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Our examination pass rates are usually at or better than the national averages at all levels. Examination courses, both daytime and evening,




    Church Walk, Guisborough, TS14 6BU.

     Tel: 01287 280800 Email:,

    This successful and popular sixth form college requires from st1 November for up to two and half terms an enthusiastic and well qualified teacher able to offer the subject to advanced level. Salary Pro rata ?21098 -

    ?30879 (plus PSP if appropriate).

    We are looking for enthusiastic and reliable people to join our pool of casual staff working at the Pursglove Centre which is open evenings and weekends. The Centre offers an exciting range of activities for adults and juniors including a Summer Shoutabout playscheme.

    Application forms and further details are available from the address above or download from CVs by themselves will not be thaccepted. Closing Date: 30 September




    Our College is located in the centre of the small market town of Guisborough on the edge of the attractive North Yorkshire moors and close to the North-East coast, some ten miles to the South-East of Middlesbrough town centre. York, Newcastle and Leeds are only an hour away.

    In April 1993 we became incorporated by Government statute into the new Further Education sector; that is, like most Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges, we were taken out of the control of the Local Education Authority and incorporated as an individual establishment with central government funding. As a result there have been major implications for the management of the College and some broadening of our educational provision, to include, for instance, adult and community learning and leisure.

    The College has fulfilled expectations that we should grow and develop. We now have approximately 1600 daytime students (mostly, but not exclusively, full-time and aged 16 - 19) and over 800 adult students of all ages. The Pursglove Centre, with its impressive array of sports and computing facilities, also attracts many community users throughout the week, weekend and vacations. In August 1997 the two sixth form colleges of Prior Pursglove and South Park merged and the latter campus was closed in 2001. As a result a substantial new building and refurbishment programme costing ?2.5 million took place in Guisborough which provided a brand new and fully computerised learning resource centre, computer rooms and business teaching rooms, a new two-floor wing consisting mainly of drama studio, music suite and English teaching rooms, extensions to laboratories for the benefit of all sciences, new art rooms and a much improved student social centre; most areas have access to networked computers. A ?1 million refurbishment programme 4 years ago gave a major face-lift to the older buildings on our campus which house media, art, humanities and languages, and extended the students‟ social area. A

    further development, costing ?6 million opened a year ago, accommodating an increase in students and an innovative partnership with the neighbouring centre of Askham Bryan College.

    At Prior Pursglove we are proud of our academic quality and the achievements of our students. Substantial numbers of them expect to progress from level 2 to level 3 and beyond to Higher Education and/or a worthwhile job. Increasing numbers value the opportunity to take stock of their lives, to start again, or to explore new avenues previously unknown or unavailable to them. Our curriculum, therefore, consists of a wide variety of examination courses (over 50 at A, AS and BTEC and 20 at intermediate levels), and a pastoral system providing personal support, careers guidance and a finely balanced framework of institutional control and individual self discipline. Our examination pass rates are usually at or better than the national averages at all levels.

    Examination courses, both daytime and evening, are run by eight subject departments with their own Department Manager and Assistant Managers. In addition, there are cross-college co-ordinators and managers, four Student Managers and seven Assistant Student Managers who support the pastoral function, eight Directors and the Vice Principal and the Principal. The support staff includes a range of secretarial and technical positions as well as a financial/data input section, Resource Centre and Learning Support Team. We were delighted with our last Ofsted Inspection (Feb 2010) in, which the College was graded Good with Outstanding features. We have Investors in People status, are approved by the Guidance Accreditation Board for both our 16-18 and adult guidance („Matrix‟), our performance

    has been judged by the Learning & Skills Council as „excellent‟ and we have been given the Platinum (top) award by the Connexions Service for our involvement and support of our students.

All staff - both teaching and support are, of course, expected to be committed to the ethos and

    philosophy of the modern Sixth Form College which puts concern for the students‟ well-being as the

    foremost priority. This implies the highest standards of professionalism and competence, and the desire to improve one‟s skills and expertise. Work at Prior Pursglove College can be pressurized (through shortfall of time, seasonal needs, variety of tasks or high expectations) but it can also be enjoyable and very satisfying. You will find a friendly, welcoming staff here; I hope you will want to join us. C:\convert\temp\104359838.docx

    If you don‟t know the area and you will expect to move home, you will be pleased to learn that house prices are cheaper here than in many parts of the country. The attractive old port of Whitby is only thirty minutes or so away across the moors, Darlington and the Dales in the other direction about 45 minutes. Guisborough, based on a small market town in the North Yorkshire tradition, is growing with modern housing estates. Ten miles away, Middlesbrough is developing as a shopping centre and the University of Teesside is flourishing with academic successes and new buildings. So many of our colleagues have come anew to the Tees Valley, fallen in love with it and stayed.

    I hope that the enclosures help you to get closer to the culture of the College. We believe ourselves to be very friendly and supportive, and both staff and students seem to be very happy working here; we take seriously our advertising strap-line “where the individual matters”. We are delighted every year by our numerous successes (Oxbridge, national sports representation, academic „Olympiads‟ and so on) but we want all our students to achieve at the highest level of which they are capable. If you recognise and sign up to this culture, and you meet the person specification enclosed, then I would be delighted to hear from you and hopefully meet you in due course.

    Salaries in the Sixth Form College sector were restructured a few years ago to bring them in line with schoolteachers‟ salaries. The successful applicant‟s salary will be on one of six points on the SFC Pay Spine according to qualification and experience (currently ?21,098 - ?30,879 p.a.). In addition staff are eligible to apply for Performance Standards Payments which have three further points (currently ?33,454, ?34,666 and ?36,009); College PSP and schools‟ Performance Thresholds are transferable.

    Prior to issuing an employment contract to the successful applicant, the College will need to ascertain that you are medically fit and your references are satisfactory to the College and we will also need confirmation of your academic and professional qualifications. On appointment you will be asked to send us a copy of the relevant certificates, with the copy itself endorsed by you confirming its authenticity. If you do not yet possess recognized qualifications to teach, it will be a requirement of employment to achieve a qualification within two years of starting in a full-time post (four years for a part-time post).

    As this role will bring the post holder into contact with young people under the age of 18, the successful applicant will be required to apply for an enhanced Disclosure of Criminal Background. The College will meet the cost of this check.

Further information can be found on our website ( and the Inspection Report at

    Thank you for your interest in our College. I look forward to receiving your application.

Judy Burton



Vision: “Expanding Opportunities, Enhancing Futures”

Mission: Our Sixth Form College is a centre of educational excellence providing outstanding

    choice and high quality learning within a caring and inclusive environment. Innovative, outward

    looking and working in partnership, we will raise aspirations for young people and adults.

Values: Everything we do is to the highest standards and in the best interests of learners. We


     Respect for self, others and environment

     The hard work and contribution of our students

     The commitment and professionalism of our staff

     Skills development and lifelong learning for all

     The welfare, support and safety of all

     Openness, honesty and transparency

     Enthusiasm, enjoyment and achievement

     Inclusivity and equality in all we do

     Innovation, flexibility and working with others

     Making the best use of resources




    The Life Sciences department offers courses in Biology, Psychology, Physical Education & Sport and Health and Social Care. It is a large and flourishing department with well qualified and experienced teachers and support staff who seek to maintain the standards of excellence for which Prior Pursglove College is renowned. The Life Sciences teaching staff are expected to be flexible and this is reflected in the fact that, currently, one is a Student Manager, four are Assistant Student Managers and several are Teaching and Learning Guides. The Vocational Co-ordinator for the College is also a member of this department and we also contribute to the delivery of Archaeology and the General Studies programme.

    Teamwork is of the essence and we aim to provide our students with the best possible learning experiences, using a combination of the latest technology and more traditional approaches. We are committed to developing our area of the college portal and widening our use of ILT for independent learning.

    We offer subjects at a variety of academic levels and make a significant contribution to the college‟s vocational programme, through Health and Social Care at both Advanced and Intermediate levels, BTEC qualifications in Sport and both the Community and Higher Sports Leader Awards. All laboratories and classrooms have PC facilities and benefit from internet access. We have strong links with our local Universities and work in partnership with a variety of schools and businesses in the area.

    A member of our team is currently teaching Critical Thinking at local partner schools and we are the lead institution for the Sport and Active Leisure Diploma in the local authority. Psychology and Biology teachers also contribute to the delivery of the International Baccalaureate in the College. Biology: Biology continues to be a popular subject at Advanced level and attracts increasing numbers of students each year. We currently follow the OCR specification.

    We have well equipped laboratories with access to IT facilities and have excellent technician support. The use of ILT is strongly encouraged and we have developed our own extensive area on the college portal. Teachers follow a common scheme of work and we are strongly committed to sharing of good practice. Teamwork is of the essence. Practical work is central to the teaching and forms part of the external examination assessment. Students are given the opportunity to carry out field studies as part of their course.

    In recent years students from the department have been highly successful in the Biology Olympiad, with two of our entries this year achieving a gold award.

    Physical Education: We offer a range of courses in addition to the traditional AS and A level Physical Education (OCR board) including the Community Sports Leader Award and our increasingly popular BTEC National Extended Diploma in Sport (Development, Coaching & Fitness - 18 Units). This year we have also introduced a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sport and the Higher Sports Leader Award for the first time.

    We have a well equipped, well-maintained modern sports hall; there are no outdoor facilities on site, but we have easy access to the adjacent playing fields and Athletics Track of the Laurence Jackson Sports College (11-16). There is also a sports fitness testing suite which is installed with up to date gym equipment, including heart rate monitors and pods.

    The PE staff are expected to contribute to all aspects of all courses and to develop and assess the practical performance of students in a wide variety of sports along with other activities as required. There is also a Sports Co-ordinator who organises most of the extra-curricular activity made available to all students and instructors are brought in to support this work when required.


    Psychology: Psychology is one of the most popular subjects for students at Advanced level and the fact that it is one of the subjects in the Life Sciences department reflects the increasingly scientific approach we take to the delivery and choice of topics. We follow the OCR AS/A2 specification.

    We are strongly committed to the integration of key skills in our teaching and are actively involved in both the Aim Higher and Widening Participation initiatives. Our students are encouraged to engage in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, including conferences and courses on offer at our local universities.

    Teamwork is very important to us and we are keen to share good practice and teaching resources. Students‟ progress is monitored using common tests and mock examinations.

Health and Social Care: We currently deliver AS/A2 Health & Social Care (AQA) and GCSE (Double

    Award). The Advanced level course is offered as both Single and Double Award and we also offer GCSE in Child Development. Course delivery makes use of dedicated teaching rooms and IT classroom facilities.

    There is a strong team ethos amongst the staff, and an excellent spectrum of skills and knowledge. By sharing good practice and resources we aim to maximise the benefits for all students.

    At Advanced level, the courses continue to be popular, attracting both the strong academic students and those who are very borderline candidates. The ability to be able to meet the needs of the full range of students is therefore very important. The other quality we value highly is a willingness to get involved with new initiatives, to be flexible and to try out new ways of doing things.

Completed application forms should be returned to the Executive Secretary (Personnel) by Thursday th30 September 2010

    Stephen Smith

    Department Manager, Life Sciences



TEACHER Job Description

    The responsibilities and duties appropriate to a teacher fall into two main areas:

1) As a member of a department

The teacher will:

be accountable to the Department Manager

     teach one and, if possible, a second subject to all levels up to and including A level access, review and report on the development and attainment of students

     work as part of a team in planning, reviewing and assessing methods of teaching and programmes of study

     attend Department meetings

     take a share of the additional support given at certain times to students at both ends of the ability range

     participate in meetings and supervisory duties relating to the staff of the college as a whole be expected to seek and use opportunities for professional development

     observe legislation and the College‟s guidelines and procedures regarding Equal Opportunities,

    Health and Safety, Finance etc

     carry out any additional duties, as required by the Principal, depending on the ability and skills of the applicant, commensurate with the responsibility and salary

2) As a Personal Tutor

    You may be required to act as a Personal Tutor, accountable to a Student Manager. Each Personal Tutor is responsible for the individual care of about 20 students.

A Tutor:

is the student‟s first point of contact for pastoral support

     reviews the individual‟s progress on a regular basis

     is responsible for routine administration relating to the student

     is responsible for liaison between home and college

     provides guidance and advice to individuals or to groups, as provided for in the pastoral programme writes reports and references as required

     oversees and encourages the students‟ preparation of their „record of achievement‟

     attends meetings of Tutors

     liaises regularly with the Student Manager

     carries out additional relevant tasks as directed.





It is expected that the person appointed will have:

     a degree or equivalent in the main subject or a related subject

sympathy with the College‟s culture

the ability to motivate students

a lively enthusiasm for the subject

the ability to relate to teenagers and adults

energy, creativity and initiative

the ability to work independently and as part of a team

good administrative skills


It is preferred that the person appointed will have:

a professional teaching qualification

successful teaching experience with 16-19 year olds

     awareness of syllabus requirements at Advanced and Intermediate levels

skills in Information and Learning Technologies

     the ability and willingness to contribute more widely to the curriculum

Safeguarding and Recruitment Statement

Prior Pursglove College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young

    people and vulnerable adults, and expects all staff to share this commitment. The successful applicant

    will be required to undertake appropriate safeguarding checks as well as providing proof of right to work

    in the UK.




    Ref: No: L/L S/L Inv Letter Refs EOpp Attend For Office use only: Date:

     TBM Y/N

    For the post of Teacher of Biology (Maternity Cover)

    Applicants are required to complete all parts of this application form, CVs are not acceptable.


    On a separate sheet please briefly explain why you feel you are suitable for this job and what you would wish to

    contribute to the college. Also include details of any special interests and experience which may be relevant to this

    application including outside activities, voluntary work and trade union membership.





     National Insurance Number: Post Code

    Do you require a work permit? YES NO If yes, do you hold one? YES NO WHEN COULD YOU COMMENCE WORK IF APPOINTED?

     MOST RECENT POST (Tick here if this is not current) ;

    Title of current/most recent post (full or part-time) Present or last Salary:

Name and address of employer Salary Scale and Point on

     Scale if applicable:

     Date appointed

     Notice required

Brief description of your main duties and responsibilities


PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT (please list in chronological order from first to last)

    Dates Post and Salary Brief description of post Employer

     From To Scale (Name and Address)

    OTHER EXPERIENCE (include any unpaid/voluntary work and please account for any gaps in employment) From To Position Held Employer Salary: Scale/Grade


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