Frank Lyford, MCP

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NET, BizTalk Server, Web Services, SQL Server 2000, Commerce Server 2000, UML, RUP; Object Oriented Analysis & Design, use cases, use case scenarios,

    Frank Lyford

    Tel (360) 441-1258 Puma Data Systems Inc, an Alberta Corporation Email:

    Fax (604) 535-0249 Attn: 601 800-601, 15355 24 Ave “Empowering You and Your Business Surrey, BC, Canada V4A 2H9 Through Better Software”

Senior Software Developer

    Professional Summary

    I am an information technology (IT) professional with real-world knowledge, committed to quality, with eighteen years

    experience in IT business. For the past eight years I’ve used Microsoft technology in N-tier commercial software and web

    development. My knowledge and experience encompass a diverse set of industries, business models, and technologies.

    My track record of satisfied corporate and small to medium enterprise clients is founded on first-rate technical abilities,

    elegant yet practical design, effective communication and listening skills, superior product quality, and successful team

    building and support.

    Summary of Qualifications

    IT Project Experience

    My experience and repertoire include object oriented analysis and design; CRM, ERP, and multinational enterprise

    management and accounting systems; web applications with stringent usability requirements; customer-aligned technical

    support and training solutions including technical specifications, technical writing, and end-user documentation.

    With a can-do attitude and a discerning approach to software development, I implement and support effective IT solutions

    in which client needs are met through well-managed, timely delivery of quality software. I’m committed to the successful

    realization of key project elements and cost-effective customer satisfaction integrating insight and design elegance with

    software best practices, usability, streamlined deployment, and effective resource management.

    Business and Industry Experience

    My business and industry experience includes quality assurance in environmental chemistry and the metals industry, GIS

    systems, oil and gas, engineering and construction, sales and distribution, inventory and supply chain management,

    corporate litigation, manufacturing and assembly, asset and property management, industrial work camp management,

    medical accounting, health board management, technical support and help desk management, technical writing, and copy


    Computer Skills ? Visual Basic v.3-6; ActiveX, COM, DAO, RDO, ADO, GIS / Intergraph GeoMedia, Borland Delphi 5, Crystal Reports v.7-9, Star

    Team and Visual Source Safe version control software

    ? Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Visual Basic 6 (1999)

    ? MS SQL Server 2000, 7, 6 T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle spatial queries, Sybase T-SQL, stored procedures, triggers,

    database design, normalization

    ? VB Script/ASP, HTML, JavaScript, IIS configuration issues, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Allaire Homesite

    ? Schooling or training in Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic.NET, C#, ASP.NET, BizTalk Server, Web Services, SQL Server 2000,

    Commerce Server 2000, UML, RUP

    ? Object Oriented Analysis & Design, use cases, use case scenarios, data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams,

    prototyping, unit testing, integration testing, test plan design & implementation

    ? MS Office VBA, MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Outlook, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect

    ? xBase dialects: Visual FoxPro, Clipper 5.x, dBase III/IV

    ? CODA Financials internals, SBT Pro Series internals (AccPac Source Solutions), Medsoft Medical Accounting, QuickBooks,

    AccPac Simply Accounting & others

    ? MS Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0/3.x, 98, 95, Windows Networking, MS-DOS, Mac OS, MS LAN Manager, Novell Networks

    ? LAN and broadband internet setup and configuration, communications software, serial interfacing, HID smart card readers,

    pcAnywhere, WinFax Pro

    ? QuarkXPress, PageMaker, MS Publisher

Frank Lyford / Page 2 (780) 710-7404 /

Professional Experience

    3/2003 to Present Puma Data Systems Inc. Edmonton, Alberta

    Senior Software Developer

    ? Maintained and enhanced AMEC Earth and Environmental’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

    ? LIMS ongoing enhancements have realized workflow and productivity improvements of an estimated 21 man-months/year.

    ? Provided IT consulting services to BioPak, North American Institute for Conflict Resolution, Natural Body (www.natural-, and Prairie Dawn Natural Body Care in MRP and CRM systems, web development, and software services.

    [Toolsets: Visual Basic 6, COM, ADO, SQL Server, QuickBooks/Customer Manager, MS Access, Crystal Reports v.7 & 9, ComponentOne VS FlexGrid, Win 2000, Mccromedia Dreamweaver] 2/2002 to 2/2003 City of Edmonton Edmonton, Alberta

    Senior Software Developer

    ? Maintained & enhanced the City's leading edge GIS application, Spatial Land Inventory Management (SLIM): created

    custom VB ActiveX controls and DLL’s for a GeoMedia 3-tier environment; wrote PL/SQL stored procedures.

    ? Designed and implemented a bulletproof error handling model, reducing problem tickets by over 40%, virtually eliminating

    fatal errors in implemented modules, and dramatically improving application stability, maintainability, and user satisfaction.

    ? Implemented the SLIM Team VB coding standards and code review process; mentored city staff in VB best practices.

    ? Upgraded, documented, & managed the SLIM production build & release process, containing over 80 VB6 DLLs/OCXs/apps. [Toolsets: Visual Basic 6.0, ActiveX controls, COM, ADO, Oracle 8i / 9i, GIS / Intergraph GeoMedia, Visual Source Safe, Windows NT 4 / 2000] 9/2001 to 12/2001 TraceAbility Solutions Edmonton, Alberta

    Senior Software Developer

    ? Performed coding and enhancements on TraceAbility Solutions' commercial enterprise Quality Assurance applications for the

    steel industry. The majority of the work was done using VB 6 / COM and SQL Server 2000. [Toolsets: Visual Basic 6.0 / COM, SQL Server 2000, ASP, IIS, Access 2000, xBase, Windows 2000]

    2/2001 to 9/2001 AMEC Earth & Environmental Edmonton, Alberta

    Senior Programmer Analyst

    ? Developed AMEC's Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for sample analysis information mgt & reporting.

    ? Following implementation, workflow and productivity savings were estimated at 18 man-months per year (eight-person lab). [Toolsets: VB 6, SQL Server 7 (stored procedures, triggers, etc.), COM, ADO, Crystal Reports, ComponentOne VS FlexGrid running on Windows NT4] 2/2001 to 3/2001 Ryzex Re-Marketing Inc. Bellingham, Washington, USA

    Senior Programmer Analyst

    ? Performed numerous CRM data imports and conversions; set up data dictionary documents & import procedures for Ryzex. [Toolsets: SQL Server 6.x, Access 97, Access VBA, FoxPro 2.6 on Windows NT4]

    11/2000 to 6/2001 Grant MacEwan College Edmonton, Alberta

    Senior Programmer Analyst

    ? Developed Grant MacEwan College's Corporate Learning sponsor contact management secure extranet website (3-tier). [Toolsets: HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP) / VB Script, ADO, JavaScript, and SQL Server 7 (stored procedures, triggers, etc.) IIS 5 running on Windows 2000] 8/2000 to 2/2001 Great West Catering Edmonton & Ft. McMurray, Alberta

    Senior Programmer Analyst

    ? Co-developed Great West Catering's client-server (2-tier) high volume catering/housing services automation & billing system. [Toolsets: Delphi 5, SQL Server 7 (stored procedures, triggers, etc.), HID card readers/serial communications running on Windows NT4] 8/2000 to 9/2001 AMEC Earth & Environmental Edmonton, Alberta

    Senior Programmer Analyst

    ? Developed AMEC's groundwater commercial database repository lookup system. [Toolsets: VB 6, COM, DAO, ADO, Access 2000 for use in various Windows versions]

    9/1999 to 8/2000 Net-Linx Americas Inc. Edmonton, Alberta

    Senior Software Developer and Team Lead

    ? Was appointed product team lead for software project with potential worldwide sales of $1.8M. Led 7-member team in 3-

    tiered re-deployment of industry-favored Yellow Page ad sales package, written in VB 6, COM, with Oracle 8i data store.

    ? Specified, designed, constructed, and created content for Voyageur team's intranet web site, using ASP/VB Script, HTML,

    COM, and SQL. Wrote position papers and liaised with management. Managed code library and OOAD team workbook.

    [Toolsets: VB6, OOA&D, COM / ADO / DAO, Oracle 8i, HTML, ASP / VB Script, Dreamweaver, Allaire Homesite, MS Office/Access 97, Star Team revision control, Windows NT4] 12/1998 to 8/1999 Puma Data Systems Inc. Edmonton, Alberta

    Senior Analyst

    ? Designed and wrote Oasis Edmonton seminar registration system prototype using VB 6 with MS Access data store.

    ? Designed and wrote Ryzex Re-Marketing's Windows NT4 daemon for streaming barcode data parsing in VB6.

    ? Wrote project bids, tech specs, design docs, business plans & professional resumes; trained in Windows, Word, & Excel. [Toolsets: Visual Basic 6, COM / ADO, MS Access 97 / 2000, Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Publisher 98, Windows 95 / 98 / NT4]

Frank Lyford / Page 3 (780) 710-7404 /

7/1998 to 11/1998 Hedgehog Systems Inc. Calgary, Alberta

    Senior Programmer Analyst

    ? Designed Hedgehog's data access architecture enabling application scalability and database independence (VB6/SQL Svr 6).

    ? Researched and designed portions of Hedgehog Inspector per Health Canada and two BC Lower Mainland health boards. [Toolsets: Visual Basic 5/6, MS Access 97, MS SQL Server 6.5, COM / ADO / OLE DB, Windows 95 / NT4]

    7/1997 to 7/1998 TransCanada PipeLines, Ltd. Calgary, Alberta

    Programmer Analyst

    ? Team-developed & implemented TCPL InfoQuest Team's multinational accounting conversions & add-ins to CODA Financials.

    ? Designed, wrote, documented, and supported bridging apps for accounting/reporting in VB5, Sybase 11 & CODA Financials.

    ? Wrote technical & design documents, and user manuals for custom apps. Implemented and coordinated VB standards team.

    [Toolsets: Visual Basic 5, Sybase SQL Server 10-11 stored procedures, Coda-OCS Financials, VBA / Excel, MS Word, Windows NT / 95] 8/1994 to 6/1997 Ryzex Re-Marketing, Inc. Vancouver BC and Bellingham Washington

    Programmer Analyst and MIS Manager

    ? Was responsible for managing the corporate computing environment and supporting mission critical applications.

    ? Enhanced or created, maintained, and supported Ryzex’s suite of enterprise and LAN/WAN applications: customer asset

    management distributed database system, remote communications, inventory management system, and fax automation.

    ? Managed help desk staff, end-user computing environment, NT servers, networks, and data security for Ryzex world

    headquarters and 24 satellite offices on three continents.

    ? Trained and managed IT employees and contract developers; co-managed IT new-hire process.

    [Toolsets: Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, FoxPro, VBA (Excel, Word, Access), MS Mail, MS Office, pcAnyWhere, WinFax Pro, Visio, Windows NT4 / 95 / 3.11] 9/1993 to 8/1994 Minerva Technology (xwave solutions) Calgary, Alberta

    Programmer Analyst

    ? Developed custom data management systems primarily for the oil and gas industry for Amoco, Petroleum Industry Training

    Service (PITS), Gulf, Chevron, and Bovar Biomedical Waste Management. [Toolsets: Visual Basic, FoxPro, Clipper, Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, MS-DOS]

    5/1986 to 8/1993 Freelance Contracting California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas

    Software Developer and Technical Support Analyst

    ? Soft Dev: Brown & Bain, Scorpio Software, Alpha-Graphics Phoenix, Tucson (SBT/FoxPro).

    ? Soft Dev: Alcone Sims O’Brien: Mazda, British Airways, Burger King, Republican Party Irvine, CA (Clipper). ? Soft Dev: Digital Magnetics Inc. - Dallas (SBT/FoxPro).

    ? Soft Dev: Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce (programming/page layout).

    ? Soft Dev: Nieman Marcus, Intel, Johnstown Mgt, Hard Rock Café, Walton Communications - Dallas (Norton, Clipper, xBase). ? National Tech Sppt: Quark Denver; Orange Micro Orange, CA; Layout & copyediting: USA Today print ad & health book. [Toolsets: FoxPro, Clipper, dBase, Lotus, MS apps, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Orange Micro Ragtime, SBT Series Six/Pro 2.x, Windows, Novell, Lantastic, MS-DOS, MacOS] 5/1984 to 4/1986 Microsoft Corporation Dallas, Texas

    Technical Analyst, Office Administrator

    ? Provided technical and administrative support to regional sales account managers, and software dealers & corporate users.

    ? Set up operational guidelines for Dallas regional office, which were implemented nationally; hired and managed temp staff. [Toolsets: Microsoft Word, Excel, Multiplan (PC/Mac), communications software, MS-DOS, Mac OS]

    Education, Certifications, and Professional Development

    ? Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Launch Tour training labs; DevStudios E-commerce Visual Studio .NET class audits (2002)

    ? Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Construction with Visual Basic 6 (2000) Cathedral Software (Calgary)

    ? Project Management: Creating and Leading High Performance Teams (2000) Possberg & Assoc. Ltd. (Calgary)

    ? NAIT Programming & Databases Certificate (1999) OO Analysis & Design, Java, C++, Oracle PL/SQL, ASP/VB Script, HTML

    ? MCP Microsoft Certified Professional (1999) MS Visual Basic 6.0, Designing & Implementing Desktop Applications

    ? Fred Pryor Seminars: Project Management; How to Manage Multiple Projects, Meet Deadlines, & Achieve Objectives (1996)

    ? SBT (now AccPac Source Solutions) Advanced Technical Training (Pro Series 2.5)

    ? SBT (now AccPac Source Solutions) Advanced Technical Reseller Seminar (Series Six)

    ? Bachelor of Arts transfer program, one year Mount Royal College (Calgary)

Legal Status Dual Citizenship: possess both U.S. and Canadian passports; legally eligible to work in either country

    Interests Inline skating, rock-climbing, canoeing, kayaking, holistic health, sports nutrition and functional foods,

    personal development, travel, writing, music

     References and skill sheet available by request 2005/01

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