SeaSource Detox Spa

By Scott Jordan,2014-05-18 03:15
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SeaSource Detox Spa

    SeaSource Detox Spa Catalog Presentation Script

    *This is the “Middle” of your presentation.

    Directions: Use these bullets as a guideline on what to cover in your catalog.

    Tab (you can use orange for RE9, blue for SeaSource Detox, green for

    Intelligence, etc.), make notes, use index cards, and highlight the following


: Instead of using Awaken Sea Salt Scrub at sink, you should use the

    Foaming Sea Salt Scrub and follow with Detoxifying Rescue Wash.


? How many of you have heard about Arbonne’s amazing

    Anti-Aging line? Have you tried it? ? If you haven’t tried it, one of you is going to want to

    schedule an Anti Aging get together. ? Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that matter deteriorates.

    This line addresses repairing, preventing & reversing the

    visible signs of aging.

    ? This product is the rave of the skin care industry. I don’t

    know anyone who doesn’t want to look as good as they can

    for as long as they can.

o Page 8: Introduction to Detox.


    ? SeaSource Detox Spa is the foundation to optimal health. ? Was created to help our bodies work at optimal best. ? Exposed to many toxins through: air we breathe, water we

    drink, foods we eat, & things we touch. ? How many of you get enough sleep, eat right, & exercise? ? You’d be surprised by the toxins we come into contact with

    everyday, such as pollutants, smoke, pesticides, fertilizers,

    plastics, petra chemicals & even pool water! This affects us all.

    ? What is a toxin? A toxin is a substance that can create an

    irritating or harmful effect on our body. ? When toxins build up, they can create: stress, weight gain,

    fatigue, skin breakouts, premature aging & a weakened

    immune system.


    ? Because of all this, people are turning to Detox spas for


    ? SeaSource Detox Spa: complete line of cleansing &

    purifying spa products that support the organs of

    elimination, including the skin, kidneys, liver, lungs &

    digestive tract.

    ? I’m passionate about sharing these fabulous products

    you can spend $100s & $1000s of dollars at Detox spas

    or you can take a journey to purity & revitalization in

    your own home with superior products at a lot less of

    cost to you.