Scrutiny Briefing Note Standard

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Scrutiny Briefing Note Standard

    Briefing Note/Green Paper to the Value for Money Overview and Scrutiny Commission th 9 September 2008

    Subject: Car Parking Income Position Update

    Briefing Note of the Head of Streetscene Services

    1. Purpose of the Briefing Note and Summary

1.1 This briefing note is to advise the Commission on the latest position on car

    parking income and whether the current range of tariffs is proving effective. A

    comparison is made between April and July 2007 with the same period in

    2008. It illustrates the effect there has been on the revenue collected for all

    car parking facilities provided by the Council in the city centre. It also

    compares the number of customers using Council operated multi storey car

    parks since the opening of St. Stephens last year which offers, in one of its

    two car parks, free parking for a period of up to two hours.

    2. Main Body of Briefing Note

2.1 The City Council operates three multi storey car parks in the city centre at

    George Street (694 spaces), Pryme Street (610 spaces) and Osborne Street

    (419 spaces). Unlike the surface car parks in the city centre which provide

    short or medium and long stay spaces, these car parks provide parking

    spaces for any length of time charged on a graduated scale. In addition to

    the three multi storey car parks the Council operates four (478 spaces) short

    stay and four (282 spaces) medium / long stay surface car parks. There are

    also a further 700 on street parking bays.

2.2 Following the opening of the St Stephens Retail and Leisure Centre in

    September 2007 the Council has experienced a reduction in the number of

    customers using Council operated car parks. St Stephens provides 1500 car

    parking spaces including approximately 800 managed by Tesco Stores Ltd

    who initially provided three hours free parking. This has subsequently been

    reduced to two hours free parking.

2.3 The effect of the additional lower priced parking spaces available in the city

    centre was mitigated in the multi storey car parks by the introduction of an

    experimental off peak parking tariff. The effect on the revenue and vehicles

    using Council operated multi storey car parks for the current financial year up

    to the end of July compared to 2007/2008 as been as follows.

    Multi Storey Car Park Revenue Multi Storey Car park Revenue

    2007/2008 April to July 2008/2009 April to July

    Vehicles Revenue Vehicles Revenue

    42,913 ?158,146 36,855 ?116,723

2.4 In real terms this represents a 16% reduction in the number of vehicles using

    Council operated multi storey car parks this financial year (2008/2009)

    compared to the last financial year and a 35% reduction in revenue. This

    gives some cause for concern especially that in the period since the end of

    October 2007, there has been a reduction in the off peak parking tariff in an

    attempt to attract more customers.

2.5 A similar picture has emerged in the council operated surface car parks but

    in mitigation there has been a reduction in the number of parking spaces

    available since November 2007 when the Mason Street car park closed to

    allow the construction of the history centre. Comparative figures between the

    two financial years highlight a reduction in revenue of 22%.

    Surface Car Park Revenue Surface Car Park Revenue

    2007/2008 April to July 2008/2009 April to July

    ?252,586 ?207,049

2.6 There has been an increase in the number of on street parking bays during

    the comparative period. This has been partly due to the reinstatement of on

    street parking in Bond, Albion and Story Streets following the closure of the

    temporary bus station. Furthermore on street parking tariffs allow motorists to

    pay for any period of time up to two hours. However this has not resulted in

    an increase in revenue over the comparative period, but a decrease of 2%.

    On Street Parking Revenue On Street Parking Revenue

    2007/2008 April to July 2008/2009 April to July

    ?471, 150 ?458,980

    Overall there has been a decrease of 12% in parking revenue for the period

    April to July 2008 compared to the same period last year.

2.7 Whilst some of the reduction of parking revenue can be attributed to the

    opening of St Stephens and the additional 1500 parking spaces, other

    causes have to be taken into account. The current downturn in the economy

    with families having less disposable income and increased fuel prices are

    having an effect on peoples travel habits. There is also the effect of the

    introduction of the English National Concessionary Fare scheme for older stand disabled people which was introduced on 1 April 2008. Previously

    residents of other local authorities holding concessionary passes could not

    travel into the city free of charge but the change in legislation means they

    now can. The overall situation will be closely monitored throughout the year.

    Trish Dalby

    Head of Streetscene Services

    Contact Officer : Graham Hall

    Telephone No. : 612003

    Background Documents:

    (i) Car park revenue spreadsheets for multi storey, surface and off street parking 2007/2008 and


    Gjh - 27th August 2008

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