Introductory speech

By Samantha Carroll,2014-12-06 20:40
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public speaking is very useful not only in school but also in our daily life. how to be an effective speaker is a problem for many people. the introductory speech is the first assignment my professor gave to me and i hope it can help you to some extent.

    Introductory speech

    Speaker: Evelyn Qiao Visual Aid: Magic cube

    Good afternoon, everyone!

    The man I wanna introduce to you today is the most important man in my life. e gives me life, brings me up and spoils me like no one else in the world would ever H


    Yes, hes my father, my dearest dad.

    Hes a typical mid-aged man with wrinkles in the forehead. Thin figure, dark color and grey hair are all hes got. Hard-working, honesty and sincerity are all he owns.

    For me, hes like these too magic cubes in my hands.

    When I was young, hes like this one to me. Complicated, indecipherable and totally out of order. I couldnt find a clue to read this mystery man. Sometimes, hes

    strict with me. He would punish me for doing stupid things. Sometimes, hes affable

    and nice. He held a spectacular party for me when I was ten. Sometimes, hes serious.

    He seldom praises me in front of anyone. I used to think hes a freak. Because its so

    hard to distinguish which color or which side is true him. Plus, he never tells me of that.

    Time is a good thing, it twisted everything right.

    Now, my dad is like this one to me. Clear, pure and distinguishable. As you can see, one side, one color, no impurities at all. Now I know him. Red is for passion, yellow is for tolerance, blue is for honesty, white is for purity, green is for hope and orange is for happiness. Every color together makes him the unique dad in the world. He spoils me. He calls me time and time again, asks every detail of my life and cares about me for all aspects. As I’m growing older, I feel him getting younger and acting childish. He traveled hundreds of miles to Chengdu just to buy me a dinner. Isnt that


    From the two cubes, I figure out one thing: fathers love shows in silence, only

    time can prove it.

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