The Delta Classic

By Elaine Hunt,2014-08-17 16:48
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The Delta Classic

    The Delta Classic

     The Greater Stockton Racing Pigeon Club purchased the Cook Siino Challenge loft from the SOC club in early spring which helped to make caring for our charges more organized and less stressful to the birds and handlers. The new loft has 4 rooms and 288 perches plus a med room and office. The loft managers for the race are the racing team of Mac & Mitch. We’ve raced together for over 10 years and have run this race for most of that time. We enter races all over the country and know what we like to see in a one loft race. We try to bring together those best features in our race. A few years ago we went to a two race format to give the birds an extra chance to excel for their owners. The first race is the main event and is raced on Sunday in the middle of September. We have found our weather here is generally ideal this time of the year. The race station is from Weed, CA, which allows for our guests to have a good meal and time, and still get home before nightfall. Our second race is from Klamath Falls, 3 to 4 weeks after the first race. We received permission from our combine to add the Delta Classic birds to the last race of the young bird season. This is an open race which allows the best of both worlds for a one loft race. The birds are released with a larger group of birds which disburses them at the start of the race, yet all entries come to the same loft. This race reduces the number of birds on the first drop, as the winner is likely to be fast and intelligent.

     th The first race, on September 16, from Weed resulted in 19 birds on the drop at 12:36 PM.

    These birds seem to have come straight on line and reaped the benefits for their owners. It initially looked like a red letter day for the birds, but then after the large drop 10 more birds came in small drops of 2 or 3 over the next half hour. Then we waited until 4:03 PM for the next bird to show up coming from the east. A few more came in the late afternoon, all seemingly from the east. We figure these birds and the birds coming in over the next several days made their way back over the Sierras. rdWe ended the day with 34 birds trapping in. By the 3 day we had 56 of 110 birds return from the

    race. The fanciers hitting in the first drop were Hapyco, Kirby Reed, two for Gene Tenbrink, Karnofel & Fletcher, Larry Cook, Tom Jones and friends aka 3 Boys, two for Dan Severns, Rosas & O’Connor, Dan Mello, Sunshine Loft, Memo Vasquez, Moses Guerrero, Quejado & Lopez, Johnsen (BagladyLoft) & Rapp, Mary Cox, Robert Hill, and Doug Sanders! The Capital and Calcutta payouts were divided equally among the 19 birds at $568.42 and $206.58 respectively, plus the pools for a grand payout of $23,435.00.

     Over the next weeks, more birds came in, with a few taken away before the next race. After working the birds out to 100 miles over the next 4 weeks, we had 60 birds race ready for the Second Chance Race with a Mid-Valley Combine release from Klamath Falls, Oregon. The birds were thshipped with the Manteca Club and released in the B race, Saturday, October 13, at 9:05 AM. The

    weather was slightly foggy, but clear and calm. The Manteca Club results show Mac & Mitch as the ndloft of record for the 2 Chance Race entries finishing respectably with 3 birds on the first drop at ththth3:17 PM, placing in 4, 5, and 6 places on the Manteca club results. The proud owners of the trio, in clocking order, were Doug Sanders, Carlos Saldana, and Aurelio Aranda. The payout for the Second Chance Race is 50/30/20, so this drop took the capital prizes. Not all birds were pooled, so thprizes continued through the 5 bird. Six more birds hit at 3:21 PM. Then, smaller drops persisted all afternoon with 33 birds clocking on the day. As mentioned above, the payout was 50/30/20 for $2,040.00, $1,224.00, and $816.00 in capital prizes and $3,332.00 in pools for a total payday of $7,412.00.

    After the first race, 28 birds were packed in tight contention for average speed. However, the Second Chance Race saw only two birds rise with the cream. Sunshine Loft owned by John Koehne, of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, nipped Tom Jones of Stockton, CA, for first and second average speed. The two birds, NRBC 637 and MAN 70227, were on the same drop in both races and only 1 second separated their times! The payout was a 60/40 split of 786.36.

     The total payout this year was a record $30,847.00! Not bad for a perch fee of 3 birds for $100.00 or 5 birds for $150.00. The Greater Stockton Club thanks everyone for their participation and help. We hope to see all of you, your families and friends next year for the 2008 Delta Classic and Second Chance Races. In 2008, we’ve decided to raise our perch fees very little and jump our projected payout dramatically! Please check it carefully; I’m sure you’ll find it a super value! We’d

    like to thank our sponsors, The Seed Factory and Healthy Pigeons Naturally. Now, if we can just find a major oil company to help with gas expenses, we’ll be set!

Yours in the sport!

    John McCalmon 209-334-3915 or

    Bob Mitchell 209-274-4369

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