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Activities: OOA / OOD / OOP of the complete project. Design of database arises an EJB-application which was designed using UML and developed with Java.


    Markus Werz

    Senior Consultant

    (November 2009)

     Contact address: WEMUS GmbH WEMUS GmbH

     Am Herdry 3 Zollikerstrasse 269A

    55232 Alzey 8008 Zürich

    Deutschland Schweiz

    Fon : +49 6731 - 999550 Fon: +41 43 542 70 01

    Fax : +49 6731 - 999551 Fax : +41 43 542 70 02

    Mobile: +49 160 - 94714552 Mobile: +41 76 243 29 17


     Education: Studies of Economy and Information Science

    Degree: Diploma

    Dipl. Wirtschafts-Informatiker

    (business data processing specialist)

    Year of birth: 1972

    IT experience: since 1995 (along the studies)

    since 2000 Full-time-job

    Nationality: German

    Languages: Englisch

     Technical priorities: Software architecture and development of software in Java Professional main focus: Development of Client-/Server- applications in the field of e-

    business in Java under use of J2EE Framework

     Industries (till now): Banking sector



    Tourism / Aviation

    Common industry

    Research and University

    Systems house / software service provider

     Available as of: asap, fulltime, on long-term basis

    Work site: Switzerland, Germany, UK, Scandinavia, Australia

    Seite 1/11


    Operating systems: Windows 3.X, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000

    MS DOS

    UNIX / Linux

    Programming languages: Java (Front-End and Back-End, J2EE): 10 Years experience

    HTML, JavaScript, Dojo Toolkit

    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

    (Turbo-) PASCAL


Database: Oracle, MySQL, MS ACCESS



    Products, IDEs and authoring Eclipse, JBuilder, Visual Café, NetBeans tools: Rational Rose, ObjectIF

    BEA Weblogic / Portal, ORACLE IAS/OC4J, Jakarta Tomcat

    XDE Tester, OptimizeIT

    ClearCase, Subversion, CVS

    MS Office

Standards / Frameworks: UML, OOA / OOD / OOP

    J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets, Struts, JavaServer Faces JSF)


    SOA (service oriented architecture)

    Web Service (AXIS), SOAP




    Apache-Frameworks: log4j, junit, ant, maven

Data communication: Internet


    Seite 2/11

Projects - overview:

    02/2009 06/2008 Banking Sector (ubs, Zurich, Switzerland) (MM: 5; 5 months) - Java Swing Client

    - J2EE Backend

     10/2008 12/2008 Insurance (SwissLife, Zurich, Switzerland) (MM: 3; 3 months) - Java Swing Client

    - J2EE development in front-end and back-end

     01/2008 09/2008 Telecommunication (Cablecom, Zurich, Switzerland) (MM: 9, 9 months) - Redesign of a customer care portal

    - J2EE in front-end and back-end (EJB3, Struts, Spring, BEA-

    Portal, JSP)

     07/2003 12/2007 Telecommunication (T-Mobile Germany, Bonn) (MM: 54; 4 years, 6 months) - Several projects in the same department of T-Mobile

    - All projects with the focus of network planning

    - J2EE in front-end and back-end (EJB, Struts, JSF, Swing)

     01/2002 05/2003 Tourism (Amadeus Germany, Bad Homburg) (MM: 17; 1 year, 5 months) - Development of a B2B-Internet-Travel-Agency-Portal

    - J2EE in front-end and back-end (EJB, Servlets, HTML,


     12/2001 Paper industry (SCA Packaging, Mannheim) (MM: 1; 1 month) - Changes on some Crystal Reports

    - old signed customer

     03/2000 10/2001 Tourism / aviation (Lufthansa Systems, Kelsterbach near

    Frankfurt /Main) (MM: 20; 1 year, 8 months)

     - Two different projects in the same department of Lufthansa

    - Both projects deal with booking of flights

    - J2EE (EJB, Servlets, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSL)

     09/1999 02/2000 University of Mannheim (Diploma thesis with topic EJB) (MM: 6; 6 months) - Development of an EJB-application to automatise the Supply-


    Seite 3/11

Projects - details:

    02/09 06/08 (MM: 5) Banking Sector (UBS, Zürich, Schweiz)

     Java Swing Client for monetary transactions Project description: Work at the beginning of the project and so jointly responsible for

    the design of the application. The goal of the project was a Rich-

    Client for monetary transactions for some elected key accounts

    of the bank. They are able to manage all their bank accounts all

    over the world with only this App which uses SWIFT in the back.

    Unfortunately the financial crises nearly stopped this very

    interesting project.

    Role in Team/Project: J2EE developer

    Team size: 10 Java-Developers, 3 Business-Analysts Activities: J2EE development to design and engineer a multifunctional and

    client-specific table-component which is the basic component of

    the whole client-application

    OOA / OOD / OOP

    Used tools and Environment: Windows, Unix

    Eclipse, SubVersion

    Java 1.5, J2EE, Spring


    IBM WebSphere

    ORACLE Database


    10/08 12/08 (MM: 3) Insurance (SwissLife, Zürich, Schweiz)

     Java Swing Client to administrate von insurance contracts Project description: Work in the final stage of the project. The project goal was a

    Java Swing Client to enter and administrate the data of

    insurance contracts with all the necessary information. Role in Team/Project: J2EE developer

    Team size: 15 Java developers

    Activities: J2EE development in front-end and backend for the complete


    OOA / OOD / OOP

    Used tools and Environment: Windows, Unix

    Eclipse, ClearCase

    Java 1.4, J2EE


    BEA WebLogic 8

    Seite 4/11

    ORACLE Database


    01/08 09/08 (MM: 9) Telecommunication (Cablecom, Zurich, Switzerland)

     Customer Care Portal for retailers and end customers


    Project description: Development of a Customer Care Portal so the retailers can sell

    cable products as well as the end customers are able to order

    these products like internet, telephone or cable tv by their own

    via the internet. Also the maintenance of the ordered products

    can be done via the internet. This means it is possible to manage

    the complete workflow of products offered by Cablecom by the

    end customer without the need of a call centre.

    Role in Team/Project: J2EE lead developer for the frontend with additional tasks like

    e.g. Business Analysis and designing parts of the architecture

    Team size: 10 Java-Developers, 5 Web-Designers/Content, 3 Solution


    Activities: System architect: Design and Development of complete parts of

    the workflow. This means understanding and implementing the

    requirements of the business. Therefore the frontend and the

    workflow in the application server was developed and the

    interfaces to the backend systems need to be coordinated.

    OOA / OOD / OOP

    Used tools and Environment: Linux, Windows

    Eclipse / BEA Workshop, Subversion

    Java, JEE 5, Spring, Struts, JSP, JavaScript


    BEA Portal Server 10

    ORACLE Database

    SOA implemented using Web Services (Apache AXIS)


    Referenz: Reference given by Projektleader of Cablecom, 16.09.2008

    Markus Werz has excellent knowhow and very deep experience

    in his area of expertise. His excellent powers of comprehension

    allowed him to understand his new tasks very quickly and to

    become a productive member of the team in a very short time.

    All of his contributions in the area of the portal frontends were of

    highest quality, despite the high complexity of the taks. This was

    reflected in the minimal number of bug-fix-cycles. His

    commitment to the project as well as his flexibility was

    exceptionally high, especially when during the testphase very

    long days, also on weekends became necessary.

    His initiative, self organized personality combined with his many

    suggestions played an important part in making this project a big

    success for all parties envolved.

    Another distinctive quality is his ability to explain complexe topics

    to non-technical people and to find useful, elegant solutions with

    them. He was well liked and respected by his developer-peers,

    Seite 5/11

    the project management as well as the business owners of the


    We would hire him for a new project at any time and would like to

    thank him very much for his efforts we wish him all the best for

    his private and professional future.

01/07 12/07 (MM: 12) Telecommunication/Systems house (T-Systems/T-Mobile, Bonn)

     Web-Application to administrate planning data of a mobile


    Project description: Development of a Web-Application that supports the workflow of

    planning a mobile network. This could be e.g. a change in the

    configuration of an antenna and deals from the planning of that

    change until the changes are done by a supplier. Therefore the

    complete workflow is supported by the application to ensure that

    all involved persons are able to see the same data when they

    work with the application via the internet. The system is used

    both by the employees of T-Mobile and also the external


    Role in Team/Project: J2EE architect and team leader development Team size: 3 in Germany, 2 in India

    Activities: System architect: Design and Development of the complete

    application. That role contains the design of the architecture and

    the development of the server side components that deal with

    the database tier. The web-application generates the HTML-

    Client using JavaServer Faces (JSF) and AJAX. The

    communication to the other involved systems is realised via Web

    Service (AXIS).

    OOA / OOD / OOP

    Preparation of JUnit-Test

    Used tools and Environment: Windows XP

    Eclipse, Subversion

    Java, JEE 5, JSF, AJAX, Spring, Dojo Toolkit

    maven, junit

    ORACLE IAS/OC4J 10.1.3


    SOA implemented using Web Services (Apache AXIS)

    Intranet and Internet

    01/04 12/06 (MM:36) Telecommunication (T-Mobile, Bonn)

     Java-Swing-Application to administrate mobile networks Project description: Development of an application and database for planning,

    construction and optimisation of mobile networks. The system

    consists of a Java-Swing-Client which communicates with the

    database (with the help of EJBs on the Server). The radio

    network planning - application is used national wide and

    internationally (in affiliates).

    Seite 6/11

Role in Team/Project: J2EE developer and business architect of the parts I was

    responsible for

    Team size: 8 Java developers, 8 database specialists Activities: OOA / OOD / OOP

    Design of several special parts (front-end programming with

    Swing, server side components and communication with the


    Development of JUnit-Test, automated front-end tests with XDE-

    Tester and performance analysis with OptimizeIT Used tools and Environment: Windows Win2k

    JBuilder 9 + X, ClearCase, XDE Tester, OptimizeIT

    Java, J2EE, EJB, Swing

    Apache Commons, jakarta-ant, log4j, junit

    ORACLE 8.1.7, SQL


    Reference: Project Java-Swing-Applikation, 01/04 - 12/06

    Reference from project leader, T-Mobile Deutschland, from


    For 3 years, the consultant acted very professionally und

    succesfully within the project. His technology knowledge was

    always excellent. Project specific know-how and required mobile

    radio network knowledge was learned quickly and widely within

    his on responsibility. For our project, the consultants most

    outstanding qualities where his way of working 'autonomous and

    responsible', his proactive method of working and his ability to

    combine these skills with working precise and smart. At the

    same time he is able towork under pressure, he is flexible and of

    great help in difficult and unscheduled project situations. The

    quantity of his output was for sure higher than average while the

    quality of his results was clearly outstanding and 'top rated'

    within the project. I'd like to thank him very much for our

    successful cooperation and not least for the personally enjoyable

    team work. I'd be glad to work with him again in the future.

    07/03 12/03 (MM:6) Telecommunication (T-Mobile, Bonn)

     Development of a reporting tool for QS Project description: With the reporting tool the project leaders can document the

    current status of their several projects. The access to the

    standardized web-client is personified self-evident.

    With the basic data the tool generates different reports and

    dispatches them automatically via Email to preset recipients.

    The tool is used by project leaders and managers for national

    and international projects.

    Role in Team/Project: J2EE-Architect und Developer

    Team size: 2

    Seite 7/11

    Activities: OOA / OOD / OOP of the complete project

    Design of database

    Development of the front-end layout (with JSP)

    Set up the system (Tomcat, ORACLE, MySQL) Used tools and Environment: Windows NT, Win2k, Linux

    NetBeans, ClearCase

    Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Taglibs, HTML, Javascript

    Apache Struts, jakarta-ant, log4j

    Tomcat 4.1.27, ORACLE 8.1.7, MySQL, SQL


    Reference: Project creation of a reporting tool for quality assurance, 07/03 -


    Reference from project leader, T-Mobile Deutschland, from


    Within the project the consultant realised software based on

    agreed specifications. His method of working was always

    characterised by taking initiative and being goal-oriented. He

    became familiar with the project's coherences very quickly and

    found out room for improvements by himself. His cooperation

    and teamwork was outstanding. By his initiative the project could

    be finished with success and in time. If possible, we would be

    glad to cooperate with him again in future projects.

    01/02 05/03 (MM: 17) Tourism (Amadeus Germany, Bad Homburg near Frankfurt


     Development of a B2B-Internet-Travel-Agency-Portal


    Project description: Development of a B2B-Internet-Travel-Portal to harmonize the

    public appearance of the company with a standardised corporate

    design. The portal supports all necessary information around a


    The employee of the travel agency enters the request data of the

    customer and gets the vacancy back from the system and has

    the ability to book the journey. Beside that the system delivers

    some useful additional information e. g. about the city, culture or

    whether of the travel destination.

    The complete workflow which is necessary for a travel agency is

    available on one platform with only one URL. Award: Award as “Application of the year 2002“

    Portevo won the award of “Application of teh year 2002“ (Award

    for the best IT-Project in Germany) der Computerwoche. Von 41

    Bewerbern kam Portevo unter die besten 5 Finalisten (ADAC,

    Citibank, DHL, Dresdner Bank und Portevo). Role in Team/Project: J2EE- Developer

    Team size: 10

    Activities: OOA / OOD / OOP of some modules in Java (EJB)

    Seite 8/11

    Integration of different applications to the portal

    Development of a load test to measure and optimize the


    Development of JavaScript and XSL for the front-end Used tools and Environment: Windows NT, Sun Solaris, JBuilder, CVS, ObjectIF 4.7

    Java, J2EE (EJB), Servlets, HTML, Javascript, XML, XSL

    BEA Weblogic 6.1, jakarta-ant, Apache Struts, log4j, junit

    ORACLE 8.1.7, SQL, CORBA


    Reference: Reference from project leader of Start Amadeus Germany, from


    The Consultant was very engaged to reach the project aim. He

    got familiar with the themes and methods very quick.

    In the time of product launch and relocation of the system to the

    back-end computers of our outsourcer he worked very hard,

    flexible and efficient and did a good job under pressure. So he

    had a considerable stake in the successful rollout.

    The Consultant worked very constructive and determined to

    reach the target both in the development team and also in the

    collaboration with other departments.

    I want to thank him again for his assignment. I would be glad to

    enlist him again in another project.

    12/01 (MM: 1) Paper industry (SCA Packaging, Mannheim) Project description: Changes on some Crystal Reports

    Role in Team/Project: Developer

    Team size: 1

    Used tools and Environment: Windows 2000, Crystal Report


    01/01 10/01 (MM: 10) Tourism / aviation (Lufthansa Systems. Kelsterbach)

     Development of a flight-booking-system for the Lufthansa-

    internal Intranet (myTravelEx)

    Project description: The system supports the ability to the employees of Lufthansa to

    book their own flights online via the intranet considering their

    different benefits. The booking data are checked online against

    the booking system “AMADEUS” in Munich using CORBA. Role in Team/Project: J2EE- Developer

    Team size: 30 in total (Java used for middleware, some frontend-designers,

    backend-developers and some for specification) Activities: OOA / OOD / OOP of different modules in Java

    Seite 9/11

    Collaboration at the own produced Java-XML-Framework

    (among others development of an own rules engine)

    Design of some XML-XSL-pages

    Development of JavaScript for the front-end

    Development of a VBA-program for the automated upload of the

    error messages into a MySQL database using the technical

    concept which was written in MS Word Used tools and Environment: Windows NT 3.51, Linux, JBuilder, CVS

    Java, J2EE, Servlets, HTML, Javascript, XML, XSL, Rational


    Apache jakarta-tomcat 3.2.1, MySQL, SQL, CORBA

    Intranet (angedacht : Internet)

    Reference: Reference from project manager of Lufthansa Systems, from


    The Consultant has excellent knowledge in the fields of Java,

    JavaScript, XML and XSL. He is characterised by a high level of

    autonomy and individual responsibility. He always worked with

    high quality and quantity. We would be glad to work together with

    the Consultant in another project soon!

    03/00 12/00 (MM: 10) Tourism / aviation (Lufthansa Systems, Kelsterbach)

     Redesign the flight booking module of Lufthansa (WebFly) Project description: Development of a booking engine to book flights, hired cars and

    hotels via the internet. Also the ability to access the system from

    an external application was provided. Role in Team/Project: J2EE- Developer

    Team size: 30 in total (Java used for middleware, some frontend-designers,

    backend-developers and some for specification) Activities: Design and development of EJBs

    Design and Development of Java interfaces to access to the

    application from external tools to interchange data with the

    foreign application (integrate WebFly into the homepage of other


    Development of JavaScript for the front-end Used tools and Environment: Windows NT 3.51, UNIX, Visual Café + JBuilder, CVS

    Java, J2EE, EJB, Servlets, HTML, Javascript, Rational Rose

    BEA Weblogic 4.5.1, Oracle, SQL, CORBA

    Intranet, Internet

    Reference: Reference from project manager of Lufthansa Systems, from


    The Consultant familiarised autonomous and very quick with the

    complex assignment of project tasks. Especially I want to point

    out his own initiative, his operational readiness and his

    cooperativeness. All these characteristics of the Consultant

    helped us to finish the project in time. We would like to thank him

    for the excellent job for the company and we also would be glad

    Seite 10/11

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