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DOORs Requirements Tool. Java, JBuilder IDE. Rational Rose OOA/D CASE Tool. Sybase Relational Database. Object Oriented Analysis/Design (UML)




    Seeking software development management position.


    ? Microsoft Project ? C/C++

    ? DOORs Requirements Tool ? Java, JBuilder IDE

    ? Rational Rose OOA/D CASE Tool ? Sybase Relational Database

    ? Object Oriented Analysis/Design (UML) ? Unix


    CISCO SYSTEMS, Richardson, Texas NOVEMBER 1999 PRESENT Manager, Software Development

    ? Managed a group of developers that peaked at 17 engineers

    ? CTM: Acted as liaison between Optical business unit and Cisco Transport Manager

    network management team. Responsibilities include requirements management, release

    coordination, code integration and customer issue resolution.

    ? CTC (Cisco Transport Controller): Manager for group of engineers responsible for the

    development of the craft interface to the ONS15454 Optical ADM.

    ? SDH: Managed the integration of the European Optical standard to our craft interface


    ? Major Program Manager: Performing co-program management for the Badger/9.0 release

    of our optical platform

    CERENT, Richardson, Texas AUGUST 1999 NOVEMBER 1999 Senior Software Engineer

    ? Worked as part of team incorporating ATM Cards on the 454 ADM.

    EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, Dallas, Texas FEBRUARY 1998 AUGUST 1999 Senior Software Engineer

    ? Worked on improving performance on a medical image tape archive (MIIL) using

    UML/C++ on a Solaris 2.6 platform. I was able to improve performance of the archive by

    optimizing the use jukebox’s drives. Also worked on porting the install scripts to Solaris 2.6.

    EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, Dallas, Texas JANUARY 1994 - FEBRUARY 1998 Engineering Manager


    ? Managed a design team of 3 to 8 engineers for the software development of a medical

    imaging workstation (Quality Control Workstation). Responsibilities included project

    planning, scheduling, performance appraisals, specifications, serving on product cross

    functional Core Team, and acting as the lead engineering representative for customer issues.

    My customer support role included several trips to customer sites for consultation with

    customers and problem analysis. In addition to management responsibilities, I developed

    the database and image routing portions of the system using Sybase and C/C++ on a

    Solaris 2.5.1 platform. Key accomplishments as manager:

    ? Lowered UMC of product 33%

    ? Incorporated many new technologies (OOA/D, C++, multithreading)

    ? Improved performance and quality

    EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, Richardson, Texas NOVEMBER 1991 - DECEMBER 1993

    Software Engineer

    ? Designed and implemented automatic database backup to optical disk for Kodak Ektascan

    Electronic Page Manager. Designed and implemented a database aging whereby detail tables

    of database where archived to optical disk until needed.

    EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, Rochester, New York JUNE 1990 - OCTOBER 1991

    Software Engineer

    ? Implemented storage manager for medical images. Features include: interface to optical disk

    jukebox, magnetic disk cache, database interface for optical disk platter management, and

    image aging algorithm. Liaison with beta site for Electronic Film Library.


    Software Engineer

    ? Designed and implemented page layout for multilingual electronic publishing system

    (USR/Page). Features include: grouping, edge snapping, gray backgrounds and printable

    borders for art and text boxes. Integrated graphics toolkit (USR/Toolkit) dialog boxes and

    menus into USR/Page. Redesigned program architecture. Liaison with consultant writing

    Hewlett Packard PCL print driver.

    AGFA GEVAERT, Antwerp, Belgium OCTOBER 1988 - JUNE 1989

    Software Engineer

    ? Responsible for user interface for Agfa PRESS corporate publishing system. Implemented

    new art and page layout features. Acclimated project engineers with Agfa PRESS

    architecture and coding techniques.

    OMNIPAGE CORPORATION, Pittsford, New York JUNE 1986 - AUGUST 1988

    Software Engineer

    ? Implemented graphic and input event software, in C, for a SunView based electronic

    publishing product, OMNIPAGE. Ported OMNIPAGE to a Hewlett Packard workstation

    with an X Window platform. Ported OMNIPAGE to an Aegis based Apollo 3000




    Rochester Institute of Technology, September 1985 - May 1988

    Degree: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems Software, May 1988.

    GPA: 3.12 / 4.0

    Honors: Deans list winter 1985, winter 1986

    Niagara County Community College, September 1982 - June 1984

    Degree: Associate of Applied Science in Data Processing, June 1984.

    GPA: 3.56 / 4.0

    Honors: Deans list 3 semesters. Graduated with Merit.


    IOS Bootcamp (IOS Architecture, OS Configuration for Engineers, Debugging Cisco IOS Images,

    IOS Programming)

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