Scanner Operator Training

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Scanner Operator Training

    Scanner Operator Training

    Scanning Script

    Practice using this type of language while scanning:

    The Anti-Oxidant Scanner is a new breakthrough technology developed at the University of Utah. What it is doing,

    is taking a low power blue light laser, and penetrating the top layer of your skin non-invasively (to the stratum

    corneum). It then scans your tissue, and can identify and quantify the Antioxidant molecules in your body. The

    computer will then show you your body’s vital Antioxidant levels. Because it is a tissue reading, it is more accurate than blood or urine which can be altered daily.

Antioxidants are critical in the body to fight off “free radicals” that we are exposed to every day-- from smoking,

    second-hand smoke, pollution, sunlight, and even stress. These free radicals have been proven to lead to

    degenerative diseases and aging, and Antioxidants are the body’s first defense against free radicals.

    We get Antioxidants into our body two waysby eating fruits and vegetables and taking vitamin supplements. The National Cancer Institute recommends we all eat 9-13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day for

    preventative purposes. Unfortunately for most of us, this is not possible. As a result, the Journal of the American

    Medical Association now recommends that EVERYONE take a multi-vitamin supplement daily. The only question

    is, which one to take.... and how do you know if it works or not?

That’s where the scanner comes in. The scanner will give you your “baseline” Antioxidant Level, so that you can

    see how healthy you are. The goal is to get to 50,000 and above for optimal health and prevention.

Give them their score.

OK, your score is ________ - below the 50,000 that we were looking for. As you can see on the Scanner Results

    sheet, your immune system would be a ____ grade. So you definitely need to make some changes.

What do you recommend?

Well, Dr. ____________ has done the research, and is so impressed with Pharmanex’s LifePak and G3 that

    he/she is taking it and recommending it to all of his/her patients. As an added service to his patients, he’s giving it

    away at his cost! In addition, they even give you 20% back in free product credits every month. If you’re

    interested, we can arrange it where it’s shipped directly to your doorstep.

Their product LifePak is one of the most complete formulas on the marketwith all of your vitamins, minerals, and

    antioxidantsincluding grape seed extract and green tea extract. In fact, it has the equivalent of 4 cups of green

    tea with no caffeine. If you take a look at this comparison chart here, you’ll see that it’s everything the latest

    scientific research says you should be taking in a supplement, in these convenient little packets, at a fraction of

    the cost then if you were buying them all separately.

Or, the G3 “Superfruit” juice product is a great alternative if you would prefer a liquid product.

The best part: Pharmanex is the first company to offer a risk-free trial on their product. Try LifePak or G3 for 60

    days, and then we will re-scan you for free; if your Antioxidant level does not improve, Pharmanex will refund

    100% of your money no questions asked!

So you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain—why NOT give it a try?!’

If you are ready to get started, we just fill out this form, we’ll fax it in for you, and your LifePak will show up on your

    doorstep within 5 business days!

If they decide to give it a try, remind them they must take it TWICE A DAY, WITH A MEAL, usually breakfast and

    dinner. If they forget, they can take it with lunch instead, or even two packets at dinner if need be. Whatever they

    do, they need to take it twice a day, with food!

---The Key is to let them know what score is good and what score is bad before they get their

    personal score.

--- Do not sugar coat the score and try and make them feel like “it’s not so bad”

--- If they have a bad score it is very important to stress that they need to take action to avoid

    future health problems.


    "The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to

    how long you will live."

    -Richard Cutler MD, Director Anti-aging Research, National Institute of Health (NIH) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The scanning of your skin tissue as a measure of your body’s antioxidant levels is much more

    accurate than blood measurement, since the blood’s count can be manipulated in only a few

    hours or a day, whereas it takes 4 to 6 weeks for antioxidants to reach the skin tissue. There is

    no way to manipulate the scanner tissue measurement.


    Individuals who are scanned will receive an immediate reading of their own antioxidant

    measurement. As they participate in the LifePak or G3 antioxidant supplementation program,

    they can track their scores every 30 days for evidence of improved antioxidant activity and

    protection. No other program like this exists today.

    F 10,000 to 19,000 Poor D 20,000 to 29,000 Weak C 30,000 to 39,000 Moderate B 40,000 to 49,000 Good A 50,000 to 100,000+ Optimal

    10,000 to 19,000: Poor - About half the US population scores in this range. These

    are people who do not eat many fruits or vegetables, and/or their nutritional supplementation is

    not working (is not being absorbed by the body and/or the product does not contain what the

    label says it does).

     20,000 to 29,000: Weak - People in this category are typically eating a couple of

    daily servings of fruits or vegetables or taking some supplemental antioxidants. The nutritional

    supplements may or may not be working at this level.

Yellow Zone 30,000 to 39,000: Moderate - Healthy diets start here, but may not be enough for

    long-term disease prevention. Typically people here are eating 3 to 5 servings of fruits and/or

    vegetables per day, and may or may not be supplementing.

    40,000 to 49,000: Good - Everyone is advised to strive for this level or higher.

    LifePak and/or G3 supplementation will allow most people to attain this level or higher.

    50,000 to 100,000+: Optimal - Only about 1% of people achieve this level of anti-

    oxidant protection in their bodies on their initial scan. A program of eating 9-13 fruits and

    vegetables and/or supplementation with LifePak or G3 can allow one to reach this level of

    optimal protection and prevention.

    Automatic Delivery Rewards Program The Automatic Delivery Rewards (ADR) Program is another tremendous benefit of the Pharmanex

    Antioxidant Scanner Program.

    What is the Automatic Delivery Rewards (ADR) Program?

    By faxing the ADR form (last page of scan certificate) into the company, or calling the ADR in,

    Pharmanex delivers LifePak or any other Pharmanex products directly to the patient’s doorstep. Not

    only do they get the product for below wholesale price, but Pharmanex actually puts 20% of what

    they spend each month into a 'Nutritional Bank Account' at the company, which they can use to try

    other Pharmanex products free, or get their LifePak or G3 free every few months!

    After one year of being on the program, that 20% actually goes up to 30%!!! Almost a third of what

    they're spending, even though it's already at the below wholesale price, comes back to them in free

    product every month!

    In addition, in each month's order, they receive a FREE Re-Scan Certificate to come back in and get

    scanned for free every single month, so they can monitor their progress and success on LifePak!

    This can also act as a “patient recall” for your practice.

    Benefits to the Practice:

    1. Takes very little staff time. You don't have to handle a lot of product or stock thousands of dollars

    in inventory, and the billing and fulfillment is done completely by Pharmanex via credit card or bank


    2. Helps ensure compliance. The number one reason patients stop taking supplements is because

    they run out, and forget to get more. Here, it's delivered directly to their doorstep.

    3. Patient Recall. The patient comes back in your door every 30 days for their free Re-scan! Even

    when the patient is not coming in to the office, they're still your customer. Whether in between visits,

    or even if they move out of the area, your practice still benefits!

    Benefits to the Patient: 1. Convenience of having the product delivered directly to their door.

    2. Never run out of product.

    3. FREE Re-scans every 30 days ($20 value) to track their progress!

    4. Get products for below wholesale price.

    5. 20% back each month in free product credits, which increases to 30% after the first year

    6. A healthier lifestyle!

    How to Sign up a Patient on Automatic


    By Phone:

    Simply call 1-800-487-1000, and press 1, then 1, then 1 again to Order Pharmanex Products, and

    give the information to the order processor. You will need to have your office ID # (US#) to place all

    orders, so your office will get the appropriate credit.

    Helpful tips:

    1. Print neatly as you fill in their name, address, phone number and email address. The box entitled

    'ID#' next to their name can be left blank - the company will assign a customer ID # to them. You

    may get this number if you call in the order as above.

    2. Referring Distributor's Information. Put in your office's name and ID#. You can add another scan

    certificate on the form if there are two people on one order.

    3. Check the box to receive email updates, and write in the date to have the product shipped. If it's

    to be shipped immediately, simply write in 'SHIP IMMEDIATELY' to the right of the text.

    4. Write in the quantity (number of boxes per month) and total price (Quantity times the Whsl ADR

    Price), and total the order down below. There is no need to compute the local sales tax -

    Pharmanex will do that for you.

    5. Payment:

    Credit Card: Print neatly as you fill out the information, and make sure the patient signs in this box, and at the bottom of the form.

    Electronic Checking: Fill out the information, and make sure to attach a Voided Check. If faxing,

    attach the check to a separate piece of paper and fax as page 2.

    Please Note: Electronic Checking orders may take 2 - 3 weeks to be processed. The delay is not at

    Pharmanex, but rather processing the request through the bank. It's important to inform your patient

    of this.

    We recommend you follow up with the company within 3 business days to make sure the

    order was processed and shipped. This is rarely a problem, but it is always better to be


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