year. Teachers promotional activities as outlined in in all 50 states are eligible. the application and cannot be used for Deadline is September 30, 2009. Go to capital expenses, such as books or equipment. Deadline is October 16, 2009. Go to http://www.ala.

    org/ala/aboutala/offices/pio/natlibraryweek/nlwgrant.cfm Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grants Improve Schools

    Lowe's will donate a $5,000 to 1,000 different public Tony Hawk Foundation Offers Grants for Skateparks schools and public school parent teacher groups. How would The primary mission of the Tony Hawk Foundation is

    you improve your school? Increase parent to promote high-quality, public skateparks in low-income

    involvement? Build stronger community spirit? areas throughout the United States by providing grants to

    Create a new school tradition? The ideas are encourage and facilitate the design, development,

    endless. Whatever goals and dreams you construction, and operation of new skateboard parks and

    have for your school, Lowe’s can help facilities.

    you fulfill them! At a time when The foundation primarily

    schools and community groups are considers funding for projects

    struggling to make ends meet, designed and built by qualified

    Lowe's Charitable and and experienced skatepark

    Educational Foundation contractors include local skaters

    recognizes that it must increase its focus in the design process, are in

    on basic, one-time project needs. This year, low-income areas and/or areas

    Lowe’s wants to provide the tools that help educators with a high population of at-risk

    and parent groups through these challenging times youth, and can demonstrate a

    efficiently and with the greatest impact. In 2009, basic needs strong grassroots commitment.

    will take priority. Deadline is October 16, 2009. Go to: Grants range from a minimum of $1,000 to a maximum of $25,000 each. The foundation may also offer technical

     assistance on design and construction, promotional

    materials, training materials, and safety information, and Nickelodeon Offers Environmental Big Green Grants

    Big Green Grants provide resources to schools and facilitate support from vendors, suppliers, and community community-based organizations to support environmentally leaders. Deadline is October 1, 2009. Go to:

    friendly projects that educate and inspire kids to (1) take care

    of the environment; (2) be active and live healthily; and/or

    (3) engage in community service. Adults complete the NFL Grassroots Program Grants Funds Football Fields application. Kids include essays and/or artwork explaining The NFL Youth Football Fund Grassroots Program is a

    why this project is important partnership of the National Football League Youth Football

    to them and their school, Fund and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. The

    club, after-school program goal of the NFL Grassroots Program is to provide non-profit,

    or community. Eligible neighborhood-based organizations with financial and

    schools and technical assistance to improve the quality, safety, and

    community-based accessibility of local football fields. The NFL Grassroots

    organizations can apply for Program provides grants of up to $200,000 for capital

    one of two funding improvement projects. In order to be eligible for a grant

    opportunities. (1) A $2,500 under the NFL Grassroots Program, projects must be

    grant for an environmentally sponsored by 501(c)3 non-profit

    friendly project. (2) A community-based organizations or a

    $5,000 grant for an middle or high school. Proposals are

    environmentally-friendly due on October 30, 2009. Please read

    project. To request $5,000, the complete application before

    applicants must provide a submitting a proposal by mail. Go to 1-to1 dollar-to-dollar match ($10,000+ total project

    budget).To be considered for the program, applicants must

    explain how the proposed project will benefit or enhance the Home Depot Building Healthy Communities Grant learning experience of kids, as well as its relevance to the The Home Depot's Building Healthy Communities environment, being active and living healthy, and/or Grant Program awards grants of up to $2,500 each to community service. Applications are accepted and reviewed nonprofit organizations, public schools, or tax-exempt on a rolling basis throughout the year with a particular focus public service agencies in the U.S. that are using the power around Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play on September of volunteers to improve the physical health of their 26, 2009. community. Grants are made in the form of the Home Depot

    gift cards for the purchase of tools or materials. Deadline is December 31, 2009.

    Go to: Grants are for community improvement projects that

    include activities such as construction or refurbishment of

    affordable or transitional housing, building, rebuilding, painting, refurbishing, increasing energy efficiency or The GrantSeeker sustainability, landscaping, planting of native trees, community facility improvements, and the development Department of Grants Administration and/or improvement of green spaces. Grants must support Pauline D. Edwards, Director work completed by community volunteers in the United 410-396-8939 States. There are two remaining grant cycles for 2009. The Grants Acquisition next grant cycle opens July 15, 2009, and closes September Lisa Wiseman, Administrator, 410-361-9032 15, 2009; the final cycle opens October 15, 2009 and closes

    December 15, 2009. Link to complete application.

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